Your body is always sending you signals on your current state of health. Here is nineteen of them that will allow you to understand what is happening, and how to remedy it.

1. The color of your urine – if you’re getting enough water, your urine will be clear. Urine that’s constantly yellow indicates de-hydration and increased toxic load. The answer is to drink more water in-between meals. Get your guide to drinking water, here.

2. Coffee addiction – a lack of energy is often masked by coffee addiction. Take a day off coffee and meet the real you. Malnutrition and a lack of proper relaxation causes fatigue that leads to caffeine and other stimulant addictions. Don’t hide from the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle by using addictive chemical stimulants. It will only hit you harder later. Coffee addicts often state that they, “only drink one per day”, like 365 coffees per year won’t affect them. Unfortunately coffee is a destroyer of health and like all drugs, the only way to find out how much the drug is destroying you, is to quit the habit. Learn more about the dangers of coffee, here.

3. Amount of daily fecal discharge (pooping) – you’re supposed to move 12 inches of fecal material daily. This can be with one bathroom visit but moving your bowels after each meal is optimal. If you’re not moving 12 inches of fecal material per day, the toxins in the body will be high and disease will be coming to visit. The answer is less stress and more whole live organic foods. Find out more about what your bowel movements day about your health, here.

4. Headaches – having one headache ever week or once every 2 weeks indicates a high level of intestinal distress from either toxins, unhealthy gut flora, excessive stress, alcohol consumption, food allergies, dehydration, etc. Headaches mean you need to clean up your lifestyle and reconnect with the message your body is sending. Most headaches start in the intestines. Headaches mean you’re using your mouth as a garbage disposal unit.

5. Skin rashes or red skin blotches – when the body can’t move poisons out through the bowels or the bladder, it uses the skin next. These toxins often turn the skin red and when a hot day comes around, more of these toxins move out to the skin from sweat. The answer is greater dedication to a healthy lifestyle.

6. Acne – acne again is a sign the body is in toxic shock, moving the excessive poisonous load out through the skin. An unhealthy diet and unhealthy lifestyle habits are often the culprits. The answer is empowering yourself to lead a healthier lifestyle and not relying on your doctor to drug the body, so it stops telling you what you really need to do. Disease is a guardian, not a goblin. Listen to the message. Look into face mapping so you can understand what your face says about your health.

7. Common colds and a stuffed up nose – a weakened immune system will succumb to a cold a 1-2 times per year. A truly healthy immune system can go years, if not a decade without catching a cold or runny nose. Catching a common cold, sore throat, running nose, etc means your tissues aren’t strong enough (with nutrition) to keep foreign invaders out. Eat a healthier diet to make your internal tissues strong enough to keep disease outside of yourself.

8. Bleeding gums – if someone’s gums bleed after flossing or brushing, it’s a sure sign of nutritional deficiency leading to poor cellular integrity. The answer is dedicating full time to a life of self love, self respect and self care.

9. Cavities – studies of ancient societies, by Dr. Weston A Price concluded that the average cavity count, in societies that were healthy, were 1 cavity per person. The higher the cavity count, the greater the self abusive habits and the lower the standards of self care. The health of the body can be determined by the health in the mouth. Think about cavities as symptoms that you don’t care enough about yourself and make a change.  Learn how to heal cavities naturally.

10. Joint pain – a toxic body will always be in chronic pain, especially in the joints when the sun goes down. If your joint pain flares up in the early evening, it’s a sign the body is cleaning the toxins out of the joints and expanding them with inflammation to get the job done. Painkillers not only increase toxicity in the body, they lead to other secondary diseases. The answer is health and dealing with reality. Don’t pollute yourself to fit into the herd. Move away from the herd and enjoy the freedom of healthy living. Check out three natural pain relievers as powerful as drugs.

11. Hunger cravings – hunger shouldn’t come on fast and it should not lead to fatigue and aggressive changes in mood. If someone is experiencing extreme hunger cravings, they’re most likely consuming excessive carbohydrates and will need to consume higher quality whole organic foods and healthy fats to maintain more stable blood sugar levels.

12. Cellulite, weight gain and water retention – all three of these items occur when the body is toxic and no amount of exercise will be able to control the negative effects of an unhealthy diet. A toxic body stores toxins in fat cells and increases water retention, in an attempt to decrease overall toxic load. If you poison yourself, a bigger you is a safer you. That’s how the body protects you from the poison. People today aren’t “fat”, they’re toxic. The simple answer is to build health daily, using the rule of baby steps and take control of your destiny.

13. Accidents – when a person is toxic or experiencing excessive amounts of stress, a deactivation of the higher brain functions can occur. This can lead to an increase in falls, car accidents and general acts that lack coordination of one’s body. As a health coach, I know when a person has eaten poorly because they’re extremely uncoordinated in their movements. This is a sign of poisoning and even brain damage from the toxic foods our culture has passionate love affairs with. A lack of connection to one’s surroundings and environmental stimuli is just another sign that the body is either malnourished or experiencing some sort of excessive stress load.

