Facing the onslaught of patient after patient complaining about cold and flu like symptoms, antibiotics have become the easy way out for doctors to. However, patients are becoming much wiser about the side effects and are actively looking to avoid hospital antibiotics any chance they can get. That becomes much easier with these natural antibiotic solutions.

Colloidal silver

Colloidal silver has been known as a remarkable antibiotic for centuries. In the early 1900’s, Alfred Searle, founder of the Searle Pharmaceutical Company, discovered that silver in colloidal form could kill the most deadly pathogens. Searle wrote:

“Applying colloidal silver to human subjects has been done in a large number of cases with astonishingly successful results…it has the advantage of being rapidly fatal to microbes without toxic action on its host. It is quite stable. It protects rabbits from ten times the lethal dose of tetanus or diphtheria toxin.”

Recent research has backed this up, showing that colloidal silver can destroy antibiotic resistant microbes like MRSA, the bird flu and SARS.

For safe usage of colloidal silver, the Silver Safety Council recommends using the following formula: 12 x your weight (lbs)/ppm = drops per day of your silver supplement.

This is a great option for any situation where antibacterial products are required. Do not use on a long term basis (longer than 2 weeks), but keep it in your cupboard as part of your natural pharmacy.

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Garlic cloves

Allicin, one of the active components of fresh crushed garlic, has a wide variety of antimicrobial activities. In its pure form, it exhibits antibacterial activity against several strains of bacteria, including multidrug-resistant enterotoxicogenic strains of Escherichia coli (E. coli).

It also exhibited antifungal activity, particularly against Candida albicans, as well as antiparasitic and antiviral activity. This increases its effectiveness in order to keep bad bacteria in check.

For garlic to be effective as a healing agent and general antibiotic, it needs to be raw. It should also be crushed and exposed to air for ten minutes before it’s consumed to fully activate its key germ-killing compound.

Use it in salad dressings, sautéing, and in teas/shots on a daily basis to help avoid situations where you need hospital antibiotics at all.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice has antibacterial and antiviral properties and high levels of vitamin C, which adds a synergistic effect in fighting off all kinds of infections.

Lemons are also very low in sugar, which helps starve rogue microbes by not feeding them directly. This also boosts your immune system, so it can do a more effective job of keeping your body clean of any foreign pathogens. Combine that with the fact that lemon juice balances pH to create an internal alkaline environment, and you have created an ideal atmosphere that is hostile to disease.

Use organic, thin-skinned lemons for the most benefits. Incorporate them in your diet through lemon water, lemonade (sweetened with stevia), salad dressings, smoothies, and sautéed vegetables.

Oil of oregano

Oregano Oil is a very powerful natural antibiotic. Oregano has been found in a recent study to be significantly better than all of the 18 currently used antibiotics for treatment of MRSA staph infections. The strong phenol anti-oxidants destroy rogue bacteria, viruses and yeasts.

Oregano oil has traditionally been used as a disinfectant, an aid for ear, nose, & throat/respiratory infections, candida, and all sorts of bacterial and viral conditions.  Studies have shown that carvacrol, a phenol anti-oxidant in oregano has strong anti-microbial activity when applied to food or taken in supplement form.

Oregano oil is much more powerful than the dried herb itself. Use mostly in more acute situations, and be careful of daily usage as it can begin to harm beneficial bacteria with chronic use.

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Raw or Manuka Honey

Honey has long been used as a natural antibiotic remedy, however, the type and quality make a big difference.

Researchers have found that you can battle life-threatening super bugs naturally with manuka honey. It can also be an efficient way to clear chronically infected wounds and could even reverse super bug bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

Many honey products on the shelves are not much better than regular sugar. Most have been pasteurized and others have been mixed with high fructose corn syrup, which effectively eliminates their beneficial natural antibiotic action.

When using honey, choose raw (unpasteurized) pure honey (local if possible), and use it in hot teas for most benefits. Avoid putting it on other foods that could worsen a bacterial infection, like bread.

An antibiotic tea

One of the easiest ways to fight a bacteria infection is to make a hot tea teeming with antibacterial components. Not only does it give your digestive system a break to free up energy for the immune system to effectively attack the invading microbes, but it also allows you to create a concoction that provides synergistic effects that increase your results exponentially.

Lemon Garlic Tea Recipe:
Juice of 1 lemon
2 medium cloves of garlic
1 tsp of unpasteurized honey
Add: 12-16 oz of hot water

You can also try out our Antibiotic Tonic (works like a charm)!

In the end, the most effective way to ward off dangerous bacteria is to consume as many antibacterial foods and beverages as possible, limit your sugar intake, control your stress, increase your natural forms of vitamin C and take immune boosting herbs on a daily basis.

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