Digestion, Adrenals, Pancreas, Liver

I am 54 year old wife, mother, and grandmother and I had tried for decades to be in better health. My health challenges began at birth and became worse at age 12 when I could no longer digest dairy, age 16 when I was diagnosed with EBV, and later when I couldn’t digest gluten. I eat clean and I have taken herbs or supplements for many years and still I couldn’t get that level of health that I wanted. To look at me, you would think “she’s fine”, but I knew there was something that kept me from feeling really good like I saw other people feel. I knew I had problems with my liver, my pancreas, my adrenal glands, and my digestive system. However, I didn’t know what system to work on first.

I was searching online for something to help my daughter and I found Derek. I thought he could help her so I looked up his site and read 13 pages of his articles. I could tell that he had the same mindset about health and went about it the same way that I like to tackle health problems.  And I absolutely loved his humour. Yep – he was the guy.

So I signed up for his Revolution program. I followed his diet, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations faithfully, and after about four weeks things started changing that I didn’t even realize were a health problem, like my feet not hurting any longer, when they used to ache all the time. I can now go barefoot around the house all day long and my feet don’t hurt, which tells me a lot of inflammation was eliminated in that short period of time.

Over a period of the 12 weeks, my blood sugar issues went down substantially, my ability to deal with stress improved, as well as my digestion, endurance, energy, and hormonal balance.

I would recommend Derek to anyone who is serious and determined. Derek is very knowledgeable and he really hears what you have to say, giving you the best advice that’s just right for you and your situation.

A. WilkesTN

Fatigue, Heart, Adrenal, Sleep, Headaches, Body Pain

Prior to joining the THRIVE Health Program, I had been struggling with extreme fatigue, heart palpitations, dizzy spells and days of feeling lightheaded. I also had difficulty sleeping, headaches, along with aches and pains throughout my body! Continuous visits to my family physician were futile, and I felt depleted as to what to do next to regain my health! Physician recommendations were heart and blood pressure meds along with anti-depressants. I found the side effects of these meds to be horrendous! After years of struggling, I found Derek Henry’s Thrive Program! To my surprise, I found it was not difficult, and the cleansing symptoms were no worse than what I had already experienced in relation to my health! In approximately 8 weeks I noticed incredible results. I was sleeping through the night and feeling rested! I had regained my energy! The heart palpitations and dizzy/lightheadedness also disappeared! I had my life back, and words can’t describe my gratitude to Derek Henry and the Thrive Program! Testimonial Disclosure

Carolynn Z.Swift Current, SK.

Fatigue, Adrenal, Hormonal, Sleep, Mood, and Weight Issues 

I had suffered with chronic fatigue, adrenal issues, hormonal issues, insomnia, anxiety, weight gain, low vitamin D, low Iron and ferritin stores, etc etc. After being on the THRIVE Health Program for 8 weeks I turned my life around dramatically. I lost 10 kilos, I sleep like a baby, my hormones are back in balance and my energy levels are optimal, my iron levels and vitamin D levels both sky rocketed to optimal levels. I have such high regard for Derek his knowledge and the program, I have spent thousands of dollars seen over 20 specialist and nobody was capable of giving me the knowledge and guidance that Derek’s program offers. The information is of the best quality, and so easy to follow. If you are suffering in anyway in regards to your health and wellness, I cannot recommend this program enough! Testimonial disclosure

Vera D.Sydney, Australia

Crohn’s (Autoimmune), Adrenal, Candida, Thyroid, and Hormonal Issues

I have been living with and trying to manage symptoms from Crohn’s Disease for nearly three decades now and I am only 37 years old. Over the last 5-10 years issues with adrenal fatigue, candida, thyroid and hormonal imbalances, low energy and many more symptoms have also come into play. I had been on various immunosuppressants drugs, as well as various steroids for the better part of my life. I had tried several different roads to health such as naturopaths, “healthy eating” etc. I had mild successes, however my normal day to day still involved a lot of pain, discomfort, and highs and lows. I was skeptical at first that Derek would be able provide me with any information that was different than what I had heard from my naturopath. I was wrong. The THRIVE Health Program, changed my life. Within weeks I noticed changes in the way I was feeling and how my body was reacting. My new “normal” is light years better than how I felt before. I am off all medications at this point and am confident that my body will continue to only improve. Thanks Derek! Testimonial disclosure

Erin O.Moncton, NB