Sometimes things you can’t see or hear are the deadliest.  You don’t see them coming yet they damage your energy on a continual basis and eventually cause illness that “comes out of nowhere”.  Welcome to the world of EMF exposure, one of the world’s most effective silent killers.

EMF’s – where’s the proof?

We could spend days debating the existence of EMF’s and their effects on the human body, or we can go back to what our mothers used to say (and they know everything, there’s no debating that), and that is “Don’t sit too close to the TV, you will hurt your eyes”.

Now, what do you think it was about the TV that could ruin one of our most delicately “wired” gifts?  Besides another episode of Teletubbies?

Answer: EMF’s – electromagnetic frequencies.

But if your mom isn’t enough scientific proof, how about the hundreds of studies published worldwide by the EPA who issued a draft report in 1990 that EMF’s could be classified as a Class B carcinogen.  Of course, once that was released utility, military, and computer lobbyists came down hard on the EPA and they changed their wording so the statement essentially became neutered.  EMF’s were back under the radar.

If you want to conduct your own study, place a laptop, well, on your lap, and talk on your cell phone for an hour while sitting in the airport (we have several case studies for this activity).  Jet lag is mainly a form of energy drag from the onslaught of EMFs in airports.

EMF’s – where’s the biggest threats?

Well, the threat is essentially everywhere, and is generally more concentrated in our homes, workplace, and airports.  Essentially, where we spend around 75% of our time or more.

But where exactly are the threats coming from and are they real?  To test the theory, I took a device that measures electric, magnetic, and radio/microwave frequencies around the home (the airport will be next, which I’m frightened to read). Keep in mind that there are various suggestions as to what level EMF’s become dangerous, but more seem to agree that anything over 1mG is considered harmful.

With that, lets get to some measurements:

Macbook Pro Laptop: 50-100 mG’s, 1 inch from screen; 2-3 mG’s 12 inches from screen.

Presumably your nose will not be touching your screen, but your hands, arms, and even your body are often with a foot of the screen, which is still allowing the EMF’s to be damaging.

Cordless Phone: 4-5 mG’s, 1 cm from the earpiece.

Since most of us put the phone right up to our ear, constant use can become a headache.

Cell Phone: 2-3 mG’s, 1 cm away, with display on (lit up); 4mG’s, 1cm away, in transmission mode; 25-50 mG’s, 1 cm away, while receiving a transmission (ie. ringing).

It’s important to note here that if the cellphone display is off, it measures under 1mG.  The real danger comes with talking on the cell phone, and to a lesser extent receiving texts.  An additional note: wearing glasses with wire frames can act as a conductor to deliver those EMF’s directly to your brain.

Household Plug In: 8-10 mG’s at source; 1-2 mG’s, 6 inches away. Many of us have plug ins near our beds within that proximity to our heads.  Sleepless nights anyone?

TV/Game Console/DVD player: 5 mG’s, 2 feet away; 2 mG’s, 3 feet away; >1mG, 5 feet away.

Now you know why mom was right.  Your proximity to the TV is very important when it comes to avoiding EMF’s.

Alarm Clock: 2 mG’s, 1 inch away; 1 mG, up to 12 inches away.

Again, a plugged in alarm clock holds the answers to many sleepless nights for people.  A good sleep requires no conflicting frequencies (which EMF’s are), and is required for good health.

Vehicle: 2 to 3 mG’s in drivers and front passengers seat; >1mG in back seat. This can vary a lot, with some readings going as high as 14 mG’s in drivers seat (beware of mini vans with automatic sliding doors).

Surprising to many, but considering the motor and console contains plenty of wiring, its not hard to imagine.  For those that get “car sick” and need the rubber grounding device under the car, it may now make sense what is making you or your kids sick.  EMF’s.

Microwave: 4-8mG’s, 6 inches away. Standing near the microwave can prove dangerous, as well as opening the door before its done.

How do you think that affects the energy of your food being cooked in it?  Hmmm.  Nuked indeed.

For some more readings of different devices, check out this EMF article.

EMF’s – proximity is important

We do need to consider that proximity to EMF’s is important.  If you can manage to stay out of their range, you should be okay. However, the reality is that we are basking in the glow of EMF’s every day.  Cell phones, computers, airports, and electricity ensure that we are in and out of its proximity all day long.

What’s especially troubling is that core habits like talking on the cell phone while in a vehicle commuting, or in an airport with a laptop, are damaging to our health and can cause serious disease and illness, let alone the headaches and fatigue we feel.

Then many of us come home, talk on the phone, microwave our dinner, and sit in front of the TV or laptop (or both).  Talk about taking a virtual EMF bath. We then go to bed with a plugged in alarm clock and wonder why we often can’t sleep…

So the reality is we are in a “positive ion” (EMF) society and negative ions are hard to come by to balance us out so we can avoid illness, disease, and general malaise.  Negative ions come from earth minerals (the ground and the ocean is a good source) which we need to get “in” our body to neutralize those positive, damaging, EMF’s.

If you don’t see yourself ditching the cell phone, car, TV, computer, or electricity in your home, consider good EMF protection by using this superior technology.

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