I’ve battled with IBS for over 6 years. I couldn’t digest and absorb my food, I was bloated, and had no energy and no strength, among many other things. It was a fight to just do normal day to day activities.

Derek had answers and solutions to so many of my problems that i had been seeking out for years. As a result of his coaching in the THRIVE Academy, my inflammation reduced by 80%, bloating and gas by 80%, my bowel movements and diarrhea were completely resolved, and my inability to feel full or satisfied was also completely fixed.

I can now eat normal healthy foods again and feel energized and nourished without anymore adverse effects. Food has finally become my friend rather than seemingly my enemy after all these years!

Thank you Derek!

Bailey W.TN

Digestion, Adrenals, Pancreas, Liver

I am 54 year old wife, mother, and grandmother and I had tried for decades to be in better health. My health challenges began at birth and became worse at age 12 when I could no longer digest dairy, age 16 when I was diagnosed with EBV, and later when I couldn’t digest gluten. I eat clean and I have taken herbs or supplements for many years and still I couldn’t get that level of health that I wanted. To look at me, you would think “she’s fine”, but I knew there was something that kept me from feeling really good like I saw other people feel. I knew I had problems with my liver, my pancreas, my adrenal glands, and my digestive system. However, I didn’t know what system to work on first.

I was searching online for something to help my daughter and I found Derek. I thought he could help her so I looked up his site and read 13 pages of his articles. I could tell that he had the same mindset about health and went about it the same way that I like to tackle health problems.  And I absolutely loved his humour. Yep – he was the guy.

So I signed up for his Revolution program. I followed his diet, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations faithfully, and after about four weeks things started changing that I didn’t even realize were a health problem, like my feet not hurting any longer, when they used to ache all the time. I can now go barefoot around the house all day long and my feet don’t hurt, which tells me a lot of inflammation was eliminated in that short period of time.

Over a period of the 12 weeks, my blood sugar issues went down substantially, my ability to deal with stress improved, as well as my digestion, endurance, energy, and hormonal balance.

I would recommend Derek to anyone who is serious and determined. Derek is very knowledgeable and he really hears what you have to say, giving you the best advice that’s just right for you and your situation.

A. WilkesTN

Candidiasis, Fatigue, Digestion, Skin, Hormones, Weight

I have made it to the end of my THRIVE program and I am so happy! Take it from me as a person who ate fast food twice a day; snacks throughout the day; and sweets at night – who had IBS, severe bloating, hormonal issues, body odour, GI issues, nausea, skin dryness, constipation, bad breath, and white coating on tongue – this program WORKS.

At the end of 8 weeks, I’d say that my bloating was down by 60%, my weight was down 15 lbs, body odour was resolved completely, constipation disappeared during the first half of the program, bad breath and coating on tongue improved drastically, and my extreme fatigue has improved and I’m now able to do things on my own that I couldn’t before! I now feel hopeful and capable of reining in all of my health challenges.

Derek definitely showed up each time we talked and even in between calls, to help me. His advice was always timely and professional. I learned so much about how to actually eat the proper way. I feel very confident about my future now and this is a complete transformation to how I felt before working with Derek. Before I had no hope.

If you’re looking for a coach, Derek is really good at what he does! Thank you, Derek, for using your gifts to help other people come out of dark tunnels much like what you have done for yourself! I actually have made great strides in my life while being your client and I am very grateful for that.

Yara M.Raleigh, NC

Rheumatoid Arthritis

I have been struggling with rheumatoid arthritis and a poor immune system since I was 12 years old. I finally got to the point where I did not want to depend on medication, which was no longer helping.

I was extremely fatigued, dealing with stiff hand joints, stomach aches, heartburn and had constant colds. My mom had found Derek online and had been following him for months and thus she told me to look into THRIVE Academy to finally start healing myself. 

Derek provided a free consultation and you can tell that he is not in it for profiting but genuinely cares about helping and improving peoples’ lives. He provided me with detailed and tasty meals, and designed a supplement regime specifically targeted to what I needed.

Within three days of starting, I felt better than I had in years! My hand stiffness and fatigue started to improve that fast and I couldn’t believe it. Eight weeks seems like a long time but when you start to see results it makes it so much easier to stick with the program and change your lifestyle.

By the end of the eight weeks, the inflammation in my hands had gone down so much, rings that never used to fit my swollen fingers did. I no longer had stomach aches and heart burn, my energy was up, and I felt normal which is something I used to say I didn’t know what normal felt like anymore.

Beyond my mentioned health issues, I started waking up early feeling energized, I lost 15 pounds, and even noticed an improvement in my overall mental state.

If you stick to his plan and utilize his knowledge I have no doubt he can improve any persons health and wellbeing. It is an amazing program that anyone could benefit from and I will continue to utilize forever!

