It seems that nearly no one alive today is not suffering from some type of vitamin or mineral deficiency. With depleted soils, chemical applications, excessive processing, and food traveling great distances to get to the end consumer (reducing freshness), we just don’t have access to the level of nutrients we did even a few decades ago. Combine this with poor digestive health and poor nutrient assimilation, and you have an end game that results in one or more severe nutrient deficiencies.

One very important mineral that often gets overshadowed is zinc, and the lack of attention to this critical nutrient has left people with severe deficiencies. This causes all kinds of symptoms and health concerns, and requires specific knowledge to dig yourself out.

The first step in helping yourself identify if zinc is an issue for you, is to go through the following symptoms.

Signs of Zinc Deficiency

Zinc is very important in various parts of the body, including our bones, connective tissues, brain, eyes, hair, skin, prostate, pancreas, liver, and kidneys. It has a key role in DNA repair, enzyme activity, immune response, collagen production, wound healing, and sperm maturation.

Sign of zinc deficiency include:

  • Hair loss

  • Weight loss

  • Delayed wound healing

    • Chronic infection

    • Rough skin or rashes

    • Depression

      • Mental fatigue

      • Acne

      • Loss of appetite

        • Stunted growth

        • Brittle thin nails, or nails with white spots

        • Poor sense of taste or smell

          • Poor night vision

          • Infertility

          • Prostate issues (low sperm count)

          • High cholesterol

          If you suffer from one or more of the symptoms, you may want to consider the following foods first to help remedy the deficiency, before you start scrambling for a pill:

          • Oysters

          • Beef

          • Eggs

            • Chicken

            • Fish

            • Legumes (soaked to remove phytic acids)

              • Nuts (soaked): almonds, cashews, walnuts, pecans, and brazil nuts

              • Seeds (soaked): pumpkin, sesame, and sunflower

              Since zinc can be difficult to absorb, supplementation or eating foods with fat soluble vitamins A and D should be considered since they have been shown to improve zinc absorption. If you are dealing with and significant deficiency, it may take some time to rebuild so be patient.

              Once your zinc levels start to improve, you may notice the following health benefits:

              • Proper growth and development (especially during pregnancy)

              • Healthier hair, skin, and eyes

              • Improved immunity and wound healing

                • Improved mood and mental state

                • Improved digestion

                • Treatment and protection against diabetes and cancer

                • Reduced inflammation and prevalence of chronic disease

                All great reasons to restore healthy levels of zinc! Who doesn’t want a healthier appearance, improved mood, and protection against disease?

                So get stocked up on your zinc rich foods and supplementation if necessary, and improve your health by getting your zinc levels back up to par.

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