Due to the current popularity of essential oils and large selection of these plant based extracts, it can become difficult to choose which one to start with that can provide the most benefits. With so many amazing scents and healing properties, it’s easy to get carried away with your essential oil collection.

However, if you were to keep one essential oil around for daily use, it would no doubt be lavender. It is the most used essential oil in the world today, and once you discover the key functions it optimizes, you’ll know exactly why lavender is the most important essential oil to have right now.

Why lavender is so important right now

There is no shortage of toxic insults to the body and brain today. From terrible food choices to stress inducing world events, our digestion, immunity, liver, brain, and hormones are stressed to the max. They are crying for a break (and so are you) from the current reality so they can get some much needed rest and rejuvenate their functional capacity.

No, Calgon is not the best remedy for this situation. This is where lavender oil comes into the picture.

With it’s beautiful fragrance and skin-friendly application, lavender can be used in a variety of ways to support your health. Some of the most popular benefits of lavender include:

  • Relieves stress and promotes relaxation

  • Supports healthy brain function

  • Promotes deeper sleep

    • Freshens and purifies the air

    • Supports normal respiration

    • Supports a healthy nervous system

      • Soothes and revitalizes skin

      • Reduces muscle soreness

      • Supports the immune system

      • Has a high antioxidant value

      In a society that is chronically stressed, lacking sleep, fighting sickness, and dealing with constant indoor and outdoor pollutants, doesn’t the smell of lavender and these health benefits sound like a dream come true?

      There are no shortage of ways to introduce this health optimizing oil into your daily life. Add some drops to purified water and make a purifying mist for select areas of your home. Put it in your bath with some bath salts and excite your sense of smell while absorbing the therapeutic benefits of the oil. Cold diffuse it in your bedroom to facilitate a more restful sleep. Add it to your laundry washer (great for towels), or use it to clean the kitchen counters and sinks.

      If you do choose to make a mist, use it in your bath, cold diffuse it, or use it for cleaning, check out the Health Ranger’s 100% Organic Lavender Essential Oil.

      If you prefer to massage this amazing oil into your body for the same benefits and to leave your skin looking amazing (while purifying it), try the Oxygen-Infused Lavender Body Oil. You might want to convince your massage therapist or significant other to rub it on for you!

      However you decide to use lavender, know that it will help refresh, uplift, and calm your mind while offering your immune system increased support during the cooler seasons. Those reasons alone, make lavender one of the most important essential oils you can use right now.

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