K. StoudtSaskatoon, SK.

Digestive Disease

My son Luke had always had skin issues (eczema), and behavioural problems as a child. Of course, turning to conventional medicine was a waste of my time and I was getting nowhere with his health.

Luke then started developing symptoms where he would have really terrible stomach aches that appeared every other month. It would be so debilitating, he would be out for three days each time. The first time it happened, I took him into the Dr. to see if it was an appendicitis. After that visit of being dismissed and sending me on my way with no answers, I never went back. During this time, Luke became worse. His stomach aches were now accompanied by vomiting in the middle of the night or early morning, multiple times. This again, was happening every other month, and took about three days to recover. He was losing so much weight. His body wasn’t holding on to any nutrients. I was panicked, worried, constantly crying, praying for God to help me find something to help my son.

Then, I was led to you. I spoke with you via zoom through your free program consultation. You gave me five key things I needed to do for Luke and didn’t even pressure me to join the program. You warned me that he’s a teenager and that he would probably do what he wants and make those bad health choices with his friends, but while he was at home with me, I could help heal him. I spoke with Luke about going through the program and he was so tired of suffering, he said, “mom, I’ll do anything!”

We went through the do it yourself program, and because of you Derek, Luke has not had any episodes of whatever was going on in his body since almost 2 years ago. He’s gained a healthy weight, he’s happy and thriving! He’s now 15 and playing football and competing in track and field.

I can’t thank you enough. God has blessed you with a gift to help people like Luke (and their worried mothers) and I am so thankful and blessed. I’m crying as I’m writing this because I am just so thankful.

God Bless You.

J. Prescott (Luke’s Mom)

Luke PrescottChino, CA

Depression, Anxiety, Nightmares, Fatigue, Headaches, Tinnitus, Weak Bladder, Heart Burn

Before I started the THRIVE Academy with Derek I had major depression, anxiety, nightmares, major fatigue, headaches every morning, tinnitus, full ears, excessive mucus, weak bladder, and extreme heart burn.

60 days into the plan I have lost 30 lbs, my energy has drastically improved, my depression, anxiety and nightmares are almost none existent, I don’t get headaches very often anymore, and my bladder doesn’t feel weak like it used to. I’m down to a quarter of what I used to take for medication for heartburn, and my ears have started to loosen up.

I’m still following the plan to hopefully get those two stubborn symptoms to go away completely, but I definitely feel my body healing more every day!

Mikayla W.Regina, SK.

Chronic Sinus Infections, Mold Exposure, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Silent Reflux

“I have been dealing with illness for such a long time that by the time I found THRIVE Academy I had pretty much given up hope of ever feeling better.  I had chronic sinus infections, mold exposure, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and LPR / silent reflux and while I had resolved a couple of those, my immune system was still weak and my energy was still low.  I was catching everything that I was exposed to and had started to think I should just accept the idea that perhaps I would not get better after all,  and that maybe I would, in fact, catch something one day and not recover.

One day I saw a video with Derek and my interest was piqued so I checked out his site. I looked around and read all the testimonials and found two that really sounded like me and had completely recovered.  Wow!  Was there a possibility that that could be me, too?  I didn’t really think so but there was still that human drive inside me that pushed me to keep trying.  After sharing with my husband and giving it some thought I decided to go ahead.

After the first 10 days of the program my energy was much better.  Also, and this surprised me, it felt like my brain came out of a fog that I didn’t know I had.  More striking was that not only did my brain wake up but my emotions did, too.  And despite some bumps, my immune system is stronger and I don’t seem to catch everything that is floating around, either — wow and finally!

But here’s the craziest, most unexpected thing that happened:  my husband has been suffering from mold exposure, which has affected his cognition and energy. He decided on his own to follow the diet with me.  After a few days,  both his energy and cognition did just about a complete 180-degree turnaround.   It was hard to believe.  He was up and around, busy and more talkative.  What had had me tearing my hair out now seemed to have been resolved in a matter of days, and that because of easy-to-make changes to his diet.  This experience makes the program solid gold!

I love the food I cam now can see that the right food heals just like I had always heard.  I now understand what a nutrient dense diet looks like.  I don’t plan on ever changing my diet very much;  even after I am better I will still use the principles and the foods and supplements that have helped me as I know that they will keep me well!

Working with Derek and his THRIVE Justice program has been one of the best decisions, best investments that I have made and I would easily do it again.  I highly recommend it.”

Kristin Young Bernardo
San Diego, CA

Kristin Young BernardoSan Diego, CA

IBS, Autoimmune, Anxiety, Hormones

Over the last few decades, I’ve been managing health issues such as IBS, autoimmune flare ups, anxiety and hormonal imbalances through diet and exercise. Recently though, I decided I wanted to do more than just manage my symptoms, I wanted to heal them completely.

