People are sick, and so much so that common conditions like allergies, gastrointestinal problems, frequent headaches, and low levels of energy are considered ‘normal’ and not a sign of sickness. To have disease so widespread in so many areas of the world, you have to wonder what common threads are deteriorating peoples health on such a massive scale. Well, here are 14 answers to the often asked question “why am I always sick?”

Heavy Metals

You wouldn’t think that heavy metals like arsenic, lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium, and nickel would be a major concern across the board for people across the world, but some very widespread habits and environmental exposure has left us with acute to chronic heavy metal exposure, which is causing a serious smack down on our health. Where could you expect to get heavy metal poisoning over a lifetime?

Mercury, Aluminum, Nickel, and Cadmium

One of the more dangerous heavy metals, unfortunately, is also one we have the most chronic exposure to over our lifetimes. Although it can be absorbed by the body in a variety of ways, mercury poisoning has become chronic due to a massive assault of vaccines from birth through to adulthood, as well as dental amalgams. Both procedures involve putting trace (but toxic) levels of mercury directly into your bloodstream via injections and your mouth.

There is very few people who have NOT been exposed to vaccines and dental amalgams, which means unless very specific and coordinated action is taken to remove them, heavy metals have accumulated in the body to varying levels and are causing various health challenges to millions of people across the world.

If you have been exposed to vaccinations and/or dental amalgams (and if they are still in your mouth, it is a constant source of toxicity), you can be relatively sure you have heavy metal toxicity. Your first step is to ensure you remove any of these heavy metals from your lifestyle, including:

  • Avoiding vaccinations and dental fillings which use mercury or aluminium. Use immune boosting foods and herbs instead, as well as considering healing your cavities naturally or using a dentist with safer practices for dental cavities.

  • Using cookware that does NOT contain aluminum or nickel. Try glass, titanium, enamel, cast iron, or carbon steel instead.

  • Avoid stainless steel thermoses, and anything in a soda can.

    • Avoid cosmetics with aluminum bases and bismuth, like deodorant and mineral powders.

    • Avoid smoking or second hand smoke which causes cadmium poisoning.

    • Avoid conventional household cleaning products.

      • Avoid insecticides and herbicides, through food and environment

      • Avoid industrial workplaces, or take precautions to not inhale the polluted air.

      • Beware of tattoo ink that often contains nickel.

      This is the short list, but the major areas in which most people get heavy metal poisoning.

      Arsenic and Lead

      Believe it or not, arsenic poisoning is most commonly received from the consumption of conventionally raised chicken, and rice. Arsenic has been fed to conventionally raised chickens since 1944 in order to promote growth, size consistency, and to make the flesh an appealing shade of pink. It is estimated that 9 out of 10 broiler chickens in the United States has been fed arsenic according to a 2011 industry estimate.

      How high are the levels?

      According to the USDA’s Food Safety Inspection Service, there are alarmingly high levels of arsenic contamination in the flesh of broiler chickens, which exceeds the upper limit for arsenic in water by 6-9 times.

      Lead, a heavy metal found mainly in paints ranging from household paint to childhood toys, is another dangerous heavy metal, especially to children with hand to mouth behaviours. In 1978, the United States restricted lead content in paint after determining that people were being poisoned by environmental exposure to the element. This makes any homes built before 1978 especially dangerous for environmental exposure.

      Unfortunately, most children toys are manufactured in countries with little to no regulations on lead in consumer products. This is especially dangerous, especially given the oral nature of infants and toddlers who play with the types of toys that contain paint.

      So what do you do to avoid arsenic, and lead? For starters:

      • Avoid consuming conventionally raised chicken, and seek out organic, free run raised poultry.

      • Avoid buying toys made in other countries that have paint, and choose alternatives like unpainted wood toys instead.

      • If you live in a home built prior to 1978, get an environmental test done to determine the levels of lead in the environment.

      With all these heavy metals so prevalent in our day to day activities, it becomes very concerning for peoples health. Some of the overall symptoms related to heavy metal poisoning include:

      • Chronic fatigue

      • Aching joints

      • Depression

        • Digestive problems

        • Poor blood sugar regulation

        • Female reproductive problems

        More acute symptoms may present themselves as:

        • Convulsions

        • Nausea

        • Headache

          • Impaired cognitive, motor, and language skills

          • Vomiting

          • Sweating

          • Difficulty breathing

          Heavy metals are a major reason many people are always sick. This is why heavy metal removal becomes imperative, but in a way that is safe.


