Weight Loss

I’ve just completed 8 weeks of the Thrive Academy and lost over 37 lbs, with food alone (no formal exercise)!

I’m a down to earth sort of guy so I’ll tell you straight, this isn’t like the other diets and this ain’t no fad either, this feels right straight away. Your body starts adjusting straight away, the weight straight away, the inflammation straight away, your mental strength straight away. Your mood and energy shift straight away.

I felt so comfortable working with Derek and he helped me understand what my cravings meant in the initial part of the diet and I was able to overcome the battle. I went from fast food at least twice a day, to a clean organic diet overnight, he knew exactly what was happening, what I was going through and how to navigate the rough sea and to come out on the other side feeling amazing.

Having Derek help me each step of the way with any symptoms that would come up and understand what they mean and how to overcome them was probably the best part of this whole program because if tried for years doing it on my own with diets and just gave up when symptoms got worse.

I started this diet as well at a really difficult time where my partner had a severe injury so I had to care for her and the kids as well as work whilst trying to change my whole diet. So to be able to go through a massive change in diet and navigate myself at home speaks volumes of this program. As my body grew stronger as the days went on so did my mental resilience, it’s amazing how much food has an impact on your mental strength as well.

I would say to anyone who has struggled with diets, struggled with physical symptoms, struggled with food addiction, to give this a go 100%!