At some point in our lives, we have all been under the illusion that if we are sick, the conventional medical profession has all the answers to our pain. There has been little questioning or second guessing on using the hospital as our primary form of treatment, and as a result, it has become filled with procedures and treatments that are profitable to the industries that provide them, but not to the actual end user of those services. In fact, many of these procedures could very well be considered to do more harm than good, once people fully understand the carnage they cause, and the natural options that were available to them without the collateral damage. With that said, lets look at 4 hospital procedures that are doing more harm than good.


Chemotherapy has been widely used as a treatment for cancer with one or more cytotoxic drugs, in hopes that this deadly poison will kill off rogue cancer cells and leave the patient with enough healthy cells to regain their health.

Unfortunately, this ‘kill all’ approach is akin to burning down your house when you discover you have a rodent problem. Sure, it gets rid of the rodents, but it also leaves you with nothing but a smouldering foundation in which to rebuild, which will prove to be much more costly than a safer and more targeted approach.

Further to that, some research suggests that when chemotherapy damages healthy cells, they secrete a protein that actually accelerates the growth of cancer tumours! So now you not only have severely damaged your immune system with toxic chemotherapy and rendered it highly ineffective in healing your body of the damage, BUT it can also further accelerate the growth of the cancer tumours you are trying to eliminate!

Has chemotherapy saved lives? In some peoples definition, yes it has saved many lives. However, for those who undergo chemotherapy treatment, their lives are often compromised with extreme nausea and vomiting, hair loss, weight loss, ‘chemo brain’, immune system dysfunction, and general malaise. Not only that, but they appear to be at a higher risk for it to return using this method, so in the end they may not be saved at all, and are only delaying the inevitable – a vengeful return of the cancer cells again.

Radiation therapy

Radiation is the medical use of ionizing radiation, often used as part of a cancer treatment to control or kill malignant cells. It uses very high energy and is often referred to as the ‘burn’ method when treating cancer patients.

Although this method takes a more targeted approach to the body and the cancer cell tumour location, it still subjects the body to high levels of radiation, which creates additional damage to healthy cells as well.

Furthermore, some recent published data on radiation exposure suggests that approximately 25,000 Americans develop cancer every year as a result of radiation, and not only through cancer treatments, but from other medical imaging procedures such as CT scans, PET scans, MRI’s, and x-rays.

In addition to that, a study from the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that women undergoing radiation for breast cancer treatments are putting themselves at serious risk of developing heart disease later in life.

Has radiation saved lives? Again, in many people’s definition, yes. However, the area being treated with radiation can cause further problems such as infertility, heart disease, thyroid issues, infections, and ironically other cancers due to the mutation of the DNA of healthy cells.


Some time ago, Angelina Jolie informed the media that she had both of her breasts removed due to her concern over her predisposition to breast cancer with the BRCA1 gene. Although this may seem a bit of a radical move to many, people all over the world are having surgeons cut out pieces of their body that are considered mutated, a liability, or otherwise useless.

Various surgeries being utilized start at birth with circumcision, and extend to other parts of the body including the appendix, gall bladder, testicles, ovaries, breasts, kidneys, sections of intestinal tract, and more.  As a fully functioning unit that interacts with all other organs and systems of the body, one has to wonder what health issues can arise from these surgeries, as well as the psychological damage incurred.

Has surgery helped save lives? Sure. Has it also given people a false sense of security that cutting out the ‘problem’ will result in no recurrence of other or similarly related issues? I believe so.

We have to be careful about the surgeries we undergo, and their actual perceived end benefit. We were given body parts for a reason, and cutting them out when other more natural methods could rectify the problem, can be doing far more harm than good.


An antibiotic is a treatment often prescribed by doctors to inhibit bacterial growth or kill bacteria altogether. Unfortunately, antibiotics prescribed in modern medicine today do not distinguish between good and bad bacteria, and as a result, they seek to clear out all bacteria in its path.

There are over 100 trillion good bacteria in our bodies (10x more than cells) that play a critical role to our overall health and well being. They dramatically assist in digestion and immune system function (of which 80% is in the gut), so if compromised, those two vitally important functions become severely compromised.

So when your doctor indiscriminately prescribes antibiotics for bacterial infections, you are effectively compromising your inner ecology, destroying the bad weeds and good seeds, which is going to leave your lush ecosystem dead and bloated.

Are antibiotics able to save lives? Yes, and in some VERY acute emergency situations they may be required. However, in 95% of cases they are likely unnecessary, and more natural means can be much more effective, while doing no harm.

Killing the very organisms that have a positive effect on your overall health can easily be argued as doing more harm than good. Instead of a round of hospital prescribed antibiotics, consider natural antibacterial solutions like garlic, colloidal silver, and Pau D’Arco, and make sure to continually colonize your gut with healthy bacteria through kefirs and other fermented foods.

The list of barbaric treatments is long, but these are some common ones that are negatively affecting our well-being. There are certainly much safer and intelligent ways to improve and maintain good health, that don’t involve a hospital.

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