In this period of higher mental stress, poor nutrition, pervasive toxins, and overuse of stimulants, it has become difficult to properly support the adrenals. As a result, people have become afflicted with poor energy, bad sleep, obnoxious cravings, and a roller coaster of emotions.

There are several solutions to help balance depleted adrenals, and it often takes a multifaceted approach. Start by considering these four factors, and with proper implementation, you can overcome adrenal fatigue.

Manage your mindset

The primary reason your adrenals are kaput will ultimately lead back to your mindset, to some degree. The thoughts you initiate, foster, and emotionalize determine your state of mental balance, and if the balance is overwhelmingly negative, this state of constant “fight or flight” will deplete adrenal energy. Stay unbalanced long enough and you will eventually wear out your adrenals, which will leave you with a wide variety of ailments.

To combat this you have several weapons at your disposal, but the primary thought pattern you need to practice is perspective. Consider a paradigm shift in which you focus on those things in your life that make you happy, and live in that space more often. Slow down the constant chatter and noise in your head by connecting to nature, or by practicing meditation. Consider “being” instead of “doing”. Stay in the moment more. Stop obsessing about negative things the past or in the future. Start having more fun. Laugh, express gratitude, breathe deeply, and enjoy life on your terms!

To help with this process, consider anxiety relieving herbs like chamomile and passion flower, essential oils like lavender and frankincense, Bach flower remedies, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

Proper sleep

Proper sleep patterns are crucial for the health of your entire body, including your adrenals. Not obeying the body’s natural biological clock, leads to abnormal and untimely secretions of the main sleep-wake hormones, melatonin and cortisol, which then leads to erratic biological rhythms and disrupts the harmonious functioning of your body.

If you don’t maintain this biological rhythm, your cortisol levels (controlled by your adrenals) could become too high in the evening and too low in the morning, which will disturb your sleep patterns. Over time, this lack of sleep will leave you mentally exhausted and set you up for more perceived negative experiences, which puts additional strain on your adrenals.

To get in the proper rhythm, ensure you get to bed by no later than 11 p.m., and get at least 8 hours of sleep.

Adaptogenic herbs

Another key to good health is adapting to circumstances we are exposed to in our lives. The adrenals play a major role in our ability to adapt, and the more depleted they become, the less able we are to properly respond to our circumstances.

Adaptogenic herbs are critical for adapting effectively to the chronic stress we face today. They assist in modulating the stress response in order for us to enhance stress adaptation, which can then take significant pressure off our adrenals and help rebuild them over time. They help ground us, restore adrenal energy, and support our moods.

Examples of good adaptogenic herbs include reishi mushroom, ginseng, schisandra, and gynostemma.

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Avoid or remedy those things that cause adrenal fatigue

When improving the function of any organ, gland, or system, the whole body needs to be taken into consideration. In the case of adrenal function, we must realize that supporting other areas of the body is just as important as supporting the area that directly affects their opti mal function.

For example, an overabundance of Candida in the intestinal system will eventually cause adrenal fatigue. In order to restore proper adrenal function, the digestive system must be cleaned up by eliminating Candida and other pathogenic microorganisms.

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In order to do this, one must strongly consider the elimination of any stimulants (like coffee or soda), sugar (including foods high in sugar), refined flour products, dairy, vinegars (ACV is fine), alcohol, and gluten. Then, one must consider daily consumption of green leafy vegetables, seaweed, algae, fermented foods, chia, and other enzyme, probiotic, and fiber rich foods.


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