Digestion, Adrenals, Pancreas, Liver

I am 54 year old wife, mother, and grandmother and I had tried for decades to be in better health. My health challenges began at birth and became worse at age 12 when I could no longer digest dairy, age 16 when I was diagnosed with EBV, and later when I couldn’t digest gluten. I eat clean and I have taken herbs or supplements for many years and still I couldn’t get that level of health that I wanted. To look at me, you would think “she’s fine”, but I knew there was something that kept me from feeling really good like I saw other people feel. I knew I had problems with my liver, my pancreas, my adrenal glands, and my digestive system. However, I didn’t know what system to work on first.

I was searching online for something to help my daughter and I found Derek. I thought he could help her so I looked up his site and read 13 pages of his articles. I could tell that he had the same mindset about health and went about it the same way that I like to tackle health problems.  And I absolutely loved his humour. Yep – he was the guy.

So I signed up for his Revolution program. I followed his diet, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations faithfully, and after about four weeks things started changing that I didn’t even realize were a health problem, like my feet not hurting any longer, when they used to ache all the time. I can now go barefoot around the house all day long and my feet don’t hurt, which tells me a lot of inflammation was eliminated in that short period of time.

Over a period of the 12 weeks, my blood sugar issues went down substantially, my ability to deal with stress improved, as well as my digestion, endurance, energy, and hormonal balance.

I would recommend Derek to anyone who is serious and determined. Derek is very knowledgeable and he really hears what you have to say, giving you the best advice that’s just right for you and your situation.