Have you went gluten-free, dairy-free, or sugar-free? Listen up…

First of all, eliminating these foods or ingredients is generally a good idea. Most of them will promote inflammation (especially when conventional) because they will feed displaced bacteria (such as in the small intestine), poorly assimilate (which causes rotting and feeding of opportunistic microorganisms). and cause all hell to break loose if you have candida overgrowth or leaky gut.


They are RARELY the saviours or the remedy to digestive, autoimmune, and other health issues.

Food elimination has become a BIG thing, and that’s not a bad thing. You definitely want to remove any foods that are going to cause an allergic reaction in your body.

BUT…(there it is again)

What are you doing about actually removing, replacing, reinoculating, and regenerating your digestive system?

Food elimination is part of removal, but so is introducing antimicrobials (properly – not taking oregano oil regularly), and colonics.

Replacing is introducing nutrients that rebuild digestive infrastructure, so foods can be broken down effectively through ALL the stages of digestion.

Reinoculating depends largely on prebiotics and probiotics. Taking a probiotic supplement alone ISN’T going to cut the mustard.

Regenerating is about building up the damaged GI mucosa, through glutamine rich foods, antioxidants, natural anti-inflammatories, and coconut kefir.

Repairing the gut takes this full on approach, with plenty of details in between on how to do it. The elimination of a few villainous nutrients and foods isn’t going to create the kind of healing someone needs to get back their digestive and overall health.

And if you don’t take this approach, the struggle WILL go on. Forever. Nothing is going to change in your favour until you tackle these 4 areas effectively.

If I have to be the bad guy, in order to get you to get this, I will take that fall.

BUT…(ok, last time, I promise)

I’m only telling you the TRUTH and from experience I can tell you that the simple food elimination practice is not going to HEAL your gut, on it’s own. Especially if it has become a systemic issue like leaky gut, which requires you to get those 4 areas really ironed out.

I worked hard on all those areas for 5 years…just to get my gut back to somewhat normal. Another 5 and it was in tip top shape.

But I was like most people…guessing, taking myopic advice, and experimenting with endless setbacks. I did what I knew to do, just like everyone else does.


When you know better, you can do better. A lot better. What took me 5 years could take you 5 weeks. This is what happens when you get the right information, right motivation, and right support in place from the start.

It all begins inside the THRIVE Academy.

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Derek Henry

Derek Henry, Founder of Healing the Body and the THRIVE Academy, used nutrition, supplementation, and a holistic lifestyle to naturally unravel 13 chronic disease conditions that conventional or alternative medical professionals couldn't help him resolve. As a result of this one-in-a-million health transformation and the knowledge acquired in the process, he now educates, coaches, and inspires others to transform their health through a natural and holistic approach. Since 2014, he has helped his THRIVE Academy participants heal over 20 different chronic disease conditions, primarily related to digestive and autoimmune concerns.

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