There seems to be a lot of fear and confusion over what creates real immunity. With main stream media reporting “outbreaks” of the measles and encouraging everyone to get up to date on their vaccinations, it can be difficult to be the martyr and go against the herd, especially when they are so adamant about their precarious position.

It’s time to stop, take a breath, and take a sane approach to this news and your immunity.

First of all, using the measles “outbreak” as an example, since when did it become so deadly and worthy of the fearful propaganda it has unleashed? Are the measles something to be THAT concerned about that we need to all get the jab in fear that this disease will spread and decimate countless humans?

Before you do anything, consider the following as food for thought (no thinking cap required – just common sense):

“…the CDC reported that in 1920, there were 469,924 cases of measles, 7,575 died – a death rate of 1.6%. In 1955, the death rate from measles was LESS THAN THREE in 10,000,000 cases (.0000003%). The measles vaccination program began in 1963, long after the mortality rate was negligible. But recently the mainstream media has blown up the measles “outbreak” like it’s the Death Star of disease!”

In other words, almost 65 years ago, the death rate from measles was .0000003%, and this was BEFORE the vaccination program was even introduced! This makes the current hysteria laughable and embarrassing to those who trusted the main stream media and conventional medicine to give them the even keeled truth.

The answer is and always has been in using nutrition, mindset, and certain lifestyle habits to shore up your immunity. It’s not rocket science, and we don’t have to pay lab rats billions of dollars to figure it out. It’s already been done by those on the leading edge, who are helping pave the way for those who want to follow suit.

In my interview below with Gina LaVerde of, we discuss a sane approach to immunity, that doesn’t involve needles and can easily be done in your own home, just like our ancestors did not so long ago.

And for those that want to get a proper education, reverse disease, and plug into a community that supports those who desire to take care of themselves, then get in on the THRIVE Academy.

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