I’m not really into doomsday predictions, but once in a while the current reality and trends have to be seen for what they are in the health industry – and both are downright scary. For anyone paying attention, despite “better” technology, billions of dollars invested, and a serious God-like complex, the conventional health care system is doing a deplorable job at helping citizens maintain a reasonable level of health.

As noted in Hospitals – Why It Is More Important Than Ever To Steer Clear Of Them:

“Conventional medical care is expensive, dangerous, and not natural. If you live in the U.S., you have the most expensive health care in the world, and unfortunately, it also ranks dead last in quality of care among industrialized countries. In fact, the U.S. spends more money than the 10 biggest spenders combined! In simple terms, the U.S. medical system is extremely bloated and about to explode.

If that is not insulting enough, recent research reveals 210,000 lives are lost each year by preventable hospital errors! If you choose to include diagnostic errors, failure to follow proper guidelines, and omission errors, the number climbs to 440,000 preventable deaths each year! Turns out that these errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S., immediately after heart disease and cancer.”

The system is clearly not firing on all cylinders, and is completely inept at any treatments benefiting peoples health, outside of acute emergency services. However, the health care system is not the only reason there is doom and gloom in the air, as the conventional food industry (agricultural and food processing practices) also has its dirty hands in the melting pot of poor health. And the accomplice list doesn’t stop there.

Perhaps its too much for you to consider, or you haven’t even thought of these multiple toxic touch points that occur throughout the early years that set the stage for a final act of terror. If you don’t want it to get there, open up your eyes and ears, and listen in on what has been destroying our health, and how you can stop it so your children and grandchildren, have a reasonable chance at a healthy life.

The first act (pre-pregnancy)

The first stage is set up with the current state of health of the mother to be. This is usually vastly underestimated with the mother to be not understanding what true health looks like and the resources she needs to build up in order to foster a healthy pregnancy.

Rather than take a reasonable amount of time (at least 60 days) to cleanse and nourish her body to prepare it as a life-giving source, the status quo often stays in effect, which for most moms to be, is far from adequate to facilitate a healthy pregnancy.

Consider that most moms to be up to this point have been eating largely processed, non-organic, and GMO foods, have taken antibiotics and the birth control pill (both mediations), have been exposed to xenoestrogens (synthetic estrogens) and other endocrine disruptors, and have heavy metals in their system, and you’ll start to understand how this toxic soup is NOT an ideal time to foster another life inside your body. You’re playing genetic roulette.

It’s also important to understand that the guys don’t get off the hook here either. Although they may play a smaller role in that they don’t carry the child, they still need to ensure their health is in great shape, because the health of their sperm will have an impact (it’s the seed, after all).

The second act (pregnancy)

The second important stage is the actual pregnancy itself. Building on the typical scenario of pre-pregnancy, it is not uncommon that the aforementioned habits hold strong and sometimes can become a bit worse. I’ve heard many women say “I’m getting fat and uncomfortable, so I might as well enjoy my ice cream and snacks while it doesn’t show and no one cares”.

With no real abatement of the previous concerns, and momentum continuing to carry in an undesired direction, the developing fetus can quickly utilize the existing nutrients and pick up some toxic burden, which leaves it and the mother in a more fragile state.

Preferred action: Now’s the time to ensure you are on a largely organic diet and are eating for two, but reminding yourself that nutrient dense foods are the goal, not empty calorie increases. Now is NOT the time to detox – that should have been done in the pre-pregnancy stage.

The third act (birth to 6 years old)

During the birthing process, any number of things can happen and usually will. Unfortunately, if a conventional doctor is on the case, the odds of various drugs being used are high which threatens the mother and the newly born baby’s health. If a c-section is scheduled, the baby misses out on it’s first inoculation of friendly bacteria that it gets from the natural birthing process.

After everyone recovers (and sometimes before then), the baby typically receives its first round of vaccinations, riddled with toxic adjuvants that do nothing to increase the overall health of the baby, and sometimes, creates disastrous consequences. This continues on heavily until about age 6, where they can legitimately receive 40 vaccinations (doses) in a time where their delicate immune systems are being developed. This is over a four fold increase than what they would receive in the mid 1980s in the same time frame.

