The fitness industry has been known to promote products that do more harm than good. Whether it is poor protein powders, artificial energy enhancers, or ridiculous recovery drinks, they all do a very poor job of maximizing an exercise routine while remaining healthy long term. Sure, you can take some of those cleverly marketed products, but are the consequences that come rolling in not long after worth it?

If you say no, and would like to maximize your exercise routine with a natural and sustainable supplement regime that can leave you in excellent shape and feeling amazing, then plug into these four key supplements.

Electrolyte drops

You’ve heard it before, make sure you take your electrolytes when engaging in exercise or activities that make you sweat excessively. Reason being, you can lose some major minerals that affect your overall hydration, and you don’t want to become dehydrated as it will negatively affect performance and can even cause death.

The popular go-to for many athletes are sport drinks like Gatorade or Powerade, but the reality is that these drinks are typically GMO filled, sugary messes, and not a good option to replace these important electrolytes. A good electrolyte solution will contain the four major electrolyte minerals your body needs – magnesium, sodium, potassium, and chloride – to help you sustain your energy, endurance, mental focus, and avoid muscle fatigue and cramping.

A great solution is coconut water, or the Health Ranger’s Electrolyte Drops, which you can add to your water, juice, or smoothie for all phases of your individual workouts. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how versatile and well they work, for proper hydration and performance support.

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Chlorella (or spirulina)

Not commonly known as a beneficial supplement for exercise routines, you would do well to incorporate chlorella into your plan. Besides being one of the most nutritionally dense superfoods on the planet, it also has a few qualities that make it ideal for anyone with a regular exercise program.

First of all, chlorella is a potent alkaline-forming food which is a serious boon to anyone regularly engaging in physical exercise. Secondly, since it is such a nutrient-dense food that helps support energy production, it can help fuel your workouts in a very natural and healthy way. Lastly, it is an incredible source of highly digestible plant protein (58 percent of weight), so is an excellent option for your daily protein needs without overdoing the typical animal products.

It really covers all the major concerns of any workout regime, and you’ll enjoy the overall health benefits to boot. That is, if you get a pure chlorella, as many have been tested and found to be polluted with heavy metals, which will negatively affect the aforementioned benefits. To make sure, get the Health Ranger’s Clean Chlorella or Hawaiian Spirulina.

Try The Health Ranger’s Clean Chlorella

Hemp or pumpkin seed protein powder

Perhaps the most popular workout supplement, protein powder has had a long and storied past, much of it not good. From dirty dairy protein to GMO and largely undigestible soy protein isolate, protein powders have been a sham at best for encouraging pure and adequate protein uptake to nurture and build muscles from a workout routine.

The good news is, people are smartening up and realizing that the old school protein powders are poor choices for their workout (and overall health) needs, and that when it comes to protein, what you are able to digest is extremely important. If you’re reading labels and assuming that many of these poorly assimilated protein powders are delivering the grams on the package into your body where it’s needed, you’re sorely mistaken. After all, you aren’t what you eat, as much as you are what you digest.

This is why a good plant-based, highly assimilated protein powder is a difference-maker in your muscle building routine. Ensuring the building blocks are being delivered to the muscles, without the waste and inflammation that comes with poorly absorbed protein powders, is the difference in your workout routine that you may sorely need.

For two excellent options in plant-based protein powders, you can’t go wrong with the Health Ranger’s Organic Hemp Protein Powder, or Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder.


MSM, or methylsulfonylmethane (a form of sulfur), is a highly attractive supplement for those looking for exceptional joint and connective tissue support. This is why many athletes reach for MSM as one of their core supplements, as it can reduce joint discomfort and soreness, thanks to its antioxidant and immune system boosting capabilities.

Since one of the regular hurdles of a consistent workout routine is muscle and joint soreness, having MSM as part of your supplement regime just makes sense. For unmatched purity and no fillers, preservatives, or additives of any kind, get the Chief Originals MSM flakes or capsules.

All the best for carving out your best body, and hopefully you’ll find that, when these supplements are put together, you can reach a whole new level of health and fitness.

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