The Thrivers Lifestyle

  • Teaches you how to use nutrition and lifestyle to work your way out of virtually any illness, in as little as 60 days!
  • Created by a survivor of 13 chronic disease labels, who personally used this nutritional plan to recover and achieve optimal health!
  • Based on the restoration of three key "master" systems, that you will rejuvenate on autopilot while incorporating The Thrivers Lifestyle
  • Suitable for improving all kinds of health conditions, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, digestive issues, autoimmune disorders, thyroid disease, hormonal complaints, and general health problems. 


Mike Adams


“I’ve been extensively covering alternative health topics for over 10 years, and I’ve never seen a guide as comprehensive and concise as The Thrivers Lifestyle. It takes the burden of information overload and breaks it down into easy to understand principles so you can take decisive and clear action on your path to lifelong wellness.”

In This Book, You Will Discover...


The quickest way to improve your health is through what you eat. Some things are obvious, other things, not so much. When you learn how to dial in your nutrition and how to prepare meals for optimal taste and health benefits, little can stop you from getting desirable results. With The Thrivers Diet and recipes included, I make this a slam dunk.


A critical part of being healthy is to remove BOTH obvious and relatively unfamiliar toxins that seriously damage your health. Unfortunately, most people completely ignore 3 of these major health destroyers (because they don't know about them), and it costs them their quality of life on the daily. Discover these toxic assaults, and the ways to avoid and eliminate them from your life (for real).


Nearly anyone who has tried to get healthy has attempted a cleanse or detox. Unfortunately, they are rarely as successful as intended because the 4-step process to effective toxin removal is not followed. The good news is that I cover how to do this in simple detail, so your necessary cleansing doesn't become a nasty, dragged out, near apocalyptic event that has your friends and family steering clear of you.


Here's a little secret...every human body has various systems that govern various functions of the body. Whether it is the digestive, immune, detoxification, cardiovascular, hormonal, nervous, lymphatic, respiratory, urinary, skeletal, or muscular system, the proper attention and optimization of each will produce amazing results. That all happens on autopilot, when you follow this lifestyle plan (your body knows what to do).

About the Author:
Derek Henry

Faced with a deadly health crisis at age 30, Derek was forced to forge his way to better health without any help from the conventional medical system. After 5 years, 3500 hours of scientific research, and over $35,000 experimenting with alternative medicine, he managed to heal himself of 13 chronic health conditions. Since then, he's written over 500 natural health articles, and created several holistic health programs to teach others how to successfully recover their health, through a natural and holistic approach. His work has been featured on several popular natural health websites such as Natural News, Healthy Holistic Living, Underground Health, and Real Farmacy.


What People Are Saying


LeAnn Fritz, ND

New Hope Health Clinic

“I love the foundational and detailed information provided within The Thrivers Lifestyle to help educate people to make healthier choices that can positively impact their quality of life. The simplicity and power is what makes it a great program for those who not only want to feel better, but are also looking for long term positive health benefits."

Myrtle Engram

“Without The Thrivers Lifestyle, I would still be searching for an answer to the multitude of health problems I was experiencing. 4 days into diet, my autoimmune symptoms were noticeably reduced, and after 8 weeks they were 70% gone! I've never had anything work that quickly and effectively!"

Lisa Wilson

Raw Food Institute

"A lot of people are moving into the health arena, but it is a rare thing to find a person with the knowledge of Derek Henry. He has managed to simplify the path to a truly healthy life, through a collection of some of the best, current information out there!"

Erin Fancey


“I thought I had a good handle on healthy living until I read this book! Three weeks into diet, my hair loss (from hyperthyroid) reduced substantially, the eczema on my hands showed massive improvements and my sugar cravings significantly decreased. Also, my energy levels are amazing!"

When you get The Thrivers Lifestyleyou are receiving scientifically and empirically proven nutritional and lifestyle approaches that have helped countless people overcome various health concerns and go on to live a healthy and abundant life. 

People have paid hundreds of dollars on ill-conceived diets and lifestyle plans to try and get the miraculous results that The Thrivers Lifestyle has generated for thousands of people. These "band-aid plans" virtually all fail and are abandoned, while The Thrivers Lifestyle and its users keep going, and going, and going...because it's timeless and it works!

And for a limited time, you can get it at my introductory price of $47.95!

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