One of the biggest factors to overcoming disease is the elimination of the toxicities that are compromising your health. It is just as important, if not moreso, than adding in good food and various nutritional supplements. Yet, the latter is much easier to do than cutting out your pet habits, which ironically are often the very thing keeping you from becoming well.

But where do you start? With so much toxic burden these days there are no shortage of things to eliminate from the body, but some are certainly harder than others. That’s because it takes specific nutritional habits, supplementation, and support to get rid of the original source of the issue, and very few do all three properly. It’s not as simple as clean eating and random supplements, and while a few may figure it out, the mass majority won’t which leads to endless frustration.

While this certainly isn’t an exhaustive list, these 3 things are largely implicated in the majority of health issues and clearing each of them properly will result in a completely new level of well-being.

Heavy metals

Heavy metals are omnipresent, to the point that we are being born with them already in our blood. Case in point, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) conducted a study testing the umbilical cord blood of 10 babies for toxic chemicals. The tests found more than 230 industrial pollutants across the ten samples, and those toxins that were found in every cord blood of the ten newborns were lead, mercury, and PCB’s.

So how are heavy metals getting into out bodies?

  • Seafood (i.e., salmon, lobster)

  • Mercury amalgams in teeth

  • Personal care products (i.e., deodorant, make up)

    • Rice protein products sourced from China

    • Pots, pans and soda cans (lined with nickel or aluminum)

    • Vaccinations

      • Living in a home built prior to 1978 that has lead-based paint

      • Smoking or inhaling second hand smoke

      • Baking powder

      • Environmental factors like work sites and chemtrails

      These heavy metals interfere with the function of every area of the body they touch, and with an affinity for fatty tissue, they’ll often lodge in the brain, joints, and intestinal system.

      Removal is not particularly an easy task, but you can start the process of removing heavy metals by incorporating many of the foods listed here. You can also consider some natural therapies, such as infrared suana and clay baths.


      Biotoxins are quite simply, toxins with a biological origin. There are many different levels of toxins that could be identified, but for purposes of this article it will focus on some major categories of biological toxins – parasites, bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

      Many of these life sucking critters make their way into your body due to chronic stress, toxic burden, poor food choices, and environmental factors. If you don’t clear them relatively quickly they establish their own ecosystem inside your body, making sure to feed off your valuable nutrients while building up resilience to any future attempts at evictions.

      This resilience comes mainly in the form of biofilm. As described in The Dangers Of Intestinal Plaque (Biofilm) And How To Get Rid Of It Naturally:

      “Biofilm is exactly what it sounds like – a sticky film that is made by living, microscopic organisms. The structure is fairly tough, and to give you an example, dental plaque is biofilm in the mouth. The fact that the dentists needs a special tool to scrape it off your teeth gives you an idea of how strong it is and how difficult it can be to break down without the proper measures.

      Bacteria and other microscopic creatures create this unhealthy biofilm in order to ensure their survival. They essentially are creating their biological home in your body using a mixture of sugars and proteins that help protect them against any “attacks” that they may face (such as antibiotics) that would potentially kill them off.

      However, there is a healthy biofilm as well, which is a thin mucus created in a healthy gut by beneficial microflora. This healthy biofilm allows the passage of nutrients through the intestinal wall and is moistening, lubricating, and anti-inflammatory.

      So the goal with biofilm is to foster the healthy, thin mucus that absorbs nutrients and to eliminate the unhealthy film that houses bad bacteria and parasites and compromises your nutrient absorption.”

      With nutrient absorption being compromised, and other toxicities being created from them living inside your body, these biological toxins are a must to remove, whether they are parasites, fungus, bad bacteria, or viruses. You can’t be disease free, and live with one of these unfriendly organisms.

      It starts with the proper diet, and digestive friendly supplementation.

      Poor mindset

      This one has often been shoved under the rug, but what a mistake that is for your health. With stress having been acknowledged for decades as an irritant to our health, and further studies indicating the importance our emotions have on our overall physiology, it quite simply is something that can’t be ignored in order to live a disease free life.

      However, this has often proven to be the most difficult task for people to overcome. Having worked themselves into undesirable situations through work, home, and other relationships, along with unhealthy choices and body debt which only puts additional pressure on an already fragile brain, trying to obtain a more positive mindset seems impossible.

      Like many things, start with your nutrition first and make sure you consume brain enhancers and avoid the brain breakers. Then, focus on “connection” by meditating, being out in nature, or appreciating something you love for at least 15 minutes a day. Build on that until you have many more good thoughts than bad, and you’ll free up enough healing power to overcome disease and live a relatively symptom free life.

      Living without health problems may seem like a tall order these days, but when you clear these health-blocking factors, you’ll end up in much better shape. Even better, if you optimize your lifestyle by pulling together all the most important principles and protocols for well-being, disease doesn’t stand a chance!

      I would know because this is exactly how I did it myself, and you can find out the results and how you can do it too, in the video below.

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