          Although they have been considered the panacea to most of our ills, antibiotics severely sacrifice our immune system and have been overprescribed by physicians for decades. As a result, symptoms of dysfunctional immune system are near omnipresent, with hospital antibiotic intake being a huge contributor.

          Anytime you take doctor prescribed antibiotics, you are effectively wiping out bad AND good bacteria in your intestinal system. In some ways, it can be viewed as collateral damage because even though you did get rid of those bad bacteria (even though they are becoming more resistant and even antibiotics are experiencing limited effectiveness), you also took down the very bacteria that are the foundation to a strong immune system.

          One round of antibiotics can decimate an already compromised digestive and immune system, and with many people having been exposed to several rounds, it becomes very apparent why digestive related issues (80% of all problems start in the gut) like candida rear their ugly heads and take over.

          Once this occurs, you become very vulnerable to infections and all kinds of sickness (coughs, colds, flus, sore throats, allergies, digestive problems, autoimmune disorders) as your immune system has little to no strength to fight on your behalf.

          So what do you do to avoid antibiotics? You use a wide arrays of natures antibiotics, like these.

          If you prefer to prevent such an episode altogether, ensure that you:

          • Eat antibacterial, viral, and fungal foods on a consistent basis.

          • Avoid all forms of processed sugar, and limit your intake altogether.

          • Consume probiotic rich foods, like coconut kefir and sauerkraut.

            • Get plenty of rest.

            This will ensure that you are not a victim of always being sick. Once you have established a healthy immune system, any infection you may come down with will be knocked out by your immune system MUCH more effectively.

            Prescription Drugs

            Prescription drugs are a topic of hot debate. On one hand people argue they allow them to lead a better quality of life, and on the other hand, the side effects are so numerous and often so sinister that people don’t realize how sick it is really making them. However, most people appear to be willing to take the trade off from the serious potential side effects and long term risks, for some current relief.

            It all starts of innocently enough, but once you get on one prescription, more often follow, and the combination of them increases the danger and the toxicity. In the end, if they don’t severely hurt you in the short term, they will certainly cause serious liver damage over the long term.

            So what kind of sickness could you possibly expect from taking prescription drugs? Well, the list could fill an entire article. Let’s examine two more commonly known drugs, and look at their side effects.

            • Ritalin has had reported side effects such as anxiety, fatigue, hypertension, tremors, chest discomfort, nausea, panic attacks, cardiac murmurs, aggression, suicide attempts and completed suicides.

            • Order Zoloft online has been shown to cause cerebral disorders, upper respiratory tract infections, sleep disorders, vertigo, hallucinations, psychomotor hyperactivity and suicidal ideation.

            If you ever spent any time actually listening to a prescription drug commercial, and all the side effects listed, it should scare you out of your wits. However, the fear of further pain or dysfunction with no other answers seems to override the concern of these documented side effects. One thing is for certain, you can never obtain real health and avoid sickness as long as you are on prescription drugs. It will be the root of many of your day to day health challenges, and will essentially keep you sick for the rest of your life.

            If you are one of the few who are serious about living a healthier lifestyle and weaning off your medication, then check out the THRIVE Academy.

            Root Canals

            Not a procedure that would lead many to believe that it could compromise their immune system and make infections and sickness a constant threat, but research is coming to the forefront and the correlation between root canals and serious sickness is something that can no longer be ignored.

            The work of Weston Price, D.D.S., appears to offer very strong evidence that the immune system is suppressed when there is a presence of teeth that have been subject to a root canal. This work was empirically supported by a cancer doctor who stated that as many as 90% of his cancer patients have root canals when they come for treatment. This doctor also stated that he has not experienced a single recovery from cancer in patients who have preserved their teeth that have been subject to root canals.

            To understand the reasons, we need to realize that bacteria in the root canalled teeth act much like cancer cells that metastasize to other part of the body. As they are absorbed and migrate through our system, they infect the heart, kidneys, joints, nervous system, brain and eyes. Once this occurs, all kinds of immune system problems present themselves, the scariest for most people being cancer.

            How do you avoid root canals?

            Quite simply, you keep your digestive system and teeth in good shape through a highly mineralized diet that emphasizes a clean immune system. If you do see a cavity forming, consider healing them naturally to avoid any further dental procedures like root canals. Do simple proactive things like using an effective tooth and gum formula which keeps the overall bad bacteria in your mouth at low levels.

