Auto-immune disorders are crippling the people of this planet. Whether it’s celiac, Graves, Hashimoto’s, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, or lupus, these disorders cause considerable pain and destruction of all areas of the body. Although many sufferers have been able to manage their condition by avoiding inflammatory foods, taking medications, and using natural therapies, few seem to be able to get rid of it entirely.

These are some of the core reasons your autoimmune disorder won’t go away, and some tips and testimonials from people who have banished it.

Heavy metal toxicity

Heavy metals are at the root of many different health conditions, including auto-immune diseases. You would think that they would be quite easy to avoid, but the prevalence of them in seafood, dental amalgams, vaccinations, personal care products, cookware, baking powder, smoke, paint, and soda cans, ensure that most everyone has some degree of heavy metal toxicity.


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These deadly toxins have an affinity to lodge in fatty tissues of the body (like joints and the brain), and repel beneficial bacteria in the gut. Due to this, heavy metal toxicity ruins the digestive and immune systems, which causes chronic pain, fatigue, brain fog, poor memory, digestive problems, skin problems, paralysis, and even more conditions often associated with an auto-immune disorder.

To completely get rid of autoimmune disorders, testing for and removing heavy metals is a high priority.

Eating “healthy” foods that hurt it

A good start to repairing the root cause of autoimmune issues is to eat cleaner foods to avoid adding an additional toxic load to your digestive system, which will end up poisoning the rest of your body and causing more inflammation and pain. However, just because a food is organic, doesn’t mean that is healthy for you. In fact, it can cause all kinds of issues for those with an autoimmune condition.

Healthy, organic foods that can easily flare up and keep your autoimmune condition from taking a hike include corn, nuts, grains (including those with no gluten), eggs, dairy, nightshade plants (goji berries, tomatoes, white potatoes, peppers), and more. Bottom line, anything that can compromise digestion will likely have an adverse affect on an existing autoimmune issue, and that includes whole, organic foods.

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Not enough live probiotics

If you suffer from an autoimmune disease, it is likely that you have a leaky gut. This is caused by an unhealthy gut flora imbalance that leads to several different digestive conditions, including Candida that ends up ravaging the intestinal wall and making it far too permeable. Undigested foods and proteins pass into the bloodstream, which creates a chronic inflammatory immune response and plenty of pain.

To remedy this condition, a good source of live food based probiotics is imperative. Sticking with fermented vegetables, non-dairy kefirs, and apple cider vinegar on a daily basis is a great start to repopulating and “sealing” the gut so you can extinguish the inflammatory response.

Not enough live enzymes

Another significant factor in an autoimmune disease is the lack of different enzymes present in the food that is eaten consistently.

The human body makes approximately 22 digestive enzymes capable of digesting protein, carbohydrates, sugars, and fats. Food is digested in stages, beginning in the mouth, moving to the stomach, and finally through the small intestine. At each step, specific enzymes break down different types of foods.

Unfortunately, people tend to eat foods that are very enzyme deficient and as a result don’t fill the massively depleted enzymes stores in their body. One of the best ways to ingest live enzymes is through eating copious amount of fruits and vegetables each day. Making juices, salads, and smoothies is a great way to start.

There are several other factors that could contribute to an autoimmune condition, including vitamin D deficiency and a reliance on prescriptions, but the root of this condition always comes back to an improperly functioning digestive system that leads to a leaky gut and other system malfunctions as well.


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Bottom line, an autoimmune condition can be tricky to overcome due to the multitude of factors that need to be addressed properly. However, with a highly effective nutritional and lifestyle plan and proper guidance, autoimmune disease can be healed.

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