How you burn off your delicate “rainforest” and eliminate “life”…

In 2019, there have been several wildfires in many parts of the world. How these wildfires started is up for debate, but what isn’t arguable is the destruction these fires created to the habitat, animals, and people that were living within the region.

People were horrified, and rightfully so, by the damage and the repercussions that would ensue.

Yet, few seem to fully understand that they are doing the same thing to their internal ecosystem, their rainforest, their DIGESTIVE SYSTEM, on a regular basis.

Many are familiar with antibiotics and the damage they do to the gut. Yet, it doesn’t seem to stop anyone from continuing to take them. Perhaps if they saw their delicate microvilli being burned off, their internal landscape being ruined, they would stop.

Or, maybe they just don’t know what else to do, and succumb to the pressure of a pill pushing doctor.

Either way, antibiotics are the relative equivalent of applying glyphosate (Roundup) to your lawn to kill weeds. Sure, it will kill the weeds, but it will also destroy your grass as well.

This can render the soil barren and infertile, devoid of nutrients and delicate microorganisms that make for healthy and lush grass. And it can take a while for it to recover, despite seeding new life into the ground. Especially when you are guessing on how to properly fertilize it.

And this is where most people are at with their digestive system.

Antibiotics, heavy metals, processed foods, glyphosate, pesticides, lack of enzymes (not enough raw food), lack of probiotics (not enough cultured food), stress, and much more has put the digestive system into a severely weakened position.

That’s not good.

The digestive system is your gateway to health. If it is destroyed, your health will follow suit. And many satellite symptoms will pop up and could be diagnosed as literally hundreds of diseases, from rheumatoid arthritis to Alzheimers.

Without proper gut health, nutrients aren’t absorbed and distributed throughout the body, and undigested food is a feeding ground for nefarious organisms that are living off your lifeblood, like parasites, bacteria, viruses, and more.

Let me say that again…improper digestion leaves you without the building blocks to good health, and feeds (strengthens) the organisms that are living off of your energy.

But, if you get your internal rainforest to flourish…

You absorb nutrients better, kill off life-sucking microorganisms, eliminate painful and life-compromising symptoms, and start to lead a healthier, happier, and more productive life.

It takes a smart approach, and it starts with PROPER nutrition and supplementation. Eating whole foods is a start, but without discretion and an an understanding of how the digestive system works, you won’t get nearly enough momentum to clear problematic digestive problems.

In plain words, you’ll fail. And with that comes frustration, irritation, more pain, and a desire to give up.

If that’s you, DON’T give up. I was there, never gave up, and eventually eliminated 13 chronic disease conditions, ALL stemming from poor digestion.

It took me a total of 10 years, 5 intense ones, to use nutrition, supplementation, and some other lifestyle tweaks to do it. Lots of money, time, and pain, but I did it.

Which made me want to help others do it too. But not the way I did it…a faster, more economical, and supportive way. Doing it in in a mere fraction of the time, investment, and grief than doing it alone.

I’m going to continue to THRIVE in 2020 and BEYOND. I love it when others choose to do the same, and come along on a much safer, economical, and fun ride. After all, you only have so many years…why spend even a few in suffering if you don’t have to?

If you’re into THRIVING, have health problems rooted in digestive issues (which is most of them), then I invite you to be a part of the THRIVE Academy, a life-changing health program that has helped eliminate a vast amount of disease conditions (over 20 and counting) by resolving countless digestive issues.

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Derek Henry

Derek Henry, Founder of Healing the Body and the THRIVE Academy, used nutrition, supplementation, and a holistic lifestyle to naturally unravel 13 chronic disease conditions that conventional or alternative medical professionals couldn't help him resolve. As a result of this one-in-a-million health transformation and the knowledge acquired in the process, he now educates, coaches, and inspires others to transform their health through a natural and holistic approach. Since 2014, he has helped his THRIVE Academy participants heal over 20 different chronic disease conditions, primarily related to digestive and autoimmune concerns.

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