            If you have already had a root canal done, consider a holistic dentist who can extract it effectively, and if you have any mercury fillings, you can also consider getting them removed as well (at the counsel of your dentist and other medical personnel). This will make an incredible difference in keeping you from always being sick.

            Not Grounded

            Earthing, also known as grounding, is a simple technique of connecting to the earth’s electrical energy by putting bare skin in direct contact with the surface of the earth (barefoot in grass, sand, dirt, or any other body part coming into contact with the earth) in order to absorb its significant healing properties.

            Clinton Ober, a recognized pioneer in this concept, knew that the earth is made up of negatively charged ions, which have the ability to reduce positive charges, like those of free radicals. When free radicals circulate in our body looking for electrons in order to be complete, and find them, they become neutralized and no longer contribute to inflammation to the body. With a world so positively charged, and people losing their connection to the earth primarily by blocking it through rubber or plastic soled foot ware, we have lost our balance in our body’s electrical activity. This creates all kinds of sickness, including:

            • Poor sleep

            • Inflammation

            • Compromised immune function

              • Anxiety and stress

              • Gastrointestinal issues

              • Impaired cardiovascular function

                • Decreased energy levels

                • Slow healing for injuries

                • Jet lag

                So how do you get back in connection with the Earth, aside being barefoot (or bare handed) in the grass, sand, or soil?

                You use earthing technology that grounds you by proxy through various items like sandals, bed sheets, pads, car seat covers, and other grounding mats. You may be remarkably surprised how much better you feel through this simple act alone, even though it is only one answer to your question, “why am I always sick?”


                Living in a world of continually tilled soils that are treated with various chemicals, our food supply has become degraded to the point that a lot of our food has up to 50% less nutrients than it did 50 years ago. This compromised soil, which has been largely stripped of crucial vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and beneficial bacteria, can no longer supply us with the nutrients our body requires in order to function properly and be free of disease.

                When the body becomes nutrient deficient, simple processes become difficult and some shut down altogether creating glitches and stagnancy that has a direct effect on how you feel and operate on a daily basis. Many of people’s health problems originate in a simple nutrient deficiency, and if they understood which ones they were missing, they could undertake therapeutic dosages through specific foods and supplementation in order to bring it relatively quickly up to speed.

                It’s amazing how easily someone can avoid being sick and start to feel better through the simple identification of largely absent nutrients and replacing them through specific food and supplementation protocols.

                So how do you avoid malnourishment?

                • Eat nutrient dense, organic foods as much as possible, with a focus on vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, enzymes, probiotics, clean protein, and other health promoting nutrients.

                • Consider super foods and formulas that can provide you with many of those nutrients, without spending hours in the kitchen.

                • Consider these top 5 healing foods as part of your eating arsenal.

                  • Get in the sun for 15-30 mins a day, arms and legs exposed, with no sunscreen to get adequate amounts of vitamin D. For those seasons when this is not possible, consider a good vitamin D supplement.

                  Processed Foods (Man-made)

                  An obvious culprit on why you are sick, processed foods have become synonymous with unhealthy. Yet, we still chow down on them. What’s the deal?

                  Processed foods have been made in a way that excites your senses and literally causes an addiction that is hard to break. Dangerous additives and preservatives such as hydrogenated oils, nitrites, and MSG are placed into these process foods to ‘improve’ their taste and aesthetics (pink meat looks so much prettier than brown meat), but unfortunately, they cause serious damage to our intestinal and cardiovascular systems.

                  An even more sultry reason for people to choose processed foods is convenience. With everything tied up in a neat little package, ready to store for decades or simply shove into the microwave, it fits the bill for many people and families who have no time (or choose not to make the time) to make a from scratch meal in their own kitchen.

                  So what are some side effects of eating processed foods?

                  • Obesity

                  • Chronic inflammation

                  • Ruined digestion

                    • Damages your organs

                    • Creates unhealthy addictions

                    In addition to those issues, one also has to understand that processed foods are riddled with GMO’s. Ingredients like corn, soy, canola, and sugar have been inserted into virtually all processed foods and are all largely genetically modified. GMO’s has sparked one of the biggest debates of all time over our food, and for good reason. Concerned consumers wanted their food labeled so they could see if it contained GMO’s, but a recent proposition passed in favour of NOT labelling these foods, in large part thanks to corporate interests with deep pockets who regularly use GMO ingredients.

                    So how do we avoid processed foods and GMO’s?

