Urinary tract infections are extremely common, to the point that 1 in 2 women can expect to have at least one in their lifetime. Unfortunately, once you have had one and if the root issue was not cleared up properly, your odds of repeat infections goes up significantly.  For anyone who has had a urinary tract infection (bladder being the most common), you know that this is not something you want to frequently experience.

However, a little understanding of what causes these infections, the symptoms that indicate there is an issue, and how to eliminate it effectively will make your life much easier. I’ll go that extra mile and also help protect you from having another one ever again, for good measure.

Causes of urinary tract infections

A urinary tract infection (UTI) is caused almost exclusively by bacteria that travel to the bladder from the urethra. This bacteria, which is most commonly Escherichia coli (E. coli – not the same bacteria that  has caused outbreaks in unsanitary food processing plants), clings to the urethra’s opening and multiplies. If it becomes bad enough, it can sometimes travel up to the kidneys and cause nephritis, but this is much more rare and would require a trip to your doctor.

How does this bacteria find its way into the urethra? These are the most common culprits:

  • Drinking unfiltered water

  • Wiping from back to front after urination or defecation, or not wiping completely

  • Holding or resisting the urge to urinate

    • Too many tub baths, and in improperly filtered water

    • Excessive hot tub/jacuzzi use

    • Interaction with unsanitary genital areas (sexual intercourse)

      • Feminine hygiene sprays

      • Chemically treated toilet paper (choose unscented, or use a bidet)

      In order to avoid future urinary tract infections, seek to minimize and/or eliminate these issues altogether.

      Symptoms of urinary tract infections

      If you have ever had a full blown urinary tract infection, you are likely aware of the symptoms. However, some of these symptoms may be subtle at first, so pay attention and take action before it becomes more severe.

      The main symptoms of a urinary tract infection include:

      • Burning while urinating

      • Frequent urges to urinate

      • Cloudy or bloody urine

        • Foul smelling urine

        • Lower abdominal pain or cramps

        If you have experienced any of these symptoms but they have not been severe enough to send you to a doctor, then be sure to focus on the elimination of these bacteria, and a plan to protect against an infection in the future.

        Elimination of urinary tract infections

        Once you have a urinary tract infection, immediate relief is first and foremost on the mind of the sufferer. Too often, antibiotics are the first choice, but this is NOT a good first choice, for the following reasons:

        • Antibiotics have terrible side effects and can cause allergic reactions.

        • Antibiotics kill the good bacteria, as well as the bad, which can set you up for other infections (bacterial, fungal) in the future.

        • Antibiotic treatment does not successfully kill ALL the bacteria bringing on the infection, and can encourage many of them to persist.

        Instead, your first choice should be a remedy you can immediately access within your home, or through a quick trip to the health food store. Two proven remedies include:

        Antibiotic tonic – An extremely potent antibacterial formula that can be whipped up by using a good quality juicer (preferred) or blender. Simply make 2 ounces ahead of time (for quick access) and store in a cool, dark cupboard (up to 6 months). Alternatively, you can make it fresh on the spot for even more power. For the recipe and directions, go here.

        Colloidal silver – Drink 2 ounces every hour for four hours of Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol (10 ppm). Since silver can destroy the bacteria that caused the infection in 6 minutes, it is important to absorb large amounts of silver for 4 hours. This way the silver can be washed through the kidneys and pool in the bladder. Silver has the ability to pass through the body unchanged, meaning that silver that pools in the bladder will still kill bacteria in the kidneys, bladder, and urethra.

        Try Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol

        In addition to this, consume plenty of probiotic and antioxidant rich foods, drink plenty of purified water, and eliminate any carbohydrates (from grains and sugars), alcohol, and caffeinated beverages.

        Typically, with either of these 2 methods you could feel relief in as little as 4 hours.

        Healing Testimonial: I was working towards wellness, but I just couldn’t find the solution to my frequent UTI’s.  I had been on so many antibiotics over the years it was very scary.  We were looking for answers, but nothing took away this problem besides prescriptions.  In the THRIVE Academy Derek gave me a nutritional plan and natural formula to replace the drugs for the UTI’s and it worked! that alone was worth a million dollars. His extensive knowledge finished off our path to wellness. Thank you Derek. – Jyl

        How to protect yourself from urinary tract infections

        In addition to avoiding the causes of urinary tract infections above, there are plenty of things you can take and eliminate to avoid any urinary tract infections in the future.

        One of the most important things you could consider is eliminating any existing bacterial or candida overgrowth that is present in the body, as it remains a constant fuel source for any misplaced bacteria that ends up in your urinary tract. This means consuming a low sugar, low starch diet that is high in enzymes, probiotics, and antibacterial and anti fungal properties.

        In addition to that, consider drinking pure cranberry juice (tart – no sugar added) or taking its active ingredient in fighting UTI’s, D-mannose, which helps prevent harmful bacteria from accumulating in the urinary tract in the first place, and also nourishes the beneficial bacteria in your intestinal tract which even further deters UTI-causing pathogens to form. Other important beverages include uva ursi, dandelion, and ginger tea.

        It’s important to note that recurring UTI’s is a sign of more systemic problems, and that more work is required to avoid them and regain back a higher quality of life. To not only eliminate but largely avoid future infections that bring on unwanted symptoms, you require a “reset” and skilled lifestyle plan that will leave you loving life more than you ever have in recent memory!

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