Digestive Disease

My son Luke had always had skin issues (eczema), and behavioural problems as a child. Of course, turning to conventional medicine was a waste of my time and I was getting nowhere with his health.

Luke then started developing symptoms where he would have really terrible stomach aches that appeared every other month. It would be so debilitating, he would be out for three days each time. The first time it happened, I took him into the Dr. to see if it was an appendicitis. After that visit of being dismissed and sending me on my way with no answers, I never went back. During this time, Luke became worse. His stomach aches were now accompanied by vomiting in the middle of the night or early morning, multiple times. This again, was happening every other month, and took about three days to recover. He was losing so much weight. His body wasn’t holding on to any nutrients. I was panicked, worried, constantly crying, praying for God to help me find something to help my son.

Then, I was led to you. I spoke with you via zoom through your free program consultation. You gave me five key things I needed to do for Luke and didn’t even pressure me to join the program. You warned me that he’s a teenager and that he would probably do what he wants and make those bad health choices with his friends, but while he was at home with me, I could help heal him. I spoke with Luke about going through the program and he was so tired of suffering, he said, “mom, I’ll do anything!”

We went through the do it yourself program, and because of you Derek, Luke has not had any episodes of whatever was going on in his body since almost 2 years ago. He’s gained a healthy weight, he’s happy and thriving! He’s now 15 and playing football and competing in track and field.

I can’t thank you enough. God has blessed you with a gift to help people like Luke (and their worried mothers) and I am so thankful and blessed. I’m crying as I’m writing this because I am just so thankful.

God Bless You.

J. Prescott (Luke’s Mom)