These increased rates have correlated with an epidemic rise of certain conditions that have occurred (often immediately after vaccinations), such as autism. This is not to say that they cause autism, but rather, they facilitate the development of neurological diseases due to the toxic adjuvants that can overwhelm the digestive system, liver, and brain in the very delicate early stages of life.

Unfortunately, tainted baby formulas often come into play for the first few years, and if habits aren’t changed, the young child is fed non-organic and nutrient scarce foods, which increases the momentum to other health issues down the road (if not already existing). Add in the dangers of baby products, and you get a 1-2 toxic punch.

This typical scenario has undoubtedly had led to many scary statistics, including that over a million children under the age of six are on psychiatric drugs in America.

Preferred action: A more natural childbirth and supportive process (doula and/or midwife present), doing extensive research on vaccinations (risks vs the benefits) vs natural immunity, breast feeding or using a natural baby formula that is very similar to mothers milk, and implementing more whole, organic, and nutritious foods into the child’s diet (this will positively affect future preferences).

The fourth act (6 to 18 years old)

During this stage, the child typically continues to eat processed and non-organic foods, and if they start cooking for themselves, a microwave is often utilized which completely destroys any nutrients that were in the food in the first place. Not only that, the vaccination schedule continues (up to 30 more doses), and it’s at this time that trips to the dentist often occur, with metal (part mercury) fillings are placed in the child’s mouth (a sign of an already acidic and mineral deficient state), which creates one of the most obnoxious toxic burdens today. These heavy metals are absorbed into the delicate tissues of the mouth and can travel into the intestinal system and become lodged in various places, including the brain. This can create more neurological, digestive, and liver concerns, which can often be the genesis of more serious disease later.

For the girls, this is often the period when birth control is also taken, which is a medication that will exacerbate any existing issues and increase the toxic load.

Preferred action: Educating yourself and your children on the importance of organic and whole foods, and making meals that are fun and delicious. If dental work is required, opt for fillings that do not contain any heavy metals. As for birth control, teach other ways of contraception, or have a good conversation about completely abstaining.

The final act (18 years old to adulthood)

If much of the above is in motion, anything added on that doesn’t facilitate recovery is going to continue the momentum to an early disease diagnosis. At this point, other unsavoury habits can kick in such as smoking (e-cigarettes are often worse) and excessive alcohol. Eventually, this will blow up in the individuals face with noticeable symptoms, pending how long the body can allocate resources to keep homeostasis.

Preferred action: Limit alcohol, and avoid smoking ANYTHING altogether. Now is a great time to consider a cleansing and nourishing diet and lifestyle.

Now, to be clear, these scenarios aren’t meant to scare you. The reality is, this is already the vast majority of experiences with children in the past couple decades. If this pace continues unabated, you are going to see more serious diseases happening much earlier with greater frequency. Essentially accelerating the path they are already on based on these phases of life not changing considerably.

Also, this is about awareness, and not judgement, as those of us who were never really educated on the subject only did what we know best. No mother or father wants to harm their children, but unfortunately, that premise doesn’t magically overwrite the scenarios above. We need to be smart, use common sense, and understand that there is a dangerous trend in full effect and we can’t continue to do the same things and expect it to change. For it to change, we need to change how we approach our health, and our children health in the early stages of life.

If you’re about to have children, you’re in an empowering spot to adopt changes and create a pure and friendly environment in which your baby can grow, so he or she doesn’t end up a statistic. As reported by EWG, “In a study spearheaded by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) in collaboration with Commonweal, researchers at two major laboratories found an average of 200 industrial chemicals and pollutants in umbilical cord blood from 10 babies born in August and September of 2004 in U.S. hospitals“. This is proof positive, that many babies today are dealing with a significant body burden, right out of the womb. This is why the pre-pregnancy and pregnancy stages are so vitally important to do well.

If you already have children, now is the time to start considering a switch to a more cleansing and nourishing lifestyle, to help eliminate any toxic burden they have already accumulated, and increase nutrients that may be deficient. Nothing is written in stone, the body can heal and recover, provided you give it the right tools to do so.

So, what do you say? Is it time to recognize this trend, turn it on its head, and facilitate a powerful and healthy new generation? I say it’s long overdue, and I’m on board and have been doing my part on my end for over 10 years, due to being fortunate enough to have this information before my first child was born.

In any scenario, I wish you all the best to you and your children’s (and grandchildren’s) health.

Sources include:

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