It has been proclaimed that we are at the peak of food production, and with industrialization, chemicals, and genetically modified foods choking the nutritional efficacy of the food supply, it’s time to get back to a better model.

Something as humble as a back yard garden, or even a patio container garden, can help us get back not only a nutritious food supply, but also, to regain skills and interactions that are missing from our current lifestyle. Here are four reasons why small-scale food production will save the planet.

Fresher, cleaner, and more nutritious food

The introduction of large scale farming geared towards world production on the shoulders of a relatively small number of producers, was a recipe for a degraded and highly travelled food supply. This movement virtually guaranteed that food quality would become compromised, and the people of this planet would suffer as a result.

However, if we get back to our roots and begin supporting smaller scale farmers or produce even a small percentage of our own food supply, we can start to alleviate the negative impact industrialized farming has created for our health. A planet with fewer chemicals, pollution, “strip mining”, and genetic alterations will undoubtedly make a positive impact for people, and this can be achieved through small scale food production that focuses more on local, cleaner and nutritious foods provided by proper soil stewardship.

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Develops survival skills

Mention survival skills to most people today and their first thought is making it through the day without coffee and being forced to cook one meal a day on their own. Unfortunately, we have lost the skill set that would afford us the ability to adapt to any disruptions in our cozy little world, and this leaves us in a very precarious situation.

However, if you could pick up a single skill, a good suggestion would be the ability to produce your own food. With this basic survival trait and a small plot of land, any disruptions that will inevitably occur in the food supply won’t cause you and your family to die of starvation.

Raising plants is therapeutic

It’s no coincidence that both the planet and the people living on it are in need of massive therapy. The current health of the people is largely a microcosm of how we have decided to treat the planet, and the only way to remedy this disconnection is to get back in touch with nature.

The simple act of being at one with nature, raising plants in a garden, and physically connecting with the surface of the earth (also known as “earthing” or “grounding”) is extremely therapeutic and could provide that natural chill pill to our highly stressful lifestyle. Re-establishing this connection across the planet would create a less hostile society, and could even save the planet from impending political wars.

Grow Your Own Food Easily Indoors

Sustainable and low pollution production

Industrial farming practices place a terrible burden on the soil, the environment, and food quality. The current state of food production is not sustainable, and the poisoning of our air, food, and water is a prime example of how we could be wiped off the planet a lot earlier than expected.

Small-scale production is much less intense on the soil, produces very little pollution, and generally results in higher food quality. This results in a happier planet and happier people living on it due to less denaturing of planetary gifts that are meant to feed, not destroy us.

Not only that, it is estimated that 40% of food in the United States today goes uneaten. This suggests more large-scale production is not necessary. Better food management is imperative. This can be much more easily accomplished with smaller scale gardening, due to better awareness of consumers’ needs in a smaller, more manageable environment. A perfect scenario would be producing our own food with the least amount of resources possible, which can be accomplished through innovations like the Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Box Kit.

It’s clear. Getting back to a more agrarian society is required if we want to save the people and this planet. 


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