I’ve been following Derek on social media for almost a decade and always enjoyed learning from the videos he posts and articles he wrote throughout the years. There is a wealth of information on his website and although you can learn so much through his articles, his videos and what he shares on social media, there is nothing quite like learning from him directly. I booked a free consult and during that call I felt confident that Derek would be able to guide me towards my best healthy self.

I decided to make an investment in myself and joined Derek’s Thrive Justice program. After a health questionnaire and our first coaching call, Derek designed a supplement regime to include with the Thrive Academy protocols, that was specifically targeted to my individual health challenges. During our coaching calls, Derek was relatable, personable, knowledgeable, and made me feel comfortable sharing about my health concerns. I found the recipes in the program easy to follow and quite tasty. I especially love the Superhero smoothie!

Within a couple of weeks of following the program, I saw positive changes to my digestion, overall mood, and my sense of well-being. I slept deeply and felt more rested upon waking. After completing the first month of the program, I noticed that my clothes fit more loosely, and that I had lost 9 pounds. I experienced more clarity of mind and felt a confidence in myself and in my health for the first time in a long while. By the end of the two-month program, I was down a total of 16 pounds and I no longer experienced any IBS issues. Anxieties that plagued me for years, are now calmed and my hormones have come into balance. I feel assured that by continuing to work with the Thrive protocols and tools Derek gave me, that my autoimmune issues will continue to heal well and will no longer be of concern.

Melinda G.Coquitlam, BC Canada

Parkinson’s, Hypothyroid, Autoimmune, Endometriosis, Psoriasis

I was blessed to work with Derek for the 12-week THRIVE Revolution holistic health program. Thankfully, I had been following Derek for years prior to making the decision to work with him directly. In that time my health had traveled an intense rollercoaster of health issues, both autoimmune and chronic.

Working with Derek was like having my wise older brother take me under his wing and share with me what he had learned through his trials in life. I came in with a laundry list of symptoms, most of all fatigue, pain, and sleep issues. My list of maladies is long, but the ones that impact my life the most are hypothyroidism, Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease, psoriasis, and endometriosis. I also struggled with an inflamed gallbladder.

Derek thoughtfully shared life-changing information with me in bite-sized bits strategically timed throughout the program. This empowered me to do the hard work of implementing the necessary lifestyle changes, specific to my personal needs, that I needed to truly thrive in my day-to-day life.

It wasn’t long, and I was seeing big changes. My muscle stiffness had greatly decreased making it easier to walk, and it wasn’t long before I was running across the yard to do a chore. I’ll never forget that day. I cannot tell you how long it had been since I had run anywhere for any reason before that moment. I can even walk barefoot now, which is amazing. I have been wearing shoes or supportive slippers all the time due to foot pain for years now. I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to walk barefoot in the grass after so long of not being able to do so.

Though my chronic and autoimmune illnesses are not completely resolved at this time, my quality of life has been dramatically improved. It took 50 years to get my body to this level of dis-ease. So, I don’t expect to cure everything in a mere 12 weeks. However, I have gotten remarkable results in that time.

The reduction in pain and the increase in ease of movement, coupled with the additional 30-pound weight loss, is a priceless gift. My kind of side effect! In addition, I have improved sleep, going from nine hours per night and always tired to seven hours per night and the energy needed to face the day. Brain fog is a rarity anymore, bathroom urgency is basically a thing of the past, my gallbladder is no longer inflamed, and I don’t have to worry about canceling plans due to “off days” anymore. Plus, I now have the knowledge and resources I need to continue to nourish and support my mind and body as I continue this healing journey. It is truly a beautiful thing!

Tina S.MI

Joint and Muscle Pain, Sleep, Weight

I had an extraordinary experience with Derek Henry and his THRIVE Revolution program. Although I have in depth knowledge and understanding of health and nutrition (despite the fact I’m an allopathic physician) I have still struggled for decades to both understand and apply holistic approaches to wellness. This resulted in chronic issues like weight problems, excess inflammation, multiple musculoskeletal/joint aches and pain, and reduced sleep.

In 12 weeks in the THRIVE Revolution program,  I lost 30 lbs, my chronic neck, lower back, and elbow pain went away, I had about a 75% reduction in my hand and wrist pain which had previously compromised many of my work and recreational activities, my shoulder pain went down 25%, my hamstring pain went down about 25%, and I had a 50% reduction in heel pain. My interrupted sleep also vastly improved (about 90%) which has improved my health greatly.

Derek’s program and exceptional mentoring finally got me to a level of overall health and wellness I’ve never achieved.  I feel better—physically, emotionally and mentally and now am living the life I dreamed of.  Thank you Derek!

M. Smith, MDAlaska