In a world where digestive problems run amok, it’s little wonder that people are desperately looking for remedies that will help fix their gut issues. Although it is not simple, these five superfoods can help clean up the ‘internal trash’, balance your bacteria, and heal any damage that has been done, so you can heal your gut and get back to normal.


Garlic is an amazing superfood that can dramatically alter your inner ecology with its antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Quite simply, it helps safely remove all those little critters that are destroying your digestive system.

In fact, Washington State University has confirmed that garlic is far more effective than pharmaceutical antibiotics in fighting a common bacteria known as campylobacter bacterium, which currently infects 2.4 million Americans per year.

Some other healing benefits to garlic include:

  • Increasing the powers of the immune systems natural killer (NK) cells

  • Shrinking tumours, including stomach, colon, breast, and prostate cancer

  • Detoxifying lead, mercury, and aluminum from your body

    • Promoting cardiovascular health

    • Treatment of yeast overgrowth (Candidiasis)

    • Destruction of meningitis

      • Lowering blood pressure and cholesterol

      • Destroying pathogenic bacteria

      • Repelling mosquitos, ticks, and parasites (as well as removing internal parasites such as tapeworm)

      Learn more about the healing benefits of garlic.

      Coconut kefir

      Coconut kefir is somewhat of a lesser-known superfood, but is powerful nonetheless.

      Coconut kefir is the simple process of using young coconut water and fermenting it to a state that leaves it teeming with billions of beneficial microorganisms. These friendly bacteria help balance your inner ecosystem, which in turn facilitates digestion, nutrient absorption, and toxin removal.


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      Kefir also contains beneficial yeasts that are known to hunt out and destroy pathogenic yeasts in the body. These beneficial yeasts are considered the best defense against dangerous yeast organisms like Candida. They clean, purify and strengthen the intestinal walls and help the body become more efficient in resisting dangerous pathogens such as E. Coli, salmonella and intestinal parasites. Since we have ten times more bacteria in our body than cells, creating an optimal environment for bacterial balance is paramount.

      Bottom line, if you want to heal your gut, repopulating it with beneficial bacteria is a requirement. Taking an ounce of kefir in the morning, at meals, and before bed is a great way to start.


      Sauerkraut is essentially fermented cabbage, which contains a vast array of nutrients and a hardy strain of probiotics, and does an exceptional job of cleaning and ‘furnishing’ your gut with beneficial bacteria so that it can heal and work efficiently again.

      The healing action of sauerkraut includes:

      • Treating all kinds of gastrointestinal orders, including Candidiasis and IBS

      • Prphibits the growth of cancer

      • Helps relieve chronic fatigure

        • Helps alleviate allergies

        • Naturally relieves constipation

        • Helps remove problematic bacteria and parasites

          • Improves skin conditions

          • Improves liver function

          Add it as a side to any meal, or get creative and incorporate it into dishes where you would normally add vegetables.

          Learn more about the healing benefits of sauerkraut, and how to make it.

          Aloe vera

          Aloe vera is a highly medicinal plant, and most of the benefits seem to come from the gel.

          Aloe gel contains active compounds that help temper inflammation and block bacteria from infecting various areas of our body, including our digestive tract. They are also believed to help regenerate cells for faster healing times, which is vitally important in healing your gut after significant damage has occurred.

          Aloe gel has also showed promise in healing gastric ulcers. According to a study in the World Journal of Gastroenterology in April 2006, when given internally, aloe gel reduced gastric inflammation and generated ulcer healing in mice.

          The laundry list of things aloe can help heal includes:

          • Easing inflammation and soothing arthritic pain

          • Helps heal ulcers, IBS, Crohn’s Disease, colitis, and other digestive disorders

          • Helps treat and prevent candida and parasite infections

            • Accelerates healing from wounds, burns, and ulcers (externally and internally)

            • Relieves constipation

            • Stabilizes blood sugar

              • Protects kidneys

              • Oxygenates blood and protects body from oxidative stress

              • Helps repair “sludge blood” and reverses “sticky blood”

                • Reduces high blood pressure

                • Provides electrolytes

                • Improves physical performance and recovery

                  • Improves skin health

                  • Helps reduce and reverse acid reflux

                  • Helps heal gum disease

                  • Reduces heart attack and strokes

                  • Helps halt growth of cancer tumours

                  Sangre de drago

                  Sangre de grado is a medium to large sized tree that grows up to 20m high in the upper Amazon region of Peru, Ecuador, and Columbia. It has large, heart shaped, bright green leaves and unique, greenish-white flowers on long stalks.

                  Its Peruvian name means “blood of the dragon” because when it is cut the tree oozes a dark red sappy resin, as if the tree is bleeding. This medicinal sap has been used for a variety of ailments, including ulcers in the stomach and intestines.

                  The two main phytochemicals responsible for its healing properties are an alkaloid known as Taspine (documented as anti-inflammatory, anti-tumorous, and antiviral) and a lignan known as Dimethylcedrusine, which plays a central role in sangre de drago’s wound healing capabilities.

                  When smeared onto a sterile plate and allowed to dry, then doused with E. coli bacteria, it was found that the bacteria promptly died in the presence of the sangre de drago. In 2000, a study for its gastrointestinal effects showed that sangre de grado is a potent treatment for gastrointestinal ulcers and distress via antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory actions.

                  In 2002, these same researchers reported that it had an in vitro effect against stomach cancer and colon cancers as well. In 2003, Italian researchers reported that the resin inhibited the growth of a human myelgenous leukemia cell line and also prevented cells from mutating in test tube studies.

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