It’s normal to want to be healthy. It’s also completely normal to ignore those physical signs from your body that things are not normal, and pretend that everything is fine. Denial is often a way of coping with situations we are not yet ready to deal with. However, denial does nothing to heal the actual problem and it can eventually lead to very poor health and an untimely death. So to help you understand subtle signals that you are not healthy and likely are in some kind of danger, here are 10 visual signs you are not actually healthy…yet!

Digestive issues

One of the first tell-tale signs things are not so kosher in your body is signs of digestive problems. This is one of the most prominent and fundamental problems with people’s health today, and unless you have been labelled with a gastrointestinal disease, you probably are not recognizing it.

Subtle signs that your digestion is likely impaired include:

  • Less than one, well formed bowel movement a day (hard, watery, or chunky). More than 3 a day may also indicate an overactive bowel, which is a typically a sign of lurking problems.

  • Gas and/or bloating after meals

  • Lack of clarity (brain fog)

    • Arthritic conditions

    • Heartburn and indigestion

    • Itchy anus

      • Skin problems

      • Low energy after eating (feel like taking a nap or rest)

      Although many of these symptoms are considered “normal”, they are definitely indications that your digestive system is being compromised. WE get this completely straight, in the THRIVE Academy.

      Mood problems

      It appears that emotional outbursts, crankiness, and anger are common emotions that are completely healthy to have on a consistent basis (daily to a few times a week), according to those who have them. However, these chronic mood swings are definitely not a sign of good health.

      If this is something that you (and your loved ones) suffer from, then it is a solid indication that your hormonal balance is upset. If not remedied, this type of “normal” condition can lead to severe anxiety, depression, immune system dysfunction, and even cancer. The longer it persists, the greater likelihood of escalating problems.

      Chronic low energy

      It is very difficult to find someone who is consistently high energy. These “unicorns” have managed to avoid the toxins and malnourishment that plague society today, which in turn gives them their energy and upbeat attitude.

      Energy is one of the first things to go when your body starts to malfunction. Consider its slowing down to a computer running too many operations…there is simply not enough RAM (energy) to run the basic operations and provide you with additional energy as well. This is often due to much of your energy being directed to a burdened digestive system and liver, which leaves very little left over for you to enjoy at the physical and mental level.

      Ever notice when you get really tired you can’t think straight? Have you ever felt like sitting down, napping, or having a sleep after a meal? These are all signs that your eating habits and efficiency in which your body operates is seriously compromised. The end result is deteriorating energy levels.

      Another area of the body that is showing signs of wear and tear when your energy is low is your hormones. This is often rooted in adrenal and thyroid problems, your main energy producers in the body. Due to stress, burdensome amounts of radiation, and lack of nourishment, these hormones have taken a beating, and as a result, so has your energy.

      Oh, and if you need coffee on a day to day basis to keep your energy up, that is an even stronger sign your energy is pooched. If you can’t go without it, you know your energy tank is seriously depleted.

      The most effective way to beat chronic energy issues is to take the holistic approach because without a multifaceted attack, your chances of overcoming energy issues is near non-existent (because they are rooted in many different problems).

      Poor sleep quality

      The term “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” is often made in good humour, but the reality is that the longer you go without quality sleep, the more you will age internally and externally.

      People too often dismiss poor sleep quality as inconsequential. Certainly, parents with newborns or those with chronic pain know it can be difficult to get through the night without being woke up for extended periods of time. This is understandable, but if you want to maintain your health, both need to be addressed.

      However, if you don’t have either of those challenges and you find yourself waking up consistently in the middle of the night, or not being able to even go to sleep until the wee hours of the morning, chances are your rhythm is screwed up. This is a sign of hormonal imbalance, and it needs to be addressed in order to become healthy.

      Skin disorders

      There are several types of skin disorders people deal with on a daily basis, the most common being acne, eczema, and psoriasis. The result of all these can be brought on by different types of health conditions, but regardless of that, they are all signs of an imbalance.

      If you have chronic skin disorders, there are fundamental reasons behind it. It could be your hormones, digestive system, liver, or all of the above. It could be made worse with stress, and it may go away with topical creams.

      No matter how it looks or how it reacts to treatment, it is a sign of imbalances and quite possibly toxins, that can’t be processed and are now being pushed through your largest detoxification organ.


      Allergies are quite often identified as a problem that have no beneficial treatment, and are separated from all other health problems. In other words, allergies have nothing to do with your general health.

