I have lost 30 lbs of inflammation and ill health thanks to the attention and guidance from Derek Henry and his THRIVE Health Program. I approached Derek because my healing had plateaued, I had reached a breaking point, and I felt alone. Despite 3 years of focusing on my health, which involved investment in different health devices for my home, countless hours of reading and research, and vitamin IV’s, I still felt “puffy” and looked “puffy”. I had modelled for years in my life and had photo after photo taken of myself, but now hated getting my picture taken. I was tired from my endless search for that magic pill to fix me, and I was more than ready to surrender to someone to just tell me what to do. Derek’s first hand experience with overcoming his own health issues has been invaluable to me, his confidence so comforting, and his passion is inspirational. He has taught me to dig deep and his program lifted me over the hump so that I could continue to heal and thrive. I am forever grateful! Testimonial Disclosure