With the political landscape heating up, the amount of vitriol being hurled around has reached levels not witnessed for quite some time. The advent of social media channels has certainly given this obnoxious behaviour a bigger platform, with no threat of legitimate repercussions making it all too easy to wage war on fellow humans.

Little do people know, the war they wage on others is simply a reflection of the war they are having within themselves. This war has been going on since birth, and is so ingrained that it’s not even recognizable that we are destroying ourselves on a regular basis. In fact, this war is often celebrated, and if anyone questions it they are often scoffed at or even ridiculed. This is how deep it goes…

In an effort to help those wanting to create peace inside their body and with their environment, I’ve compiled a list of 10 common ways we are at war with ourselves, and how we can break the chains, one link at a time.

We engage in negative self-talk and gossiping

An extremely widespread and destructive habit that most people engage in EVERY single day, is negative self-talk. We tell ourselves we’re not good enough, smart enough, talented enough, or loved enough to truly make a difference in this world. This programming often comes at a very early age, and unless largely reversed, will eventually invite unfriendly circumstances that will lead the way to chronic disease and emotional suffering.

This goes completely against the natural flow and energy of yourself, that knows you are amazing, loved, and can do anything your heart desires. If those words even create a snide, sarcastic, or flippant remark within yourself, then you know you are at war with your TRUE self. If those words are heard and it creates joy, happiness, or a feeling of relief in your heart, then you know in that moment who you truly are.

Gossiping is nothing more than an extended angst with yourself, as any ill-will or negative feelings projected onto others is simply your inability to accept yourself where you are at right now and focus on what truly matters – your vibration.

Master your happiness, and gossip and negative self-talk will become a thing of the past. Perhaps meditation will help.

We get vaccinated

Arguably one of the most debated topics today, vaccinations have grown exponentially as scientists and doctors claim that injecting a biological pathogen and toxic adjuvants into your body to force a civil war inside it, is the best way to avoid disease. Sounds really silly when you actually THINK about it, doesn’t it? In different words, to avoid getting beaten up in a fight badly, get into a few fights before that you know you’re going to lose, so your body is prepared to protect you from the BIG fight that MIGHT happen later. Wouldn’t it just make sense to empower yourself to avoid getting into the fight in the first place?

Whether you believe vaccines work or not, injecting these foreign substances into our body creates a war inside, and this can immediately create unfavourable symptoms or future issues down the road. When someone eventually decides that this approach is asinine, it is usually when they discover there is a harmonious and natural way to side step “scary” diseases, without going to war with your body.

Without that intimate knowledge and acknowledgement, the civil war inside your body will never rest. Here’s some ways to improve your greatest gift against disease, so you can avoid unnecessary injections.

We take antibiotics and other medications

One of the most widely accepted acts of destruction is antibiotics and other medications. Widespread use of antibiotics has been accepted for decades, and only now are people beginning to wake up to the real and long lasting damage that these medications can incur. These medications take a war mongering approach by destroying all “evil” invaders, which inevitably creates collateral damage that arguably makes the treatment as risky as it is helpful. Why are we so intent on killing at all costs?

Answer – most of us don’t know any better. We have no other solutions at the ready, and when your doctor puts the fear of God into your head that it’s the only way out, you listen. And that is the only way they know to handle an infection or disease – by waging war on it. It’s unfortunate that you end up being the boots on the ground being slowly massacred, while they sit in the cozy control centre.

To help yourself avoid antibiotics, have this natural remedy ready.

We opt for surgeries

Cutting, burning, and removing body parts should be the LAST resort to effective disease management, but all to often it is the favourite go to method for conventional medicine. In many cases, it is not that the body needs to have these parts removed, but rather, they need their function cleaned up and reinvigorated. There are plenty of safe ways to do that, once you understand how to do it.

Unfortunately, any hiccups we have with our glands and organs is usually met with a recommendation of surgery, which is in effect creating a traumatic experience that takes the body a long time (if ever) to recover. Like a worn torn country, things will never be the same. For many cases, it doesn’t need to be this way, but we seem settled on the “fact” that we need to create more trauma to solve the problem.

We eat dirty and highly processed foods

Awareness of healthy and nutritious food has dramatically risen over the past decade, but there is still a very far way to go. Even those who have subscribed to the idea of a healthier diet, still often find themselves eating highly processed or fast foods on a weekly basis. To make up for this dissonance we often claim “everything in moderation”, but really, that is a cop out to comfort our delicate ego.

When you truly love yourself, and don’t want to be at war anymore with your body, you cease to eat dirty and highly processed foods. It’s one of the highest levels of self love and respect you can give yourself and your body.

We smoke

Inhaling mutated particulate into your lungs is going to create a war inside your body. Whether it is conventional tobacco products or even something more natural, the lungs are inevitably polluted. This seems a bit silly when you consider the amount of environmental toxins we already ingest, and the cumulative damage they do to the body. Why accelerate the damage through something you have the ability to control?

