Environmental threats are arguably one of the hardest toxic touch points to avoid, because they are omnipresent and largely unavoidable by the majority of the population. The mix between biological and man-made threats have created a toxic soup that may not kill you instantly, but will ultimately be one of the determining factors that result in a premature disease diagnosis and untimely death. The reality to heed here is that it is rarely the dose that is the problem, but rather, the daily drip that deteriorates our delicate organs, glands, tissues, and cells, to the point that they buckle under the pressure and set in motion a chain of unfortunate events leading to pain and misery.

There are no shortage of toxins to be aware of these days that do just that, but perhaps one of the lesser known but especially obnoxious toxicities is non-native EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies). Also called electrosmog, these frequencies are produced by electrically charged objects that affect the behaviour of charged objects within it’s field (for example, a cell phone affects the behaviour of an electrically charged human being). The consequences of this man-made exposure can be life-altering, even though EMFs may be considered relatively innocent by many.

To give an example of the disparity between the frequency of manmade EMFs and our own electrical field, consider that the frequency of an electrical current used in homes in the United States is 60 hertz (HZ). In contrast, normal frequencies of the brain during waking hours range from 8 to 22 Hz, and while in sleep they drop to as low as 2 Hz. You can quickly see how disruptive EMFs could be to proper brain function, especially during sleep, and why they have been linked to negatively affecting people physically, emotionally, and neurologically. Any EMFs that measure over 2.5 mG (milligaus) by an EMF meter is considered a threat, so keep that in mind if you do your own EMF readings (and as I mention some readings below).

Physiological effects of EMFs

Some of the physiological effects of EMFs include:

  • Produces acid

  • Produces oxygen deficiency

  • Evokes cellular edema

    • Accelerates microorganism replication; speeds up infections

    • Biologically disorganizing

    • Increases pain and inflammation

      • Evokes catabolic hormone production

      • Produces toxic end-products of metabolism

      • Produces free radicals

      EMFs may also be capable of disrupting the proper function of mitochondria, which produce about 90% of the chemical energy required that cells need to survive. If this function is mitigated in any way, it can have a dramatic effect on the energy demanding nervous system, which can in turn affect cognition and perpetuate the development of neurological issues such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Not only that, but EMF-induced mitochondrial dysfunction may play a role in several diseases where that is a factor, including psychiatric disorders, autoimmune disease, migraine headaches, ataxia, stroke, diabetes, heart disease, neuropathic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and liver disease.

      Not so innocent of a threat now, is it? So what can you do about it? Understand the main exposure points, and protect yourself through grounding or EMF technology. Here are the top 10 most common EMF exposure points, and how to deal with each of them.


      With the advent of wireless connection, came a convenient yet health troubling development that we now know as WiFi. These chaotic frequencies that are blasted into the air all around the world have made EMF exposure virtually impossible to avoid. Whether it is cell phone towers or your wireless router in your home or at work (often emitting between 10 and 20 mG within a foot of it), chances are you interact with this frequency on a daily basis, and often in high concentrations with close proximity.

      This threat is being significantly ramped up with the introduction of 5G (Fifth Generation) technology that promises speeds of up to 100 times faster than the current model. The health risk associated with this is that thousands of more base stations have to be set up in order for it to work, since 5G waves can’t travel as far as 4G. Some experts say that one new base would have to be installed for every 12 homes, which would make a cellphone tower in your vicinity a virtual guarantee.

      This makes personal protection against these frequencies an absolute must. This means staying grounded regularly, and/or having an EMF neutralizing technology on you at all times.

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      Smart meters

      Smart meters are digitized electric meters that are designed to send usage amounts to power companies wirelessly, and they appear to be causing a range of health issues after their installation. Utility companies report them as safe, comparing them to cell phones, yet we know that other wireless devices can negatively affect your health as well. In an experiment using an EKG (electrocardiogram) monitor to measure electrical patterns of the heart, substantial differences were noted between no data transmission and initiated data transmission from the smart meter, going from 00.1 to 00.2 (normal) to 139.3. Although this may not be a cause of concern if these periods are brief and irregular, there could be a serious issue if this exposure is ongoing.

      According to Dr. Gilbert Leon, a holistic medicine doctor, these changes to the heart can cause major damage, and long term exposure to smart meters could be very damaging to normal myocardial function.

