Dieting shouldn't be complicated...

Introducing a diet plan that is safe, sustainable, and helps improve nearly any health challenge...for good.

The Thrivers Diet is the clear cut winner to eating your way to better health in as little as 30 days. No fasting, no juicing, and no starving required. All you need is a little motivation, your grocery list, and execution of the incredibly simple daily plan to enjoy the benefits of a much healthier and satisfying life. 

While other diets focus on the latest fads that fizzle out with the next marketing idea, The Thrivers Diet holds true to principles that have created some of the healthiest people on the planet, even when they were sick and written off by the medical establishment.

"Whether you are desperately sick or just require a tune-up, The Thrivers Diet will put all the odds in your favour for a happy ending to your most pressing health challenges. As someone who used this diet to overcome 13 chronic diseases, I know how well it works! - Derek Henry, Founder of Healing the Body and Creator of The Thrivers Diet

The Thrivers Diet Is For You If...

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    You're dealing with chronic health problems and you're tired of researching and wasting money on foods and supplements that aren't effectively resolving your health issues.
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    You want to be shown the most effective diet for resolving your health concerns quickly, by someone who has ate their way from chronic disease to optimal health. 
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    You would appreciate knowing the most potent healing foods on the planet and how to combine them into delicious recipes so you can enjoy your food creations and improved health for the rest of your life.
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    You're tired of weighing, measuring, and analyzing each meal to make sure it has the right amount of calories, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. You just want eating to be simple again!

What You Get With The Thrivers Diet

Foods To Eat

This master list provides you with the most healing foods on the planet, so you can work their magic into every single meal of the day (they are not hard to obtain).

Foods To Avoid

This master list identifies the most inflammatory foods to the body so you can avoid them, as well as the pain and discomfort associated with eating them (many are NOT obvious).

Supplements To Choose

Rather than providing a laundry list of fringe supplements for you to manage, you get three key recommendations that help fix the underlying issues of all health problems.

Daily Eating Plan

Your daily eating plan is clear and straight forward, with flexibility built in so you can adjust to your particular routine and lifestyle.

Beverages To Drink

You'll get a short list of the most powerful beverages for healing along with specific brands that offer the most potent benefits. 

70+ Recipes

These flavourful recipes will include a "first stage" menu to accelerate your healing, and a "second stage" menu for maintenance.

Get instant access to The Thrivers Diet!

The Thrivers Diet has been battle-tested by people with a wide variety of health concerns, from the more serious to the simple tune-up. Nearly everyone who has closely followed this plan for a minimum of 30 days, has witnessed a noticeable improvement in their overall health. Although there is no guarantee due to various factors that can't be predicted due to bio-individuality, it's safe to say that this is one of the most successful, long-term diet plans for the human race.

You Won't Starve On The Thrivers Diet...

Many healing diets have you fasting, juicing, and starving for weeks on end, but you don't need to do that in The Thrivers Diet. In fact, you can eat as much as you want, and still get the results you desire! Isn't that awesome?


"I had been trying to manage symptoms from Crohn’s Disease for nearly three decades. This led to other symptoms like adrenal fatigue, candida, thyroid problems, and low energy. Within weeks of starting The Thrivers Diet I noticed changes in the way I was feeling and how my body was reacting. My new “normal” is now light years better than how I felt before. I am off all medications at this point and am confident that my body will continue to only improve. This plan REALLY works!

Erin O., Moncton, NB.

"I was suffering from many health problems, which included anxiety, depression, terrible headaches almost daily, swelling and very painful joints, EXTREME exhaustion, poor sleep quality, and more. Not too far into The Thrivers Diet I noticed how it had been days since I had a headache, I had way more energy, was sleeping better, and had no more painful swollen joints. Thanks to this eating plan, I got my life back!"

Leanne D., Regina, SK.

When You Get The Thrivers Diet...

You get access to a decade of personal experience of overcoming chronic disease with nutrition, that has been purified, organized, and concentrated into a powerful eating plan that creates immediate (within 30 days) and long term results.

Immediately following your purchase, you will be sent via email your digital copy of The Thrivers Diet along with 70+ recipes for the first and second stages of your health revolution (first stage being healing, second stage being maintenance). You'll also get our simple foundational supplement plan, which accelerates the results.

Welcome to the last nutritional plan you'll ever need.

This Plan Transcends The Fad Diets...

Most diets are made to last for a few weeks to a few years, but eventually, most of them lose their effectiveness due to lack of sustainability, and a narrow minded approach. The Thrivers Diet is made to last for the rest of your life, with a comprehensive and varied approach that keeps things interesting, and more importantly, you healthy.


"I was diagnosed with IBS at a younger age and always had issues with digestion, but I ate “healthy” (or so I thought). The first thing I noticed when I started The Thrivers Diet was the weight started to fall off, and one day I noticed my energy was coming back. I wasn’t as tired and I wasn’t having my mid day crashes at work anymore. My bloating also went away and my IBS symptoms improved. I also sleep better at night and have lost about 12 lbs. Thanks Derek!"

Michelle B., Regina, SK.

"I had very chronic gastrointestinal issues that were severely impacting my life. I had been seeing a variety of doctors with no answers or ability to help my symptoms.  After 8 weeks on The Thrivers Diet and learning how to REALLY eat for my health, I am a completely different person.  Not only did I see impacts to my energy (through the roof), my skin, hair and nails (so much healthier), my GI issues have almost all subsided and I feel like I have my life back again. This is a game changer!"

Kristin S., Calgary, AB.

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Get instant access to The Thrivers Diet for our introductory offer!

The Thrivers Diet was created to help people eat their way to optimal health and retain their precious results. Battle tested to overcome some of the most stubborn health issues, it has proven effective for many chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, digestive issues, autoimmune issues, thyroid concerns, hormonal challenges, and general health problems (headaches, skin conditions, low energy, and more).

And you can get it for our introductory offer of ONLY $27.95!

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