      Nothing could be further from the truth. Allergies are commonly identified as a problem related to the digestive system, immune system, and liver. Most often, if one is compromised, so are the rest and they all contribute to each others dysfunction. Where one falls down, the others have to pick up the slack. It often begins in the small intestine with some kind of infection that feeds off of certain food you eat which creates allergic reactions that trigger histamine release, which then causes symptoms like airway and skin issues.

      If you have allergies, it’s definitely a visual sign you are dealing with bigger health issues and are nowhere being truly healthy, yet. Sometimes they can be solved relatively easily, other times more work is required. Either way, once the problem is uprooted, the allergies will disappear.

      Aches, pains, and cramps

      The world has become so riddled with aches, pains, and cramps that it has been deemed completely normal. In a day and age where most people do little to no physical work, yet are often the worst off, its easy to see that these ailments are not typically due to overuse injuries.

      Any aches or pains are often a sign of toxicity and malnourishment (and most often, both). If both these problems were addressed, you would find less injuries in situations that may have a higher impact on the body, like heavy lifting or exercise. These types of injuries are often chalked up to aging, but that in and of itself is not the reason for aches and pains, otherwise anyone who is older would be relegated to this pain no mater what, and that is simply not the case for everyone. However, the older we get, the more opportunity there is to increase our toxic burden and nutrient deficiencies, which will ultimately lead to more aches and pains.

      Women also often deal with chronic cramping related to their cycles. This is not a “normal” part of the process and can be alleviated with proper hormonal balancing. If it is not, these imbalances can worsen and create further problems down the road. One thing to strongly consider if you deal with these monthly cramps is that you may have excess estrogen levels (or estrogen dominance) that was precipitated by man-made estrogen mimicking molecules called xenoestrogens. To learn more about excess estrogen and how to protect yourself from it, read this article.

      Brittle hair and nails

      If you are suffering from brittle hair and nails, it’s most likely not the weather but a sign that some fundamental deficiencies exits that would normally keep these parts of your body in good health.

      Some typical reasons for poor hair and nail health is an under-active thyroid, lack of certain vitamins and minerals, dehydration, or inadequate protein uptake. One very important nutrient for hair and nails is silica, but chances are it’s not the only thing missing if you are experiencing dry brittle hair and poor nail health.

      Fluctuating body temperature

      You’re hot. You’re cold. You can’t seem to maintain a proper body temperature, and the furnace is constantly being adjusted due to your roller coaster hot flashes and chills.

      If you are over heating, chances are you have a low grade infection or a hormonal balance at the root. If you are constantly cold, you most likely have a thyroid problem, which helps regulate your metabolism and heat production.

      People often joke about their hot flashes or chills, and don’t think much of it. However, it is always a sign of other challenges that need to be addressed in order to be healthy. If it is a thyroid problem, it will tend to persist unless you take a very focused, natural approach that covers all the necessary areas that dictate thyroid health.

      Body odour

      We all get body odour on a daily basis, regardless of what we are doing, right? Turn out, that is not the truth. Although body odour may be more easily produced in certain situations, its generally not a sign of good health.

      Body odour can be the result of a few things, but bacteria is at the root of it. Sweat is odourless in and of itself – it is the bacteria on your skin or being released that feed on this sweat, which creates the smell known as body odour.

      Foods you eat can cause different types of body odour, such as red meat, seafood, garlic, onions, and cabbage. However, the real issue with body odour usually stems from a bacterial or fungal problem, which makes it much worse. If you are clean, body odour ceases to become an issue, and deodorant is rarely needed (as long as you practice basic daily hygiene).

      There is a certain awareness that needs to be present when becoming healthy. This intuition needs to be developed to truly understand your health and recognize signs and symptoms of degrading health. Failure to acknowledge or recognize these symptoms as signs of dysfunction is dangerous, and puts your health in a precarious situation.

      You will know when you get truly healthy. It will feature restful sleep, high consistent energy, balanced moods, beautiful skin, hair, and nails, relaxed muscles and joints, a clean smell, and a regulated body temperature. You will also crave healthy food, like vegetables, and be turned off by highly processed products full of sugar, flour, and nutrient deficient ingredients.

      I know how this process goes…I’ve been on the unhealthy side of the equation, and had ALL these visual signs that were showing me I was not healthy. Fortunately I found the answers over a period of five years of intensive research and experimentation, and I now enjoy excellent health.

      If you don’t want to fool around and want the most dominant plan for restoring health in all of these areas through nutrition, supplementation, toxin removal, digestive restoration, hormonal balancing, exercise, and more check out the THRIVE Academy.

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