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      Perhaps the most obnoxious place for the sheer amount and concentration of EMFs (and at altitudes 30,00 feet or higher, which is far removed from the healing frequency of the surface of the Earth), airplanes and airports pose significant threats to your health. What is commonly coined jet lag, may be more related to robbing the energy producing mitochondria of their proper function. Consider the following sources of EMFs from airports and airplanes:

      • Radar from the ground, as well as the plane and other planes

      • The jet engine

      • Cockpit computers

        • Electronic sensors

        • Communications equipment

        • Electrical wiring throughout the cabin

          • High levels of static electricity generated in the fuselage

          • Wi-Fi signals

          Random measurements taken inside planes inflight reveal dangerous radiation, sometimes exceeding 50 milligauss (mG). Compare that to the amount that the EPA deems safe, which is 0.5 to 2.5 mG! That’s 20-100 times the “safe” exposure! A 3.5-hour flight at altitudes of 30,000 feet or higher can expose someone to a greater level of radiation than a chest X-ray!

          The only answer is to wear a personal EMF protective or grounding device, to avoid this invisible onslaught. Frequent travellers, pilots, and on flight personnel should be more diligent due to consistent exposure.

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          Another common spot for EMFs is in the vehicle, especially in the front seats due to electrical components and the engine being much closer than in there back seats. Is car sickness really a result of EMF sensitivity? Don’t rule it out.

          Measurements can vary, with some vehicles measuring as low as 2-3 mG (still a cause of concern especially for commuters), and others as high as 15 mG (mini vans with electric sliding doors seem to measure higher). Again, the only sure way to protect yourself is to get a grounding device or EMF neutralizing technology for your vehicle, and/or for yourself.

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          Whether it is at work or at home, chances are you interact with a laptop, desktop, or tablet of some kind on a regular basis. As you can imagine, these devices put out a significant amount of EMFs, some in the range of 2-3 mG’s a foot from the screen. With the introduction of touch screens (like tablets) the proximity becomes much more intimate with regular contact with the screen during use. These threats become amplified in corporate offices with banks of computers (and other electrical equipment) littering the space, and if you are not on ground level, the impact rises.

          The good news is you can get EMF protection for your laptop or tablet with with an Aires Shield Extreme or Pro.

          Cell phone

          With over 60% of people owning a cell phone world wide (95% in America), the threat of EMF exposure is real and constant. With an average of 2.5 hours of use a day, and combined with other electronics use, it’s safe to say that cellphones are a steady source of EMF exposure.

          Unfortunately, people often have their cellphone near their reproductive organs (front pockets), or near their chest (breast pocket or inside bra), if it is not in their ear or being touched constantly. Cellphones can transmit 2-3 mGs, 1 cm away with the display on; 4 mGs, 1 cm away, in transmission mode; and 25-50 mGs while ringing. That’s a serious threat that can’t be ignored, and since cellphone use is not expected to go down, being protected is paramount.

          Consider an Aires Shield Pro, to avoid the consequences of these EMFs.


          Even though these cooking appliances are being slowly removed from kitchens worldwide, there are still many people using them for their convenience. Although there is no good way to protect yourself from the food cooked in it, you can avoid the EMF radiation that is transmitted from it, which is between 4-8 mGs, 6 inches away from the microwave door. Even when not in use, these plugged in appliances will emit EMFs, so get protected if you use one regularly.

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          Electrical outlets

          If you live in a home, chances are you have electrical outlets, or household plug ins. They are often placed every 6-10 feet, and can be found in every room of the house. These plug ins can be 8-10 mGs right at the source, and 1-2 mGs 6 inches away. If you’re having trouble sleeping, you may want to consider any plug ins that are in close proximity to your body or your head.

          While sleeping, a grounding sheet is a great choice, and keep personal protection on you at all times to avoid any other EMF exposure coming from electrical outlets.

          Kitchen appliances

          Aside from your microwave, your kitchen appliances like your fridge, stove, and dishwasher are all electrically charged object emanating EMFs. Many are similar to the microwave in terms of the level of EMFs being emitted, and when you combine all of them into a concentrated space, the amount of radiation kicks up.

          If you spend much time in the kitchen, best to have personal protection like the Aires Defender or the Aires Pro to put right on the appliance.

          Overhead power lines or grids

          If you are living within 100 yards of overhead power lines or grids, you could be submitting yourself to an EMF bath on a daily basis. Depending on the amount of over head power lines, you could expect between 5 and 20 mG if you are directly underneath them, or a low level radiation exposure of 2-3 mG in your home. If you are not able to move from such a location, it is very important you use personal protection on a daily basis to avoid this low grade mitochondria damage that could show up as decreased energy and other ailments.

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          As you can see, the interaction with EMFs are obnoxious, but since they are invisible most people are none the wiser. Don’t let your ability to see them fool you, and take action to protect yourself based on your common exposure points above. You may notice a slight to moderate energy lift depending on your sensitivity and exposure levels once you “block” them, but if nothing else, you can feel better knowing you are protected, especially if 5G rolls out like intended.

          As always, stay educated and stay healthy.

          Sources include:

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