Smoking has definitely shown to create lung damage, and cancer. This is one of the boldest wars you can wage on your body, and on anyone else that may be in the vicinity.

Here are some ways you can cleanse and revitalize your lungs.

We drink alcohol

Even though drinking alcohol has been culturally accepted in most regions of the world, and in many cases celebrated, the regular consumption of it places a war on your body that can have dramatic consequences. You don’t have to be a raging alcoholic to be negatively affected by alcohol – even 5-10 drinks a week is a cause for pause (that’s 260 to 520 drinks a year). When you begin to fully realize that is destroys the gut, and damages the liver, you’ll discover the sobering reality that every time you take a drink, you are starting a war inside your body that it may or may not be able to win.

Not only that, excessive alcohol use has ruined many relationships and caused many deaths (to the drinker and innocent victims). Maybe it’s time to rethink your drinking?

We drink coffee

Perhaps the most beloved habit of all, coffee has become so mainstream that approximately 80% of people are drinking at least one cup a day. We have been told by sources (who want to sell us coffee) that it is very beneficial to our health, however, there is plenty of scientific and empirical evidence that does not back this claim up. Ask any chronic coffee drinker if they can go without coffee for a period of days, and complaints of no energy and headaches will often come rolling in.

As Michael Murray, N.D., points out:

“Caffeine depletes the body of B vitamins, which you need for proper brain and nervous system functioning and for converting food to energy, says Michael Murray, N.D., a naturopathic physician in Seattle and author of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Getting Well Naturally. To make matters worse, it also prevents iron absorption, says Dr. Murray, which can lead to anemia, a condition in which you have too few oxygen-carrying red blood cells and which is a major contributor to fatigue.”

Mark Mayell, Author of Off the Shelf Natural Health: How To Use Herbs and Nutrients To Stay Well, piggybacks on Michael Murray’s findings, stating the following:

“Although relatively safe, long-term use (of caffeine) in excess of 250 to 300 mg daily may cause numerous health problems. Caffeine has been known to raise blood-cholesterol levels, deplete B vitamins, irritate the stomach and bladder, exhaust the adrenals, and possibly lead to breast and prostate problems.”

This may not be an issue for those who drink only one cup of coffee a day, or is it? Stephen Cherniske, author of Caffeine Blues, clarifies:

“Careful research conducted by the department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine shows that low to moderate caffeine intake (as little as one 14-ounce mug per day) can quickly produce withdrawal symptoms,” writes Cherniske. 

That’s not a sign of a healthy habit. That’s a symptom of a drug withdrawal.

It may seem like a benign habit, but it is one of the slowest and legals killers of energy and hormonal health known to humankind. Learn more about some scary facts about coffee,

We use conventional therapies

Similar to other conventional methods, we tend to trust doctors and their pet therapies for serious diseases like cancer, by taking therapies that add more toxic burden to the body. A great example is chemotherapy, which is a similar approach to antibiotics in that the goal is not to selectively destroy the cancerous cells, but wipe out anything in it’s path. It’s akin to solving a rodent problem in your home by burning down the house, rather than setting out some traps. The effects will be felt, and a rebuild for years will be in order to regain any lost quality of life. However, in many cases thats not even possible as the chemotherapy can actually be the final toxic straw, and the body buckles under pressure and ends up being destroyed. Radiation is not much different.

When so many natural, safe, and effective therapies exist, why do we go to the poisonous arsenal of conventional medicine? Because like so many other things, we are fine with creating a war on our bodies and minds and this is an exceptional example of doing just that.

We are overweight

A healthy, fine tuned body will carry very little excess body weight. This doesn’t require excessive exercise, and as many intelligent trainers will tell you, the foundation of a healthy body weight comes mainly from your food choices. If you find that you are carrying extra weight (any “lumps” or “folds” you see in the mirror naked would be extra weight), this is a sign of excessive food intake, sequestered toxins, and/or poor hormonal function. Regardless of how you got there, being overweight is a strong indication that your body is suffering and in protection mode, from the war being waged on your internal organs, glands, and tissues.

I want to be clear that this isn’t negative judgement of where you are, but a reality check on how we have been programmed to hate on ourselves, rather than love ourselves. The blame isn’t being placed on you. You have simply been brainwashed, misled, and programmed to believe that any of these things are acceptable actions to take on your body. When it is all you have ever seen, or known, it becomes your world. This is why once people step out of it and see the insanity of the war they have created on themselves, and that others are doing the same thing, they are often quick to lend a helping hand with regards to knowledge from the “other side”.

If you are one of those people who want to get out and would appreciate help from someone who has not only done it themselves, but for thousands of others, you can check into my THRIVE Academy which will give you varying levels of information and support. Bottom line, you will be plugged into plans that work, when you work them, and you can get out of the unhealthy war you’re having with yourself and focus on peace and love instead.

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