People often don’t think about gallstones until they have a gallbladder attack, which could easily be one of the most painful experiences someone will ever endure. At this point, it is obvious that gallstones are a serious issue and most doctors will reccommend to have the gallbladder removed altogether.

However, if you have grown attached to your gallbladder and don’t want to go under the knife and have an important body part removed from your physiology, there are ways to wear down gallstones and get them safely removed from your  gallbladder so you don’t have to suffer another attack, and more importantly, so your gallbladder can function optimally.

A word of caution: The liver/gallbladder flush protocol should NOT be undertaken without consultation with your physician, and ideally, following a holistic and healthy lifestyle for a minimum of one year. This process can be very burdensome to someone who is not in an otherwise healthy state, and if not done properly, can cause larger gallstones to become stuck in the bile duct which will create more serious issues.

The role of the gallbladder and how gallstones develop

The gallbladder is a small organ that plays an important role in digestion of our food. It holds bile that is produced by the liver until it is needed to help digest fatty foods in the duodenum of the small intestine.

When the liver and gallbladder become congested with toxins they become unable to secrete bile effectively. This can lead to bile material imbalances that lead to gall stone formation. These stones are crystalline formations of cholesterol and calcium that are formed within the gallbladder and biliary tracts. They can vary in size from a grain of salt to the size of a golf ball.

If you’re wondering how these stones form, a simple explanation is that they are a sign of incomplete liver detoxification. So if you know you have a less than healthy liver, chances are very high that your gallbladder has also been affected and likely contains these stones.

If you feel you are not a victim of significant gallstone formation, or you want to start a longer but safer process of wearing them down so they can be released safely, consider consuming foods rich in organic acids daily such as apple cider vinegar (ACV), freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice, kombucha, kimchi, red cabbage, and sauerkraut. This may not remove them completely, but it will start the process of getting rid of some pesky gallstones in a relatively safe, effective, and unobtrusive manner.

For those of you that have been following a healthy lifestyle for quite some time and want a more deliberate and effective way to flush out some gallstones immediately, look into the liver gallbladder flush protocol below.

Liver Gallbladder Flush Protocol

First of all, you’ll need the following ingredients to perform the flush:

  • Organic apples (you can also use a malic acid supplement)
  • Epsom salts (FOOD GRADE ONLY)
  • Organic, extra virgin, olive oil
  • Organic lemons

The apples are an important component as the malic acid in them will help reduce the size of the stones, and the epsom salts help dilate the bile ducts to avoid any getting stuck as they pass through.

Day 1 to 5

In these 5 days you want to eat as lightly as possible, making sure to consume no fats. A great idea is to stick to fluids only, so think of it as a fast.

Each day for 5 days, you will want to:

  • Consume 1 litre of freshly pressed apple juice or eat 8 apples throughout the day (every couple of hours you should consume an apple or some juice). If you make juice, feel free to add some parsley, ginger, and turmeric.
  • Drink some tea, preferably something good for your liver such as dandelion or chaga tea.
  • Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water.

Day 6

  • Consume your last litre of apple juice, or eat 3-4 apples, prior to 1 p.m.
  • 2 p.m. – Mix 4 tablespoons of of epsom salts (food grade) in 3 cups of purified water (make sure it’s filtered properly). Put in the fridge. Do not eat anything after this.
  • 6 p.m. – Drink 3/4 cup of the epsom salt water mixture.
  • 8 p.m. – Drink another 3/4 cup of the epsom salt water mixture.
  • 9:45 p.m. – Pour 1/2 cup of pure, organic olive oil into a jar. Juice 3 lemons and add into the jar. Close, and shake until liquid.
  • 10 p.m. – Drink the olive oil mixture. Lay down immediately on right side with knees up toward the chin. Stay still, and try to go to sleep.

At this point, it is important to note that an “evacuation” of your bowels is likely about to occur, and will likely result in a trip to the bathroom every 2-3 hours for the next 24 hours (while you are awake). At this time, you may notice small brown or greenish coloured “stones”, in a range of sizes, in the toilet.

Day 7

  • Upon waking up, drink the 3rd 3/4 cup dose of epsom salt mixture. Go back to sleep if possible.
  • Two hours later, drink last dose of epsom salts.
  • As you transition to your normal diet, focus on more liquids for lunch and moving slowly to fruit. Eat light for dinner (think salad, soup, or a smoothie).

Upon successful completion, your bowel movements may take a day or two to normalize. You may feel a bit fresher and lighter if you were able to successfully remove stones, and you may also notice an increased ability to digest healthy fats more effectively (more energy after eating them, or less symptoms associated with it may be a couple signs you notice).

As mentioned earlier, you should always consult your physician prior to undertaking the gallbladder flush, especially if you have a known history of gallstones and larger ones especially. If that is the case, a slower but safer procedure should be undertaken, which you can find out about in more detail, here.

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