Most of us seem to have an inherent trust of the current medical system. The answers (we believe) to our chronic health problems lie in highly contagious waiting rooms, white coats, lab results, and prescription medications. However, for those brave enough to step back and evaluate the conventional medical system, you can see that your health becomes a VERY slippery slope and that recovery is rarely “in full”, after you have used the  conventional medical system.  Why is this, and what can we do to change it?

No answers to the fundamental questions

Anyone who decides to go into hospital as a result of a chronic condition, only has two fundamental requirements in order to get well – toxin elimination, and nourishment. Hospitals address these two fundamental concerns through prescription medication (more toxins), and extremely poor food choices with respect to healing (malnourishment). In essence, they not only don’t have any answers to the two fundamental requirements to get well, but they also make both considerably worse.

This is the railroad to the virtual abyss that few come back from, unless they consciously buck the system and adopt one that works.

They wage war against the body’s processes, not with it

When an infection presents itself in the body, many different symptoms can occur. This is the body’s response to sequester and destroy the unwanted pathogen, and is a perfectly healthy approach. However, most consider these symptoms as “enemies” and they need to be destroyed at all costs, no matter what the collateral damage.

Enter antibiotics and prescription medications.

If suffering from a bacterial infection, it is true that you want to facilitate an immediate removal of this pathogenic organism so as to not interrupt the proper function of your bodily systems. However, when a “kill all” approach is enacted, you are effectively waging war on your entire intestinal and detoxification systems, with little respect to collateral damage. The irony in this kill all approach is that you leave the door WIDE open for further infections, that will continually degrade your health, until such point that a disease process sets in, your quality of life is lowered, and eventually an untimely death is the final result.

All this occurred due to a decision to override the body’s innate healing mechanism, rather than stimulating a natural immune response so that it could take care of the issue, without the collateral damage. In the end, you actually poisoned much of your body.

Now before you go on a pro prescription antibiotic rant, realize that “I get it”. I understand why people take antibiotics and other medications to manage their symptoms, and how they feel they have no other recourse. They simply don’t know how to take care of things naturally, and they don’t trust anyone but their doctor. The problem with this lack of education and misplaced trust is that you use a system that is rooted in sick care. So once you enter the system one time and ultimately take prescription medications, your first “hit” has been taken and the body suffers as a result. The slippery slope to more sick care begins, and your health becomes a management of symptoms, rather than enjoyment of life due to the lack thereof.

All because you decided to trust the system to take care of your health problems. A little disappointing, isn’t it?

You need to change the way you view and use the “system”

If you truly want to be healthy and happy, you need to understand that the conventional medical system is not set up to help you with that. They are not into fundamental healing – they are into sick management. The only reason you should ever consider entering a hospital, if you want to be well, is for life threatening circumstances that can’t be resolved through appropriate nutrition and detoxification, such as a traumatic accident or a extremely severe infection. The conventional model excels in this area, and should be the go-to when faced with these situations.

Unfortunately, hospitals deal with cases that could 95% of the time be resolved at home with a good understanding of the body, the symptom it is presenting, and a natural approach to stimulate the healing mechanisms available. Doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff are overworked because people can’t figure out how to take care of themselves in situations that can be completely resolved on their own.

This is why I created Healing the Body, and for those who don’t want to fool around and want the proven formula to taking care of yourself, the THRIVE Academy. I wanted to help people take control, alleviate the burden on the taxed medical system, and ultimately live more healthy and prosperous lives, on their terms.

Even this simple recipe could remove a lot of unwanted hospital visits, both for the patient and the attending hospital staff. That’s just one small thing, and it’s been proven to work in MANY cases.

Now, I’m not endorsing that you avoid hospitals when you are not capable of facilitating a proper healing response. I’m endorsing an empowered lifestyle, that puts you in control of your body, and keeps you out of hospital for all the things that are easily take care of at home, WHEN you are reasonably educated to do so. I’m advocating a health care system that works with the body, not against it.

I’m making you aware of the dangers of using the conventional medical system, and ways you can wean off it.

Because in the end, it’s your body. Your life. Your health. Don’t let anyone else take control of it, and use the system responsibly. And if it has left you sicker than you were before, know you can reverse it.

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Derek A. Henry

Derek A. Henry, Founder of Healing the Body and the THRIVE Academy, used nutrition, supplementation, and a holistic lifestyle to naturally unravel 13 chronic disease conditions that conventional or alternative medical professionals couldn't help him resolve. As a result of this one-in-a-million health transformation and the knowledge acquired in the process, he is now happier and healthier than he has ever been and now educates, coaches, and inspires thousands of others to transform their health through a natural and holistic approach. To date, he has helped his THRIVE Academy participants heal over 20 different chronic disease conditions, primarily related to digestive and autoimmune concerns.

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