How did I turn my property into my own personal “Blue Zone”, by mitigating the effects of EMFs by grounding and bio-energetically charging my home? What are the key ingredients in the formula?

First of all, a Blue Zone has been identified as a geographic region that is home to some of the oldest people who still manage to live very active and healthy lives due to their vitality. This has been attributed to many factors, including a wholesome whole foods diet, physical activity, low stress, and rich social interactions. However, there is another factor not discussed so much due to it’s controversy in modern society, that many experts have attributed to their longevity and low incidence of disease, and it’s related to their topography.

Examples of designated Blue Zones are Sardinia, Italy, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica, Ikaria, Greece, Okinawa, Japan, and Loma Linda, California, United States.

So the formula is dry material mixed with water. This is NOT a recipe you can make at home, as there is no way for the average person to secure the ingredients. This complex mixture takes one key element that is found abundantly in Blue Zones, and several others that are also present there but in other areas too. The negative ions generated by this Earth material neutralizes the overwhelming positive (harmful) ions created by the typical modern home, primarily created by technology, industrialization, and energy conflicted building structures.

When this formula is applied around the home, it energetically “overwrites” harmful frequencies and bio-energetically charges and aligns the home with beneficial ones. This includes transmuting the harmful effects of non-native EMFs in and near the home and concrete structures around the home that contain rebar (like drive ways, sidewalks, and pools) that energetically drain the property. A failure to rectify these harmful and “paralyzing” frequencies creates energetic constipation which leads to stagnancy, blockages, and “putrefaction” of the home. The only way to clear the bowels of the property is to clear these drains, so the energy can be free-flowing again.

Example of how incoherent radiation is transformed into coherent radiation (image courtesy of Aires Tech).

The primary ingredient in this formula, that is abundant in these blue zones due to their topography, is aged basalt rock dust. Yes, this energetically unique basalt is found in the many rock formations and quarries present in the identified blue zones, and is an exceptional grounding material not found predominantly anywhere else. Added to that, is ocean kelp, a highly mineralized and nutrient rich sea vegetable; humid acid derived from leonhardite which is an excellent grounding, alkaline, and well mineralized soil medium; soil mycorrhizae, which enhances nutrient and water uptake which is great for plants; and beneficial soil bacteria, which any serious gardener knows is key to bring life and energy into the soil. 

So the extra bonus here is that it is also an excellent soil medium, meaning it works exceptionally well as a holistic fertilizer that can be applied to lawns, gardens, trees, bushes, and more.

I’ve applied this around the concrete structure of my home, on my lawn, in my plants, and on my garden. The shift in my energy following that application was noticeable as someone who has been sensitive to EMFs, and it was right away and continues to get better as the outdoor areas assimilate the formula. I should mention I also reset my circuit box or breaker box, with a product intended to neutralize the constant EMFs coming off of it.

Now keep in mind, this is quantum physics being discussed here, so it goes far beyond what most traditional scientists can or want to study, but has many of the secrets to a healthy life on this planet that many elites don’t want you to know, and apply to their own life. This quantum energy has been harnessed in many ways, and the White House property has done it extremely well with their layout and on-site topography, which has superior energetic alignment.

How do you apply it and what does it cost?

First of all, this product can’t be bought anywhere online, and is only available to PRL qualified practitioners, which includes myself, and we can get it shipped to you, but only if you are in the USA or Canada.

The ingredients are aged basalt rock dust, ocean kelp, humic acid (derived from leonhardite), soil mycorrhizae (including Rhizophagus intraradices), and beneficial soil bacteria (including Bacillus subtilis).

For application, you can place Geo-Ground at the base of the exterior walls of your home, along the sides of sidewalks, driveways, patios, front porch, swimming pool, or other concrete areas. You can also apply it to the base of trees and bushes once per year. Excellent for houseplants, and for grass areas, especially the grass in the front yard area directly in front of the front door.

Mix 1 tablespoon of Geo-Ground per quart of water, and use 1 blended quart per 2 feet of exterior wall or sidewalk/driveway/concrete length for exceptional bio-energetics, or even every 6 feet for a good level of protection and bio-energetics. Every bit helps!

This product is ideal for those sensitive to EMFs and/or experiencing increased exposure in their home through electronics, cell phone towers, 5G, and more; avid gardeners and landscapers; those with chronic health issues (including low energy); and anyone who wants to improve the energetic footprint of their home with superior Feng Shui or VASTU bio-energetics. It is superior to individual pieces inside the home (like shungite, pyramids, and crystals) and EMF blockers (like paint, and pieces put on electronics), due to it’s holistic approach and placement of it outside the concrete structure (with rebar) of the home, essentially creating a beneficial energy grid on the entire home (rather than just parts of it).

The cost of one bag of Geo-Ground which contains 1lb of material (approx. 24 tbsp), is $99.97 USD. Invoicing and shipping would be arranged by Healing the Body, with product coming out of Texas to US and Canadian addresses only.

For a quote on delivery of Geo-Ground for your property, please email Healing the Body here, and state the amount of Geo-Ground required based on your property dimensions and the application rate above.

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