                    Its quite simply actually…limit any foods outside the produce aisle, and if you do shop in there, know how to identify GMO’s and where they sneak into your food, as well as understanding some of the toxic ingredients you need to avoid if you do shop in the processed food aisle.


                    Probably the most criticized component of our diet, sugar deserves much of the bad rap it has created. It is single handedly creating more issues for the populations health than any other factor alone.

                    The issue with eliminating sugar is that it is highly addictive, shows up in many foods you may never consider, and is largely GMO. Not only that, but you have several forms and kinds of sugar that will feed existing intestinal issues and keep you sick, including:

                    • Sucrose (table sugar)

                    • Glucose (found in white bread)

                    • Fructose (fruit sugar)

                      • Lactose (milk sugar)

                      • Maltose (malt sugar)

                      • Maple Syrup

                        • Corn Syrup (including HFCS)

                        • Agave

                        • Brown Rice Syrup

                          • Cane Sugar

                          • Maltodextrin

                          • Honey (often pasteurized)

                            • Brown Sugar

                            • Date Sugar

                            • Sugar alcohols (sorbitol, erythritol)

                            So although soda and candy gets the most heat (and likely well deserved), there are several other sugars infiltrating the diet that are as large as contributors to this growing sugar addiction and health epidemic. This is before we even go down the dark path of artificial sweeteners (aspartame, splenda or sucralose) which have essentially ‘one-upped’ regular sugar in terms of toxicity to the human body.

                            But what is the real problem with sugar, and why is it so demonized by the health industry? Well, let me count the ways:

                            • Feeds Candida, which results in uncontrolled growth of yeast infections and results in serious digestive issues, which in turn creates a host of other problems

                            • Can decrease growth hormone (which keeps us looking young)

                            • Feeds cancer

                              • Can cause hyperactivity, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, and crankiness in children

                              • Contributes to diabetes

                              • Promotes obesity

                                • Causes food allergies

                                • Contributes to osteoporosis

                                • Can impair structure of DNA

                                  • Interferes with absorption of protein

                                  • Causes cardiovascular disease

                                  • Contributes to eczema in children

                                    • Reduces immune system defines against bacterial infection

                                    • Can weaken eyesight

                                    • Increases cholesterol

                                    So what do you do to reduce your sugar consumption, and make better choices when you do, besides exercising your will power?

                                    Start using stevia in places that you would ordinarily use sugar. If you like to bake, try a less damaging sweetener like coconut sugar which is richer in nutrients and lower on the glycemic index. If you are a soda fanatic, try something like Zevia instead.

                                    To see if you have one of the more sinister conditions that sugar feeds, click here.

                                    Eliminating sugar is a complicated matter since it is literally everywhere. It takes some discipline, awareness, and tricks (to satisfy your sweet tooth) to reduce its addictive hold.

                                    Treated Water

                                    Water is essential to life. It has been on the planet for billions of years and comprises about 75% of our body. It’s no wonder why water is so important to our general health.

                                    However, being so old our water is bound to have contaminants. In order to prevent the public water from being tainted with these bacteria, the public water system was treated in order to kill off those contaminants, and render it safe for public consumption.

                                    Unfortunately, these safety measures have arguably caused far more problems than they have prevented. These chemicals, in addition to other VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) like herbicides and pesticides that are not removed as a result of this process, have caused systemic issues with people’s health across the world.

                                    So far, over 2100 toxic chemicals have been detected in America’s water system, with fluoride, chlorine, and VOC’s being some of the main suspects. There has been several studies show that fluoride actually has no beneficial effect on our teeth and bones, like we were led to believe. In actuality, fluoride:

                                    • Increases cavities and bone fractures

                                    • Creates behavioral problems and increases cancer death rates

                                    • Bio-accumulates in your tissues and is often stored in the brain and thyroid which can cause fatigue, weakness, and lowering of IQ.

                                    As for chlorine, there has been an observed rise of allergies in connection with adding chlorine to the water supply. Last but not least, with industrial farming practices, VOC’s have also managed to leech into the public water supply, and have created another layer to water contamination.

                                    Our water is especially important because not only do we use it to drink, but we also use it for hygiene purposes. Showering or bathing every day can be as dangerous (and some would argue more) when it is treated water because those chemical compounds are absorbed directly by the skin, which allows it to bypass the typical detoxification organs such as the liver. This allows for a more accumulative effect in the body.

                                    How do you eliminate treated waters so you can avoid being always sick?

