The castor seed is native to India and has a long history of use as a laxative, detoxifier, and pain reliever. Palma Christi (palm of christ), named so due to it’s palmate leaf shape, has been used therapeutically since ancient times.

Tea made from the castor root has been used to treat inflammation and conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, chronic backache, muscle spasms, congestion, and gout.

Castor oil’s healing benefits

Castor oil, commonly known for its internal use for constipation and its many industrial uses, has numerous profound healing benefits when applied externally to the body. Carefully extracted from the castor seed plant, ricinus communis, castor oil produces a powerful triglyceride, high in  fatty acids, including 90% ricinoleic acid which is noted for its potent healing effects.

In modern times, people have credited one drop of castor oil applied to each eye lid to eliminate insomnia. It has been notably used in all the following conditions although research is limited as to the efficacy of castor oil: Arthritis, AIDS, Cancer, Cerebral Palsy, Scleroderma, Epilepsy, Appendicitis, colitis and other intestinal problems, hormone balancing and genealogical problems, migraines, detoxification, liver ailments including cirrhosis, and more.

Due to its its immune enhancing, detoxifying, and anti-inflammatory properties, applying a castor oil pack to various parts of the body, especially the liver, can have profound healing benefits.

Castor oil packs have been shown to:

  • Alleviate bone and muscle pain

  • Reduce or eliminate muscle spasms or cramping

  • Relax muscles and organs to support healing

    • Increase circulation

    • Support healthy lymph movement

    • Promote detoxification

    • Support cleansing & rejuvenation of the liver and intestines

    In fact, administering a castor oil pack is one of the best things you can do for your liver. Today, there are few people, if any, whose liver is not working overtime dealing with the countless toxins that penetrate our food, soils, and environment.  We further impair the liver with the heavy consumption of soda, coffee, energy drinks, and alcohol–adding more fuel to the fire.

    The liver, the largest internal organ, is the master organ of the body. When the liver is impaired it affects nearly every other organ in the body–eventually jeopardizing crucial bodily systems.

    The liver is responsible for many important tasks such as keeping your blood free of toxins and secreting bile into the small intestine which supports a healthy gut. Bile secretion by the liver establishes healthy intestinal walls, supports peristalsis (digestion) and adequate levels of ’friendly’ bacteria in the gut, while simultaneously protecting against unwanted bacteria and parasites.

    When the body is experiencing any form of dis-ease it is important to consider the state of health of the liver—and the bowels.

    The liver also produces over half of the lymph fluids of the body and supports the removal of toxins as well as excess estrogen, therefore a beneficial treatment in balancing hormones.

    How to apply a castor oil pack

    Equipment Required

    • Wool flannel (cotton is acceptable)

    • Castor oil – quality is key

    • Hot water bottle (heating pad is sufficient; water bottle is best)

      • Plastic wrap and/or sports bandage

      • Large towel


      • Cut 3 strips of flannel large enough to cover the area (3 pieces of 9 x 11 inch pieces is ideal for the liver)

      • Layer all 3 pieces of flannel on top of each other and drizzle castor oil in between each layer—like a triple decker sandwich (one long piece traversed back and forth creates the same effect)

      • Cover with a sheet of plastic (saran wrap works well) to avoid oil damage to furnishings or clothes

        • A wrap around bandage or towel can help to hold the pack in place.

        • Place a warmed hot water bottle on top of the oil saturated pack for desired period of time.

        • A large towel wrapped around the entire pack and hot water bottle will also help hold in the heat and keep the water bottle in place.

          • An hour long treatment is recommended, although even 20 minutes is helpful. It can be administered for several hours and even overnight for chronic conditions or to support detoxification and cleansing sessions.

          • The oil drenched flannel pack can be reused for several months and is best stored in the refrigerator in a ziplock to keep the remaining oil from going rancid.

          Edward Cayce, the famous psychic healer responsible for the popularizing the use of castor oil packs, and the research of Dr. William McGary, author of The Oil That Heals, are great resources for a comprehensive understanding of the healing potential of castor oil.

          Dr. McGary’s research reports that castor oil stimulates the thymus gland and other factors that build the immune systems such as increased lymphocytes, your immune system’s disease fighting cells. This explains why it can be a great support for cancer patients.

          Gerson’s Therapy, a natural cancer treatment with an impressive track record, administers castor oil in multiple forms: orally, enemas and packs applied to the liver. It has proven very successful in expediting the release of toxins, particularly cancer cell tissues which are very toxic to the body.

          The benefits of castor oil packs is invaluable information for anyone dealing with illness. It is particularly priceless for those overcoming cancer, whether they choose alternative or conventional treatments. Keep this in mind and share the wealth–knowledge is power. It saves lives.

          To assess any possible damage to your liver, read Signs of Liver Damage.


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