No one appreciates the feelings that are often associated with getting old. The tired aching body, failing memory, wrinkling skin, poor eyesight, and heart problems are enough to make anyone crave that feeling of being young again.

The truth is, many great discoveries have been made over the years that have allowed people to dip their toe into the fountain of youth again, and some even have taken a complete plunge. We have come to discover that a healthy diet and lifestyle plan, along with a positive mindset, can help slow down the aging process and even reverse the hands of time.

However, this takes time, and some don’t have the patience for taking it slow and waiting for their lifestyle changes to kick in and wipe away the chronic inflammation that is at the root of any serious health issue.

If that sounds familiar, and you want to harness the power of natural sources that can leave you feeling more youthful again, it may be a wise move to consider the antioxidant powers of astaxanthin.

What is astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin is a a deep red colored phytonutrient synthesized by micro-algae, and is known as the “King of Carotenoids.” It’s grown in fresh water using sophisticated techniques that encourage the algae to grow its own powerful medicines protecting it from oxidation, UV radiation and other environmental stressors.

When harvested and concentrated into a liquid capsule, it becomes the most powerful antioxidant in the natural world. Just how powerful is it? A study done at Creighton University put natural (NOT synthetic) astaxanthin up against some of the most commonly used sources of antioxidants to compare their antioxidant activity. Here are the jaw dropping results:

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – 75 times weaker than astaxanthin

  • Green Tea Catechins – 550 times weaker than astaxanthin

  • CoQ10 – 800 times weaker than astaxanthin

  • Vitamin C – 6000 times weaker than astaxanthin

This clearly shows that astaxanthin, in it’s natural form, absolutely trumps the antioxidant power of the most popular antioxidants used today!

Astaxanthin is found in the highest concentration in the animal kingdom in the muscles of salmon (which helps give them their pinkish color), which scientists theorize is the reason they can complete their epic swims upstream for hundreds of miles. The oxidation that typically occurs in muscles during bouts of exercise appears to be largely mitigated with high concentrations of astaxanthin (an extremely potent antioxidant), which allows salmon to complete this heroic feat.

So what does this mean for people that choose to use a natural and pure source of astaxanthin?

The health benefits of astaxanthin

There are many health benefits of taking astaxanthin that could dramatically improve your quality of life, including:

  • Support for muscle, joint, tendon, and bone health.

  • Support for healthy eye function.

  • Support of skin health during UV and sun exposure.

    • Support for cardiovascular health.

    • Support for a body in recovery from exercise.

    • Support against age-related decline in both cognitive and psychomotor function.

      • Improvement of fine lines and wrinkles, elasticity, and dryness of skin.

      • It scavenges muscle tissue for free radicals and helps increase endurance.

      And, even better, astaxanthin can be given to your pets (like your dog or cat) for similar benefits!

      It should be noted that it can take 2 – 6 weeks before one notices an improvement from taking astaxanthin, as there is a “loading” period. Dosage for a relatively healthy individual is normally 4 mgs, and for those who require more support, 8-16 mgs is typically suggested. It is also important to take it with some form of healthy fat.

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