The list of things you can do to live a healthier lifestyle is endless. In fact, the frustration often lies in how much there is TO do, and not knowing where to start! If that is the case for you, start with these three essential requirements for healing the body and get back on the road to health.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is crucial due to its miracle-class ability to halt cancer (77 percent of ALL cancers are prevented by vitamin D alone), to ease depression, boost bone health, improve brain function, enhance heart health, and much more. Nothing beats vitamin D in terms of the number of important health benefits derived from a single substance.

Even though vitamin D is often referred to as the sunshine vitamin, it is actually a neuro-regulatory hormone. This may explain why people experience mood swings, depression, and irritability when they are low on vitamin D exposure, such as the winter months or other areas which experience much less sunlight.

To maximize the absorption and storage of vitamin D, (it can be stored for up to three months) get in the sun and allow it to penetrate the skin for 15 to 30 minutes in peak hours of the day (the further north, and the darker the skin, the longer the exposure required), of at least the arms and legs. Vitamin D is NOT absorbed through glass, so get directly into the sun outdoors.

This means NO sunscreen before going out as it will block vitamin D uptake altogether. Take the time to soak up the suns rays, then get out of it or put on a non-toxic skin block or botanical formula.

If a vitamin D supplement is required due to lack of sun exposure, the best form after the sun is vitamin D3 in liquid form, paired with a source of vitamin K2. Keep in mind vitamin D may be tough to absorb for many individuals (ie. overweight or liver issues), so consider liposomal technology that bypasses that issue.

Try Nanonutra’s Liposomal D3/K2


Grounding is the simple act of reconnecting with the negatively charged Earth. Although it is not always easy to connect bare skin to the soil, grass, sand, or even concrete, it is an action worth figuring it out due to its incredible benefits. Grounding has been linked to many incredible benefits, including:

  • Decreased pain and inflammation

  • Improved immune system

  • Better sleep

    • Reduced anxiety and stress

    • Improved cardiovascular function

    • Improved energy

      • Improved hormonal cycles

      • Reduced jet lag

      For those that are not willing or able to ground themselves consistently throughout the year, there are grounding products that can deliver the same effects indoors with the same benefits.

      Spring or filtered water

      It’s not news that water is very important to the proper function of many processes in the body, especially when you consider the body is made up of approximately 70 percent water.

      However, the type of water that is given to the body is of primary importance. Most water solutions are derived from the tap, which is full of toxic byproducts such as fluoride, chlorine, and VOCs. This is NOT the type of water that the body is going to use effectively in order to keep itself healthy.

      The purest, most beneficial water for true health is spring water. An approved source free of bacteria and other contaminants delivers unprecedented oxygen and minerals in a highly bioavailable format.

      If that is not an option, then filtered water that can be re-mineralized in the same type of fashion (a pinch of sea salt in filtered water may be the easiest solution) which will also provide the body with some benefits. Note that the most popular filtration systems have proven in testing that they are not good at filtering necessary toxins, but one that has proven itself in health circles is the Big Berkey Water System.

      Get the Big Berkey Water Filtration System
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