The world is surrounded by magnetic fields generated by the earth, solar storms, changes in the weather and everyday electrical devices. Recently, scientists have discovered that external magnetic fields can affect the body in both positive and negative ways, and the clinical observations are serious eye openers.

Positive magnetic fields and their effects

Examples of positive magnetic fields that one may experience on a day-to-day basis include:

  • Televisions

  • Computers

  • Cell phones

    • Alarm clocks

    • Motors

    • Office equipment

      • Electrical wiring

      • Microwave ovens

      • Electric blankets

        • Power lines

        • Radio and cell phone towers

        • Fluorescent lights

          • Smart Meters

          • Wi-Fi

          The frequency at which a magnetic field is pulsed determines whether or not it is harmful. For example, the frequency of the electrical current used in homes in the United States is 60 cycles per second, or hertz (HZ). In contrast, normal frequencies of the human brain during waking hours range from 8 to 22 Hz, while in sleep they can drop to as low as 2 Hz.

          The higher frequencies present in artificial electrical currents may disturb the brain’s natural resonant frequencies and in time lead to cellular fatigue.

          The physiological effects of positive magnetic fields include:

          • Produces acid

          • Produces oxygen deficiency

          • Evokes cellular edema

            • Often exacerbates existing symptoms

            • Accelerates microorganism replication; speeds up infections

            • Biologically disorganizing

              • Increases pain and inflammation

              • Governs wakefulness and action

              • Evokes catabolic hormone production

                • Produces toxic end-products of metabolism

                • Produces free radicals

                • Speeds up electrical activity of the brain

                The power and proximity of positive magnetic fields to your energy field are very important, and sources should be investigated with a Gauss meter to understand their frequency. In addition to that, understanding how to “neutralize” these positive magnetic fields becomes very important.

                Positive magnetic fields have been associated with cancer, depression, chromosomal abnormalities, inflammation and learning difficulties.

                Learn how to get grounded and neutralize these frequencies, here.

                Negative magnetic fields and their effects

                Examples of negative magnetic fields that one may experience on a day-to-day basis include:

                • Earth material (soil, rock, salt)

                • Bodies of water (ocean, lake, river)

                • Plants

                The physiological effects of negative magnetic fields include:

                • Normalizes pH

                • Oxygenates body

                • Resolves cellular edema

                  • Usually reduces symptoms

                  • Inhibits microorganism replication; slows down infections

                  • Biologically normalizing

                    • Reduces pain and inflammation

                    • Governs rest, relaxation, and sleep

                    • Evokes anabolic hormone production — melatonin and growth hormone

                      • Clears metabolically produced toxins out of the body

                      • Eliminates free radicals

                      • Slows down electrical activity of the brain

                      In order to experience the most benefits of negative magnetic fields, one should put their bare skin in direct contact with grass, soil, sand or bodies of water. Failing that, one should look into available grounding technologies.

                      Negative magnetic field therapy has been used effectively in the treatment of:

                      • Cancer

                      • Rheumatoid arthritis

                      • Infections and inflammation

                        • Headaches and migraines

                        • Insomnia and other sleep disorders

                        • Circulatory problems

                          • Fractures and pain

                          • Environmental stress

                          Understanding the sources of negative and positive magnetic frequencies and how to avoid and use them effectively is a key component to an overall wellness plan. Identify the worst offenders and avoid them as much as possible, and keep in touch with the earth to discharge them appropriately.

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