You’ve seen them in the mall, health food stores, and online, but what is the deal with these pink salt lamps? Aside from looking cozy and being a nice way to gently light up a room, is there really any benefits to having one of these lamps in your home?

Ultimately, you get to decide, but take a moment to understand the general science behind these lamps and some of the reported benefits.

How himalayan salt lamps work and how they can improve your health

One of the primary health benefits of himalayan salt lamps is their ability to increase the amount of negative ions in your environment which reduces the amount of positive ions (such as EMFs and bio-toxins) that are present.  Salt lamps create these negative ions by attracting moisture (due to the hygroscopic nature of salt, which means it attracts and holds water molecules from the surrounding environment), and then creating an evaporation effect due to the heat produced by the bulb in the salt block. This evaporation action reduces the amount of positive ions in the room which in turn increases the amount of negative ions present.

Since water vapour is in the air we breathe and carries positively charged airborne pathogens like bacteria, viruses, fungus and other irritants, attracting them to the negatively charged surface of the lamp neutralizes their charge. Not only that, but it also helps neutralize those positively charged ions in the air.

In simpler terms, the negative ions produced by the salt lamp will detoxify the air of bio-toxins by attaching themselves to positively charged particles like pathogenic bacteria, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, smoke, dust, and other hazardous airborne particles, thereby muting their potential adverse effects.

Not only do these lamps help remove airborne bio-toxins from the surrounding environment, they also help neutralize the amount of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) in which we are constantly being subjected. These disruptive frequencies, generated primarily by electronics, WiFi signals, appliances, and electrical wiring, have permeated our environment and created an “over charged” atmosphere that doesn’t resonate well with our (and the Earth’s) natural frequency. When this disruption to our natural electric field occurs, it creates chaos in our cells, hormones, and sleep patterns which in turn facilitates illness.

These are two major reasons why being able to generate negative ions in your home is a worthwhile endeavour, and himalayan salt lamps just happen to be a relatively easy and practical way to do it!

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The health benefits of himalayan salt lamps

Due to the purifying of the air, as well as creating a more friendly frequency that resonates with our own electrical fields, salt lamps can have a number of health benefits, including:

  • Reducing respiratory problems and improving breathing

  • Alleviating asthma and allergy symptoms

  • Reducing stress due to a lowered EMF load

    • Improving sleep, which maximizes your key regeneration period

    • Reducing the incidence of headaches and migraines

    • Reducing symptoms associated with rheumatoid arthritis

    • Reducing general fatigue

    • Improving cognitive function and ability to concentrate

    Considering these lamps are a one time purchase with inexpensive bulbs (avoid fluorescents) the only thing needing to be replaced, they are a simple and economical solution to improving your health.

    How to choose himalayan salt lamps and use them properly

    First of all, not all himalayan salt lamps are created equal. A good general rule of thumb to get a higher quality product is to choose a lamp that is a darker shade of pink or orange. Avoid those that are lighter pink in colour and/or have visible black deposits within them.

    Your next consideration is what area you want to enjoy the benefits of the salt lamp. This could be multiple areas, including parts of the home with increased EMFs and bio-toxins (perhaps a work space), or where you choose to relax and decompress (the bedroom). Where you spend most of your time is an important consideration.

    Also keep in mind that the larger the space (or heavier the EMF load), the bigger the lamp you will want. Use the following guide as a reference:

    • 100 square feet – 5 -7 lb salt lamp

    • 150 square feet – 9-11 lb salt lamp

    • 200 square feet – 12 – 15 lb salt lamp

    • 900 square feet – 40 – 50 lb salt lamp

    You may want to wipe down your salt lamp once a week as well with a dry cloth, after it has been unplugged and is no longer warm. This will help remove any dampness the lamp may be experiencing, and get rid of any dust attached to it.

    In addition to these benefits, himalayan salt lamps also add a certain ambience and decorative effect to your home that can’t be denied. This makes them a nice addition to any home, and brings a more natural feel to your environment.

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