                                    Quite simply, you buy a filtration system that removes these harmful components for your drinking water and your bath. An even better solution for drinking is finding an approved spring so you can get your water in its natural state, and its loaded with minerals and oxygen.

                                    Try the Big Berkey Water Filtration System


                                    Perhaps one of the most common impurities we have in our systems today are xenoestrogens, or man made estrogen mimicking molecules.

                                    Xenoestrogens are found in a number of places but are most common in plastic containers, lining of canned food, styrofoam cups and containers, cosmetics and toiletries, and agricultural chemicals.

                                    Other hormone disruptors that are largely consumed on a daily basis include unfermented soy products, and animal protein that has been injected with growth hormones. These chemicals and disruptors cause imbalances in the delicate hormonal balance which leads directly to several hormone related problems, including:

                                    • Poor sleep

                                    • Poor energy

                                    • Raised stress and anxiety levels

                                      • Weight gain and weight loss

                                      • Dry skin, hair, and nails (and thinning)

                                      • Poor libido

                                      • Poor concentration

                                      Some good food based choices you may want to incorporate to help balance your hormones include avocado, bee pollen, aloe vera, yams, maca, and kelp. It is important to note that your hormones can not be properly balanced until you effectively remove these xenoestrogens that are causing many of these issues. A very specific approach is required for hormonal balance due to its delicate structure and intertwined roles which affect one another.

                                      Improper Sleep

                                      Too many people write off the importance of a restful sleep. However, if they knew the issues bad sleep causes and how it ages them dramatically, they may change that mindset. A restful sleep is one of the most healing activities you can engage in as it allows the body to focus all its energy on regeneration and healing. Sleep ensures that your body is given an opportunity to ‘reboot’ and cleanse itself of any impurities we may have encountered during the day.

                                      However, many of us are experiencing poor to terrible sleep for number of reasons, not limited to but including the following:

                                      • Staying up past 11 p.m., and often not going to bed until the early hours of the morning (between 1 and 2 a.m.), completely disrupting their circadian rhythm and optimum resting period. Even more complicating, working night shifts for extended period of time and completely disrupting the normal ‘wake’ and ‘sleep’ cycle, which leads to a number of health issues.

                                      • Exposing ourselves to the harmful frequencies of EMF’s through power outlets, digital alarm clocks, electronics, phones, etc. This disrupts the gentle frequency of a restful sleep.

                                      • Failure to relax the mind and muscles. Obsessive thoughts and contracted muscles make it very difficult to get a good nights sleep.

                                      • Poor melatonin production. This declines as we age, but improper exposure to the suns rays, disobeying the natural wake-sleep cycle, and poor diet hampers our ability to produce this beneficial hormone. Take a precursor formula to help with it’s production.

                                      • Eating before bed. This includes significant snacks or meals within 3 hours before bed time that are not easy to digest.

                                      How do we start to get a better sleep? It can be a somewhat complicated process since it does involve the delicate hormonal system, but some general recommendations include:

                                      • Get to bed before 11 p.m.

                                      • Eliminate EMF’s from your bedroom, and/or get grounded.

                                      • Relax your muscles and mind.

                                        • Optimize melatonin production.

                                        • Avoid eating anything significant before bed.

                                        For more details on each of these recommendations, check out How to Get A Deep Sleep.


                                        A commonly held notion by those with an opinion on health seems to be that all your answers reside in just becoming a bit more active. That somehow, if you walk, jog, or workout more that sickness will be less prevalent. Although that theory does have some relevance, it does not hold the weight that most people place upon it due to some other more important factors.

                                        However, inactivity is another major component to sickness. Not necessarily because it contributes to obesity, but more because it contributes to stagnation. Flow is required in order to keep your muscles, organs, muscles, tendons, and tissues flooded with nutrients in all areas of the body.

                                        How do extended periods of inactivity affect the body?

                                        • Promotes obesity

                                        • Increases mental decline

                                        • Increases undue anxiety, stress, and depression

                                          • Increases risk of cardiovascular disease

                                          • Reduced flow, contributing to lymph problems

                                          • Slows down key detoxification pathways

                                            • Reduces blood flow to key areas of the body which facilitates disease

                                            Now, this doesn’t mean you need to work out 6 days a week for 45 mins a day of intense exercise. However, it is important that you move your body on a daily basis in a way that increases your heart rate and blood flow. Some great exercises include:

                                            • Brisk walking

                                            • Jogging

                                            • Swimming

                                              • Rebounding

                                              • Yoga

                                              • Weight training

                                              To learn more about the benefits of some of these activities, check out our healing exercises.

