(S.D. Wells) There are all kinds of diets, health fads, supplements, and food “regimens” that you can venture into, looking for amazing results that could turn out to be a desert mirage. There are M.D.s, dietitians, herbalists, YouTube “foodies” and world travelers with prolific stories of health transformations and nutrient “revelations.” But where is the practical, usable, convertible, and most of all, tolerable advice? Maybe it all boils back to the old saying “garbage in, garbage out.”

Ever smelled chicken that you threw in your trashcan a few days ago? It reeks. Are you eating garbage food that stinks to high heaven when you go #2, and how many times do you have to “mop your bottom” with toilet paper after you “exhume” the waste (think of conventional gluten and rotting animal carcass here)?

Keen questions need worthy answers, that’s for sure. For starters, you need to learn how to “read the signs” that are symptoms of health crises to come, if you don’t change your ways now. Are you continuing to eat food criminals that are undercover health destroyers?

Gluten causes CHRONIC constipation while animal products and animal byproducts ROT inside the digestive tract and colon

Anything you eat that doesn’t exit your body completely within 24 hours turns into poison. Your cleansing organs can only work so hard before showing you symptoms of chronic stress. After that, if you don’t change what you eat, the real health problems rear their ugly heads, sometimes leading over that cliff to early death. That’s America. What can a happy consumer do otherwise? First, and most importantly, cut out the gluten entirely, if you can. Then cut out the canola oil (it coagulates in your body).

Conventional gluten is laden with chemical conditioners for softness, and chemical bug-and-weed-killers for “yield” and more processing in the silos. The conditioners make the sticky gluten remain in your digestive tract for days, weeks, months, and even years. Can you say cancerous polyp while chewing on that Subway bun or everything bagel?

Then there are the animals. Sure, meat can be made to taste amazing, with all those sauces and that melted cheese; however, these are the foods that stink to high heaven when you finally finish pushing them out of your system. That’s the trans-fat and nitrates slowly turning into colon cancer, a top “serial killer” in the U.S.A.

These are foods that cause extra digestion work to process, (and these are the animals that already suffer in confined animal feeding operations, eating GMOs, being abused, drugged up, shot up with antibiotics), are processed with chemicals like bleach and ammonia, then dyed to look natural again.

And so the story goes, until those gluten eaters and meat-and-dairy consumers get diagnosed with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and dementia, and in their confusion they all decry at some point, “Why me?” What could they ever have done differently? The answer is as simple as eating raw, organic, whole, plant-based foods – the lifestyle that cures the “all-American” stinky poop and incessant wiping problem in the bathroom, as well as preventing all those preventable diseases. Are you stinking up the bathroom for a half hour and going through toilet tissue rolls like wildfire? Read the warning signs.

Raw, organic vegetables and produce can cure many diseases and disorders, including constipation and chronic inflammation

Does your poop smell really bad, almost every time you go to the bathroom? How many times do you have to wipe to clean up completely down there? Sounds personal, huh. That’s because it is. Your health and livelihood are quite personal. Your poops really shouldn’t smell “that bad” and you shouldn’t need to wipe half-a-dozen times to “take care of business.” Read the signs.

Sure, it’s natural to have a smelly bowel movement occasionally, but if it’s happening often, that’s a sign you must change your daily intake or suffer the consequences. For example, sulfur-containing veggies like cabbage, kale, and Brussels sprouts may cause some noticeable odors, but never fear, if they’re organic, they’re helping. On the other hand, pharmaceutical antibiotics wipe out your good gut bacteria and cause stinky poop also, so avoid those if you can.

My days started with a tired body, with headaches kicking in shortly, pains in my stomach, bloating, mood swings, anxiety, no desire to do anything but lay my head down and rest. Needless to name all the various tests that were done in order to determine the cause of my “illness”, however, other than being told to rest and a course of antibiotics, nothing else was done by my physicians in order to help me. Then I started having even more and worse symptoms (abnormal bowel movements, fatigue, severe headaches, digestive issues, mood swings), and I decided that I am going to take the matter in my own hands and work on my health instead of going from one doctor to another. After 8 weeks in the THRIVE Health Program I have no more abnormal bowel movements, a lot less mood swings, less headaches, no digestive issues, no more cravings for starchy or sugary foods, more clarity and lots of hope!!! On top of this, I have also lost 16 pounds and am now at my ideal weight. Thank you, Derek! Testimonial disclosure

If your gut bacteria is out of whack (should be about 85% good bacteria and 15% bad), then creating smelly bathrooms is probably common for you. You may need some organic probiotics and fermented foods. Overdoing vitamins can also add to that minor or major stench. Lastly, if poop is greenish or purplish, that’s usually a sign you ate artificial food colourings made from industrial chemicals that cause cancer and dementia, so cut those out of your intake for good.

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Natural News

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