After years of struggling with debilitating GI issues, I was finally diagnosed with collagenous colitis 2 years ago.  Giving my symptoms a name did not improve my life, nor did the prescription steroids and medications help the diarrhea, GI pain and constant exhaustion.  I travel a lot for my job and I was considering an early retirement because I was unable to function.

Thankfully, my daughter introduced me to Derek and his THRIVE program.  With his extensive and practical knowledge, he systematically dealt with each issue I was experiencing through education, diet, detoxification and supplementation.  Today I am much healthier and my life is not dictated by my illness.  I now have normal bowel movements, very little GI pain, increased energy, much clearer skin, increased ability to focus (constant brain fog is gone), decreased urgency to urinate (bladder infection gone), and no headaches!

Derek’s guidance and THRIVE plan was a game changer for me and will be knowledge I will have for the rest of my life.  If poor health is ruining your life, do not suffer another day!  Derek can help you. Testimonials Disclosure

Tanya J.Olympia, WA

Ulcerative Colitis

When I first found Derek, I was in middle of an ulcerative colitis flare. I had doubled my 5-ASA drugs to maximum dose and added 5-ASA suppositories, but to no avail. It wasn’t getting better. So I turned to nutrition and tried juicing, but suffered horrible detox. There is a mess of health information out there and I was trying to sift through it all alone. Clearly I needed guidance and that was when Derek was sent my way. After 8 weeks in his THRIVE Health Program, I have gone from very active rectal bleeding with mucous and barely formed stool to VERY little bleeding and much better elimination, in a period of a just a few months. My skin has improved as well as my overall ability to digest properly. I would recommend Derek to anyone looking to upgrade their health. Whether you have a specific health issue you are struggling with or just want to make positive health changes, this is the place to be! Testimonial disclosure

Michelle R.New York, NY