                                              Air Quality

                                              One area that we have much less control over is toxins in our air supply. Save moving to a pristine location where little to no contamination occurs, we have to deal with varying levels of air pollution.

                                              The main culprits for toxins in the air are factories, automobiles and heavy equipment, pesticide and herbicide spraying, and chem trails. Added to that we now have the radiation from Fukushima to deal with as well, which mainly affects those on the western coast of USA and Canada.

                                              Since the industrialization period, factories of all types have popped up and created excessive amounts of CO (carbon monoxide) by spewing various chemicals from smoke stacks of factories all across the world. There is plenty of research to prove these chemicals are very harmful to our health.

                                              Automobiles were once considered a privilege, but have since become a mainstay in every driveway in North America. As a result of our reliance on this mode of transportation, we have chugged even more amounts of CO and other contaminants into the sky for our respiratory systems to deal with.

                                              In addition to automobiles, we have seen a dramatic increase in heavy equipment mainly through the farming, energy, and construction industries. In the past 20 years this type of machinery has become much more prevalent, and is capable of emitting all kinds of toxins including pesticides and herbicides.

                                              Lastly, a lesser-known activity but ominously present is what is known as ‘chem trails’. In what many consider an environmental and social experiment, chem trails are chemicals unloaded from various aircraft into the atmosphere to supposedly control the weather patterns. As a result, these aluminum and chemical filled trails have sterilized various plant and water sources and are creating effects not yet fully realized.

                                              To learn more about chem trails, watch What In the World Are They Spraying?

                                              To avoid these noxious chemicals, stay out of heavy populated areas that are teeming with vehicles and factories as much as you can, and choose to spend more time in more pristine environments like the mountains, ocean side, or more heavily treed areas.

                                              Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF’s)

                                              Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF’s) have been debated for quite some time, and studies are coming in that are connecting all types of disease to over exposure of EMF’s. EMF’s are a positive frequency, and are found in power lines, home wiring, airports, computers, cell phones, appliances, electronics, vehicle dashes, and more. This dominant exposure has been connected to health challenges that include but are not limited to:

                                              • Brain tumours

                                              • Birth defects

                                              • Nausea

                                                • Headaches

                                                • Cancer

                                                • Fatigue

                                                  • Chest pain

                                                  • Forgetfulness

                                                  So how do we offset these harmful frequencies? Quite simply, we ground ourselves. The only difficulty with this practice is that very few have the option to properly ground themselves due to factors like their living quarters, work environment, day-to-day travel choices, and creature comforts. However, once you do decide to start consistently grounding yourself on a daily basis you may find you have more energy, less pain, clearer thoughts, and less headaches.

                                                  If this inspires you to look into it closer and find a way to make it work, look into these various grounding items and devices.


                                                  Although nourishment and toxicity will have a dramatic effect on your ability to have a healthy mindset, there are often other factors that directly affect how you think, which in turn has a correlating affect on your health.

                                                  Stress is a major issue in society today. In a time with more conveniences and comfier living, we seem to have complicated our lives to a point that undue stress is a constant condition. This chronic negative mindset causes acidity and misalignment from our true natures, and creates the very conditions and circumstances that we are trying to avoid.

                                                  There is something definitely to be said for a healthy and positive attitude being a mainstay in your life, as it has a dramatic affect on your immune system and your ability to be healthy. Have you ever seen someone under undue anxiety or stress be completely healthy? It’s not possible.

                                                  What conditions can be brought on by chronic stress?

                                                  • Obesity

                                                  • Autoimmune diseases

                                                  • Skin conditions

                                                    • Heart disease

                                                    • Digestive problems

                                                    • Sleep problems

                                                      • General body pain

                                                      So how do you avoid getting trapped into a negative mindset?

                                                      • Practice perspective

                                                      • Engage in gratitude

                                                      • Meditate

                                                        • Be appreciative

                                                        • Consider foods, herbs, and nutrients that alleviate anxiety and depression such as kefir, fermented vegetables, medicinal mushrooms, chamomile, passion flower, lemon balm, valerian, and magnesium

                                                        • Look into essential oils and aromatherapy

                                                          • Exercise

                                                          It’s not fun to point out all those things that make us sick, but if you have no knowledge of them, your continued pain and suffering will strip any fun out of your day to day life. When you learn how to THRIVE, you’ll learn how to live a healthy and happy life, free of disease.

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