What if you could follow in the footsteps of the healthiest humans on Earth...would you do it?

Introducing a lifestyle plan that is safe, sustainable, and helps improve every aspect of your life...for good.

The Thrivers Lifestyle is your answer to living a truly healthy and holistic life. Simply worded, extremely insightful, and very powerful, The Thrivers Lifestyle is one of the most profound and complete pieces of work you'll ever witness that will TEACH you everything you need to know in 8 short weeks to engage in the type of lifestyle that has created some of the healthiest humans on Earth.

While other health programs focus on the latest fads or unsustainable practices that fizzle out, The Thrivers Lifestyle infuses battle-tested experience and knowledge that will survive the test of time, and allow you to create the health you desire, on your watch. Whether you're chronically ill or just want to be proactive so you don't get that way, The Thrivers Lifestyle will give you exactly what you need to break the shackles of illness and raise your health game to any level you desire. 

"The Thrivers Lifestyle was born out of necessity, to provide people with a skilled-living plan that is ultimately required to navigate a world full of toxins insults, malnourishment, and other lifestyle pitfalls that leave people sick and frustrated.   As someone who used this information to overcome 13 chronic diseases, I know how well it works! - Derek Henry, Founder of Healing the Body and Creator of The Thrivers Lifestyle

The Thrivers Lifestyle Is For You If...

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    You're dealing with chronic health problems and you're tired of researching and wasting money on foods, supplements, and health professionals that aren't effectively resolving your health issues.
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    You would like to access the knowledge gained from 10 years experience in healing 13 chronic diseases, and have it purified and concentrated down into ONLY 8 weeks of practical education.
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    You appreciate a holistic approach and can understand that a pure and nourishing lifestyle is the most effective remedy for all health concerns.
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    You would like to know the most powerful healing foods, and how to work them into flavourful recipes and a daily routine for maximum results (without breaking the bank).

What You Get With The Thrivers Lifestyle

Mindset Management

How you think about a thing is how you do a thing. This is why you're given dozens of practical and proven recommendations that will enable you to make your mind a force for good.

The Thrivers Diet

With the most powerful foods, over 70 recipes in which to prepare them, and a simplified daily routine, you get exactly what you need to dial in a delicious and health generating diet.

Toxin Elimination 

The list of toxins to avoid in this world is long, but The Thrivers Lifestyle makes it easy by identifying the most health compromising and how to systematically eliminate them

Digestive Resolution

Whether you feel you have digestive issues or not, know that nearly any chronic disease will be linked to compromised gut health. No worries though, you can get it back on track in 30 to 60 days.

Immune Building

The bottom line to improving your health and maintaining it going forward, is a strong immune system. Whether it is sluggish or over active, you'll find out how to regulate it for best results.

Hormone Balancing

Poor sleep, low energy, mood problems, anxiety, depression, anger, PMS, or low libido? This is where you figure out how to harmonize your hormones, so those issues can take a seat.

Cleansing and Detox

The ultimate buzz word around health, you'll learn how to cleanse and detox safely and effectively. No more weekend detox kits, your body deserves better treatment!

Exercise and Recovery

Not sure how to start an exercise plan or having issues with the one you have? You'll find out how to leverage your workout results, without living at the gym.


To round it all out, you get access to three bonuses, the Natural Pharmacy, Alternative Therapies, and Boosting Your Brain Health, for good measure. 

Get instant access to The Thrivers Lifestyle!

The Thrivers Lifestyle has been battle-tested by people with a wide variety of health concerns, from the more serious to the simple tune-up. Nearly everyone who has closely followed this plan and implemented the diet and other important information for a minimum of 30 days, has witnessed a noticeable improvement in their overall health. Although there is no guarantee due to various factors that can't be predicted due to bio-individuality, it's safe to say that this is one of the most successful, long-term lifestyle plans for the human race.

The Thrivers Lifestyle Fills The Gap...

Let's face it...a major part of the reason you haven't been able to overcome your health concerns is a lack of accurate AND organized information. This is because you can't get this at any doctors office (and it wasn't properly taught in school), and that knowledge gap is what keeps you in your current unhealthy state. Once you finish The Thrivers Lifestyle that gap is sealed tight, and your confidence in becoming well will show no cracks. 


“I love the foundational and detailed information provided within The Thrivers Lifestyle to help educate people to make healthier choices that can positively impact their quality of life. The simplicity and power is what makes it a great program for those who not only want to feel better, but are also looking for long term positive health benefits."

LeAnn Fritz., N.D.

New Hope Health Clinic

“I’ve been extensively covering alternative health topics for over 10 years, and I’ve never seen a guide as comprehensive and concise as The Thrivers Lifestyle. It takes the burden of information overload and breaks it down into easy to understand principles so you can take decisive and clear action on your path to lifelong wellness.”

Mike Adams

Founder, NaturalNews

When You Get The Thrivers Lifestyle...

You get access to a decade of personal experience of overcoming chronic disease with nutrition and lifestyle, that has been purified, organized, and concentrated into a powerful plan that creates immediate (within 30 days) and long term results.

Following your purchase, you will be sent via email the course materials in a purposely designed sequence that maximizes your understanding and results. All these materials are downloadable, so you can access them at any time, for life.

Welcome to the ultimate lifestyle plan for THRIVING.

This Plan Is Not Theory...

Many health programs are based on new science and short lived theories on what should happen to create a long term desired result. Unfortunately, there is little to no long term empirical evidence that these plans work well in "real-life". With The Thrivers Lifestyle, you get a lifestyle plan and diet that has been proven for decades to reverse a multitude of health conditions (including 13 that were removed by the author), in a way that is sustainable and safe. No theory here...just the facts ma'am.


“Without The Thrivers Lifestyle, I would still be searching for an answer to the multitude of health problems I was experiencing. 4 days into diet, my autoimmune symptoms were noticeably reduced, and after 8 weeks they were 70% gone! I've never had anything work that quickly and effectively!"

Myrtle E., Calgary, AB.

“I thought I had a good handle on healthy living until I read this book! Three weeks into diet, my hair loss (from hyperthyroid) reduced substantially, the eczema on my hands showed massive improvements and my sugar cravings significantly decreased. Also, my energy levels are amazing!"

Erin F., Kelowna, BC

Frequently Asked Questions

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Get instant access to The Thrivers Lifestyle!

The Thrivers Lifestyle was created to help people "lifestyle" their way to optimal health and retain their precious results. Field tested to overcome some of the most stubborn health issues, it has proven effective for many chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, digestive issues, autoimmune issues, thyroid concerns, hormonal challenges, and general health problems (headaches, skin conditions, low energy, and more).

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