The solution is simple. Adult up. Unslave. Stop working a job you don’t like, to sedate yourself with poison at night or on the weekend, so you can forget about the life that you don’t really want to be living. Get healthy, reject the poison, discover who you are, move away from the dysfunctional herd and live your best life.

14. Fatigue – fatigue means the body is in a state of imbalance regarding rest, work and nutrition. Fatigue just means a lack of self care and self maintenance is occurring. This is common inside a society built upon placing all priorities above the maintenance of self. Discover ten reasons you are tired.

15. Sweating During Eating – although this is more rare, some people start sweating shortly after they begin eating. This often means the food is causing an allergic reaction, which in turn often means the intestinal tract is in rough shape from unhealthy living and is leaking whole food particles into the blood stream. This is extremely dangerous if permitted to occur without remedy. The top 5 items that split the gut and allow allergenic whole food particles into the blood stream are stress, alcohol, food allergies, chemicals and any medication. A full time dedication to healthy living is where the solution can be found.

16. Cracked Skin – cracked skin is often a sign that a person is lacking enough healthy fats in their diet in conjunction with unhealthy living habits, which decrease essential nutrients in the body. Everything we place in our mouths or on your skin is either a nutrient or anti-nutrient. Today we’re encouraged to ingest and lather ourselves with a tsunami of toxic chemicals, which in the end can destroy the nutrition stores we hold in our bodies. Once our nutritional stores reach a certain negative level, our metabolic protection systems start to fail us, one of which can be our skin. Our skin protects us from predetory external entities feeding on our juicy insides and when the skin becomes cracked, system wide infections can take hold.

Increase your levels of healthy fats, especially if you live in a colder/seasonal environment. Use healthy skin creams (non toxic) to keep the skin at its’ best. Being healthy means life gets more enjoyable and easier, with each passing day.

17. Infertility – in the face of undernourishment and stress the body will purposely reduce sexual urges, cease fertility cycles and can also cease a man’s ability to have an erection…all protective genetic adaptations to environmental stimuli that signals the body there’s not enough nutrition to build and maintain a healthy fetus. You can’t build a growing fetus successfully out of red bull, medications, chips, pop, junk food and other chemicals. A healthy fetus will require an environment where there’s enough real live whole organic food for the tribe plus an extra new born. If the body receives bio feed back that there’s not enough food in the environment to feed the parents (because they’re not healthy), the body will remove the option of reproducing.

Going to a medical doctor to use toxic drugs, to force a pregnancy in a body that knows not to do that, may produce a child but forcing the body to manufacture a child without proper nutrition isn’t wise on any level. There’s nothing wrong with the body. There’s something drastically wrong with our society’s concepts of self care, self love and self maintenance. This occurs in all species, across the board, when nutritious food isn’t consumed in adequate quantities. Learn one big reason why reproducing can be an issue.

18. Odor – if a person moves their bowels or passes gas, and an extreme toxic odor is the result, there’s massive dysfunction occurring inside the intestinal tract. Toxic living causes a toxic intestinal tract, which is the seed of disease and dysfunction in the body. Excessive gas alone is a sign that disease is just around the corner and that intestinal tract is starting to break down. When a person is toxic their breathe and arm pits will also emit stronger decay based odors as well. Smelling foul is reflective of a foul lifestyle. The answer is using the mouth for food, and not food like things.

19. Emotional Instability, Depression and Anxiety – when the body is reaching dangerous levels of toxicity, it sends signals to the owner of the body (using negative emotions) that something is very wrong. These negative emotions are guardians, not goblins. Our body’s innate intelligence is there to help us make better choices and to let us know change is needed in order to live a better life. Medicating and sedating our negative emotions with additional toxins, is not the change the body was trying to encourage. Here are eleven ways to naturally heal anxiety and depression.

To remedy any item on the above list, one only need to start working with nature and stop working against it. Get poisons out of the lifestyle and couple that with bringing clean, whole organic food into the body. Clean water, exercise, rest, relaxation and healthy food are the pillars of self care that will address any disease or imbalance listed above.

Don’t react to disease. Build your health. Save the world by saving yourself.

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Jason Christoff

Jason Christoff has developed a world wide reputation as a self sabotage coach who makes complex issues easy to understand for his clients. Jason discovered very early in his career, after managing one of Canada’s most successful weight loss clinics, that health and self sabotage were inherently connected. Jason is interviewed across the world every month, appearing on various podcasts and radio shows, regarding his highly effective methods for overcoming self sabotage, losing weight and how to rise up to your full potential.

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