How do you create a pandemic that only exists on paper and in the minds of the people?

1. Unleash a man-made virus (problem), but tell everyone it spread naturally thanks to “bat soup” in China.

2. Have the lap dog media instill fear into the people (reaction) that the virus is spreading quickly and is very dangerous. 

3. Use contrived “science” to legitimize the virus, its dangers, and create the widespread solution.

4. Create social distancing rules to propagate fear and separate people (division).

5. Amplify the concerns and de-humanize people by creating mask mandates, despite the fact they create more illness than protection.

6. Use a testing system (PCR) that is NOT intended for identifying infectious disease (as claimed by the inventor of the test), crank up the cycle rate to magnify any dead matter in the body (that doesn’t indicate infectious disease), to increase false positive rates and CASES, and use that vector to PANIC people into believing the SPREAD is real.

7. Use the lap dog media to BLAST the air waves about the illegitimate CASES, to foment fear in the public that the virus is spreading uncontrollably.

8. Use this situation to create a “scientific” solution that has been trusted by the masses (“vaccines”), rush it to market 24 times faster than any other product of its kind, praise its efficacy and safety, but don’t disclose the ingredients to the public. 

9. As people are being diagnosed with COVID, by a test that was NEVER intended to identify it, incentivize hospitals to diagnose people with COVID through generous payouts for each COVID diagnosis, which results in those with the flu or other comorbidities having their disease conditions SWAPPED for a more financially attractive one, effectively eliminating flu cases by over 99% from the previous year.

10. As illegitimate cases and misdiagnosed deaths rise, run a ticker tape on the news of the “carnage” and sell to the people that an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) is required to rush a “vaccine” to the market to stem the out of control viral replication that is killing grandma and soon coming for YOU.

11. Under this EUA order, the “vaccine” manufacturers become immune to liability if their product doesn’t work as intended or creates significant harm, which opens up the floodgates to multiples dosages and shots despite the consequences.

12. With no ingredient disclosure, no liability, and a panicked and lobotomized public, “vaccine” rollouts begin with fervent uptake. Unfortunately, it is later disclosed by brave scientists and doctors that are not part of the medical cabal, that metals, parasites, spike proteins, and other nefarious ingredients are inside inspected “vaccine” vials.

13. As people begin poisoning themselves with the “vaccine”, they get sick, go to hospital, get a fake PCR test that falsely reveals they have “COVID”, all within a time period that considers them UNVACCINATED (anywhere from 14 to 28 days or longer), which creates more fodder for the media to communicate inaccurately that cases are going up and the unvaccinated are filling hospitals, when in fact “vaccine” poisoning is going up and the “vaccinated” are filling hospitals.

14. As the people get treated for a virus they don’t have, they often receive a dangerous medication, Remdesevir, that causes kidneys to shut down and other organs, creating fluid build up in the body including the lungs, creating the illusion that COVID is the culprit, which can eventually lead to intubation and vents, that half the time will “blow out” the patients lungs and kill them. This death will then be marked as “COVID death” by hospital, often incorrectly blamed on a lack of being fully “vaccinated” (poisoned), when in fact the hospital procedures put in place have effectively murdered the patient.

15. The “VACCINATED” then blame the un-vaxxed for ICU units in hospitals being full and for worsening the pandemic, demanding that they get vaxxed, keep their distance, thereby creating a divide and narrative that leads to filthy politicians justifying mandates and incentive programs (bribes) in order to “save humanity” from a viral pandemic that never really existed in REAL life, but did on paper due to dishonest testing, guidelines, policies, medical reporting, incentives, and media.

16. Exacerbate the situation by demanding people get “vaccinated” or lose their job and ability to travel, leading to more forced “vaccinations”, more poisoning, more fake cases, more people in hospital, more people dying, and more reporting that its the either the unvaccinated that are the problem, or that we simply need more “vaccinations” (boosters) to confer more “immunity” until we beat the “virus”, or poison everyone into submission or death, whichever comes first.

17. Repeat 2-16, ad nauseam, to mind-numbingly perpetuate the fake pandemic. Add in fake or weak variants, to keep the panic rolling.

The good news is this ends when enough people RISE UP and fully AWAKEN. At that point, the whole paper pandemic and its corrupt engineers can’t walk the streets and are imprisoned or otherwise dealt with, effectively removing their control and them from our day to day existence.

Until that happens, keep yourself safe by consuming nutrient dense foods and supplements to build immunity against pathogenic microbes, and cleanse your environment of unfriendly pathogens that can concentrate in your indoor environment. 

Some of my favourite items to do that effectively include chlorella, moringa, vitamin C, turmeric, probiotics, essential oil diffusing, and using plenty of lemon, onion, and garlic in my food preparations.

You can hook up to many of these items like chlorella, moringa, vitamin C, turmeric, and essential oils, in the Health Ranger Store.

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