(NaturalNews – Lance Johnson) The more an individual recognizes the power of their thoughts and emotions, the more they realize their role in creating and influencing the life that’s flashing before their eyes. The values a person establishes, the expectations they have, and the template they create in their heart, have the power to pull entire experiences into their life. In this awakening, one learns to have positive faith in who they are and that version of themselves manifests. In this awareness, one recognizes the negative self talk that is trying to pull their existence into a realm of pain and frustration.

When a person feels free inside and believes in that freedom, they will be given opportunities to exercise that freedom. As a person envisions good health and makes room for health freedom, the more they will attract the opportunities to see these realities express.

Protecting the mental fortress from negative self talk

The thought patterns and beliefs one holds so dear are like the sail on a boat. It doesn’t matter if storms hit or if unexpected problems arise; one’s strongest sail of thoughts and emotions will guide them to their valued destination, for growth and satisfaction. Instead of floating aimlessly, one learns to consciously interact with the energy in the universe. By putting a guard at the gate of their mind, a person can literally make negative voices and degrading thoughts parry away.

An individual ultimately sets himself free when they stop psychologically attaching their “self” to the problems and negativity in the world. This means the person must stop claiming the existence of a flu season, an allergy season, or a depression diagnosis. Why would someone want to sail to these destinations and make these fictional seasons a part of their life?

When an individual adopts a mindset of health self reliance, they no longer allow a medical professional to diagnose them with some psychological condition. By shrugging off diagnoses and seasonal sickness mindsets, one learns to correct the imbalance in their body holistically, while avoiding a medical system that perpetuates health problems with patchwork drugs and side effects that don’t get to the heart of the problems.

That’s why an individual must stop accepting depression as a label. This only gives the problem authority over the person, effectively thrusting a new pattern of victim mentality onto the person’s future reality.

Illness is perpetuated by bringing attention to it and its label

Claiming depression makes a person feel comforted by the attention of a diagnosis. This is how a person becomes trapped, victimizing them-self mentally.

An individual might not be aware of the power of their own words and how the negative connotation of their language ultimately feeds their problems. A person’s attitude toward sickness either perpetuates its existence or diminishes its stronghold. Likewise it’s easy to make excuses for staying ill by the way one craves sympathy. For example, some people use their sickness or disease as an attention-getting badge.

When it comes time to make the necessary changes to better personal health, one may mentally settle for what they’ve grown accustomed to. Engaging in behavioral patterns of self loathing only allow a fictitious condition to persist.

The only way to start the healing process is to declaim illness and disassociate with the attention it gives. An individual must mentally train themselves to charter a new course utilizing a new set of sails that values inner strength. As one starts rowing to new shorelines, they may strip themselves of the victim mentality that has perpetuated their sickness and depression for so long.


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