After decades of toxicity and malnourishment, it can take some time to recover your health. THRIVE Revolution provides you with the right information, direction, and amount of time you need to get your health back in order.  With a laser like focus on nutrition, supplementation, and various lifestyle factors, you can generate more results for your health than all your other previous attempts combined.

With THRIVE Revolution, you will get a health and lifestyle assessment, 5 one-on-one coaching sessions, a catered nutritional and supplementation routine, and urgent messaging support to ensure you have all the answers and guidance you need at your fingertips. Not only that, you will receive a holistic health education to empower you to never have to deal with your health conditions again!

This program is suitable for all kinds of conditions, but is especially effective for more stubborn digestive and autoimmune related concerns.

This package includes:

  • 12 week membership*
  • Online health assessment (audit of food, supplements, lifestyle, symptoms, and medical history) with 90 minute follow up call
  • A catered nutritional, supplemental, and lifestyle plan
  • 5 x 45 min coaching appointments
  • Urgent, unlimited messaging support system (via Voxer app)
  • Holistic and educational approach

$2497 CAD One-time payment (*extends 12 week program materials membership to lifetime)