You’re unbelievable!! That’s the only thing I knew about EMF in the early 1990’s, and back then it was a one hit wonder.  Now I wonder what all those years of being exposed to EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies) has done for me (or to me) and how I can stop the onslaught.  Turns out, there’s a few ways to neutralize EMFs and their dangerous health effects.

What are EMF’s?

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) are physical fields produced by electrically charged objects. It affects the behavior of charged objects in the vicinity of the field. So anything electrical will have EMF’s associated with it.  Do you know of anything electrical that you encounter everyday? Perhaps plug outlets, appliances, computers, cell phones, and power lines? Exactly, and this is where the chronic exposure can create issues.

Is there a serious threat?

Most experts agree that limited exposure to EMF’s is not a threat.  A toaster is not going to cause you any grave issues (unless you stick a knife in it while its on – then you’ve got problems). However, when we are chronically exposed to large doses such as constant cell phone use, working on a computer, living near power lines or sleeping in a room where the power enters the house, then we have an issue.  Unfortunately, this type of EMF exposure applies to millions of Americans. The threat to your health is that EMF’s can result in all types of diseases, most notably cancer.

What is emitting EMF’s?

If you spend any time near power lines, transformers, airports, computers, microwave ovens, appliances, cell phones, alarm clocks, and any other electrical device, you are being threatened by EMF’s. Since the average American encounters these items on a DAILY basis, there is no doubt that most of us are being chronically exposed.  The fact that near everyone owns a cell phone, and we keep them in our pockets or in our ear…well, lets just say the threat is constant with EMF’s, and its everywhere.

What poses the biggest risk?

For a list of some common items you may come in contact with every day that contain EMF’s, and the readings they give off compared to what is noted as acceptable, check out this article. You may find that there are many things you come into contact with everyday that are exposing you to EMF’s

How do I avoid the damaging effects of EMF’s?

Aside from moving to an island with little to no electrical devices, and ditching your cell phone into the ocean, you need to protect yourself. There are a few ways to do that.

One is to negate the effect of the device by “grounding” it with a diode or collection of negative ions.  The other is to put that same grounding effect right on your body so it travels with you wherever you go. With a diode, you can attach them to appliances and various devices near the power source and effectively ground the excessive positive ions from EMF’s to create a more balanced energy field in your home.  It’s almost like neutering an over aggressive male…it can leave them docile and a lot less harmful (I don’t recommend this by the way).

When you attach this type of negative ion energy to your body, the benefits are with you wherever you go and are much more effective.  Ionic frequency bands have become very popular, and for good reason, as they facilitate a stronger, more balanced body (which makes sense as an overload of positive ions will make you “weak”).

Another increasingly popular method is using products that physically connect your energy to the ground, creating a true grounding effect. These products are plugged into a grounding wall socket, and when your bare skin stays in contact, you are essentially grounded. These products include bed sheets, throws, mats, and even wrist bands.

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