If you’re going to get clean, you can’t go at it with reckless abandon and expect things to go smoothly. Going from a moderate to extreme toxic state and diving into an herbal detox kit or extreme fast, will send your body for a loop and crying uncle due to the sheer load placed on your internal detoxification system.

When you are ready to cleanse and detoxify your body properly, consider these three safe and most efficient methods, and how to properly conduct each one.


This is one common method people will employ to start cleansing, and it is certainly a legitimate one, with a few important considerations.

One of the most notable benefits of juicing is the flood of oxygenating nutrients that easily assimilate into your digestive system so they can be transported to various areas of your body. These easily absorbed vitamins, minerals, and enzymes give the digestive system a much-needed break and can then be used effectively by the body to support key detoxification processes.

It’s also important to note that the alkaline forming nature of juices can also balance overly acidic (toxic) conditions, and strengthen all body functions by keeping organs, glands, and cells clean and free of toxins.

An important consideration when juicing is to limit the amount of high sugar fruits, as they can feed yeast and other opportunistic organisms. When doing a juice cleanse, focus on greens and tart fruits (like green apples), along with herbs such as parsley, cilantro, ginger, and turmeric. Avoid eating animal protein and starches while juicing, as they don’t combine well and will cause digestive problems like fermentation and gas.

For more rules on juicing, visit this article.


Smoothies are yet another way to start detoxifying the body. They work in much the same way as juicing, with a few important details to consider.

When creating a good smoothie, you are creating a highly digestible mini-meal that is loaded with nutrients, enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, healthy fats, and plant proteins. When combined right, these smoothies are delicious and can fill the need for all the essential nutrients required for a body to detoxify safely and properly.

One thing smoothies deliver that typical juicing can’t is fiber. Fiber is very important in the cleansing process, and not separating it out from the final product is an additional benefit. You can also up the fiber content by incorporating colon-cleansing foods like soaked chia and ground flax.

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Infrared sauna

When used correctly, infrared saunas can be one of the safest and easiest ways to detoxify the body of harmful contaminants.

Infrared saunas are a non-invasive therapy that can penetrate as much as three inches into the body, heating muscle tissue and internal organs. This helps promote the elimination of all sorts of toxins, including medications, heavy metals, alcohol, nicotine, and other carcinogens in the blood stream.

Infrared saunas also are more efficient than traditional saunas that use air and steam, in that they help the body perspire at approximately 80% water and 20% waste and toxins, where traditional saunas are approximately 97% water and 3% waste and toxins. Detoxifying through the skin also eliminates complications that often come with toxins being stirred up internally in your system (and generally causes unwanted symptoms), by giving toxins an easy exit through your pores.

When choosing to use an infrared sauna for detoxification, start with as little as 10-15 minutes a day and ensure you drink plenty of pure water (preferably spring or mineralized water). Also make sure to source a high quality brand with low EMF’s, or you will be very disappointed.

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If you are not sure if a detox is even required, there is one easy way to find out. Check out Signs of Liver Damage, and if you have any of the symptoms or signs, you can be reasonably assured a detox is required.

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