IBS, Autoimmune, Anxiety, Hormones

Over the last few decades, I’ve been managing health issues such as IBS, autoimmune flare ups, anxiety and hormonal imbalances through diet and exercise. Recently though, I decided I wanted to do more than just manage my symptoms, I wanted to heal them completely.

I’ve been following Derek on social media for almost a decade and always enjoyed learning from the videos he posts and articles he wrote throughout the years. There is a wealth of information on his website and although you can learn so much through his articles, his videos and what he shares on social media, there is nothing quite like learning from him directly. I booked a free consult and during that call I felt confident that Derek would be able to guide me towards my best healthy self.

I decided to make an investment in myself and joined Derek’s Thrive Justice program. After a health questionnaire and our first coaching call, Derek designed a supplement regime to include with the Thrive Academy protocols, that was specifically targeted to my individual health challenges. During our coaching calls, Derek was relatable, personable, knowledgeable, and made me feel comfortable sharing about my health concerns. I found the recipes in the program easy to follow and quite tasty. I especially love the Superhero smoothie!

Within a couple of weeks of following the program, I saw positive changes to my digestion, overall mood, and my sense of well-being. I slept deeply and felt more rested upon waking. After completing the first month of the program, I noticed that my clothes fit more loosely, and that I had lost 9 pounds. I experienced more clarity of mind and felt a confidence in myself and in my health for the first time in a long while. By the end of the two-month program, I was down a total of 16 pounds and I no longer experienced any IBS issues. Anxieties that plagued me for years, are now calmed and my hormones have come into balance. I feel assured that by continuing to work with the Thrive protocols and tools Derek gave me, that my autoimmune issues will continue to heal well and will no longer be of concern.

Melinda G.Coquitlam, BC Canada

Parkinson’s, Hypothyroid, Autoimmune, Endometriosis, Psoriasis

I was blessed to work with Derek for the 12-week THRIVE Revolution holistic health program. Thankfully, I had been following Derek for years prior to making the decision to work with him directly. In that time my health had traveled an intense rollercoaster of health issues, both autoimmune and chronic.

Working with Derek was like having my wise older brother take me under his wing and share with me what he had learned through his trials in life. I came in with a laundry list of symptoms, most of all fatigue, pain, and sleep issues. My list of maladies is long, but the ones that impact my life the most are hypothyroidism, Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease, psoriasis, and endometriosis. I also struggled with an inflamed gallbladder.

Derek thoughtfully shared life-changing information with me in bite-sized bits strategically timed throughout the program. This empowered me to do the hard work of implementing the necessary lifestyle changes, specific to my personal needs, that I needed to truly thrive in my day-to-day life.

It wasn’t long, and I was seeing big changes. My muscle stiffness had greatly decreased making it easier to walk, and it wasn’t long before I was running across the yard to do a chore. I’ll never forget that day. I cannot tell you how long it had been since I had run anywhere for any reason before that moment. I can even walk barefoot now, which is amazing. I have been wearing shoes or supportive slippers all the time due to foot pain for years now. I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to walk barefoot in the grass after so long of not being able to do so.

Though my chronic and autoimmune illnesses are not completely resolved at this time, my quality of life has been dramatically improved. It took 50 years to get my body to this level of dis-ease. So, I don’t expect to cure everything in a mere 12 weeks. However, I have gotten remarkable results in that time.

The reduction in pain and the increase in ease of movement, coupled with the additional 30-pound weight loss, is a priceless gift. My kind of side effect! In addition, I have improved sleep, going from nine hours per night and always tired to seven hours per night and the energy needed to face the day. Brain fog is a rarity anymore, bathroom urgency is basically a thing of the past, my gallbladder is no longer inflamed, and I don’t have to worry about canceling plans due to “off days” anymore. Plus, I now have the knowledge and resources I need to continue to nourish and support my mind and body as I continue this healing journey. It is truly a beautiful thing!

Tina S.MI

Joint and Muscle Pain, Sleep, Weight

I had an extraordinary experience with Derek Henry and his THRIVE Revolution program. Although I have in depth knowledge and understanding of health and nutrition (despite the fact I’m an allopathic physician) I have still struggled for decades to both understand and apply holistic approaches to wellness. This resulted in chronic issues like weight problems, excess inflammation, multiple musculoskeletal/joint aches and pain, and reduced sleep.

In 12 weeks in the THRIVE Revolution program,  I lost 30 lbs, my chronic neck, lower back, and elbow pain went away, I had about a 75% reduction in my hand and wrist pain which had previously compromised many of my work and recreational activities, my shoulder pain went down 25%, my hamstring pain went down about 25%, and I had a 50% reduction in heel pain. My interrupted sleep also vastly improved (about 90%) which has improved my health greatly.

Derek’s program and exceptional mentoring finally got me to a level of overall health and wellness I’ve never achieved.  I feel better—physically, emotionally and mentally and now am living the life I dreamed of.  Thank you Derek!

M. Smith, MDAlaska

Weight Loss

I’ve just completed 8 weeks of the Thrive Academy and lost over 37 lbs, with food alone (no formal exercise)!

I’m a down to earth sort of guy so I’ll tell you straight, this isn’t like the other diets and this ain’t no fad either, this feels right straight away. Your body starts adjusting straight away, the weight straight away, the inflammation straight away, your mental strength straight away. Your mood and energy shift straight away.

I felt so comfortable working with Derek and he helped me understand what my cravings meant in the initial part of the diet and I was able to overcome the battle. I went from fast food at least twice a day, to a clean organic diet overnight, he knew exactly what was happening, what I was going through and how to navigate the rough sea and to come out on the other side feeling amazing.

Having Derek help me each step of the way with any symptoms that would come up and understand what they mean and how to overcome them was probably the best part of this whole program because if tried for years doing it on my own with diets and just gave up when symptoms got worse.

I started this diet as well at a really difficult time where my partner had a severe injury so I had to care for her and the kids as well as work whilst trying to change my whole diet. So to be able to go through a massive change in diet and navigate myself at home speaks volumes of this program. As my body grew stronger as the days went on so did my mental resilience, it’s amazing how much food has an impact on your mental strength as well.

I would say to anyone who has struggled with diets, struggled with physical symptoms, struggled with food addiction, to give this a go 100%!

T. BlakeAustralia

Acid Reflux, Stomach Pain, IBS, Rashes

When I first came to Derek for help, I’d have to say I was very frustrated.  I thought I lived a healthy lifestyle and ate well compared to my friends, and even my family. Unfortunately, I was dealing with an infection in my gut that created many different symptoms, including indigestion, hot rashes, excessive belching, flatulence, upset stomach, bloating, and heartburn.

Visits to the hospital and the doctor’s office yielded more questions than answers. When physicians can’t explain what’s going on in your gut, they just diagnose you with irritable bowel syndrome or IBS, and here are some heavy duty acid reducing pills you can take for the rest your life.

I reached out to Derek thinking at the very least I can get myself a little more educated on the inner workings of my gut. There is so much information, and misinformation (unfortunately) on the Internet, it’s almost impossible for someone to navigate what could be going on and what you need to do to address issues with your gut. Well, unless you want to spend the next three years on the internet reading medical journals, some of which are like trying to interpret hieroglyphics.

That’s where Derek was extremely helpful, helping to decode what might be going on, what I might be eating that was contributing to additional issues, and getting me a game plan to reset my health. I was 100% committed to the plan.

After three months, I can tell you my symptoms have been reduced by about 90%, and I now feel as close to normal as I was before I started having digestive issues. Derek doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, he tells you things you need to hear, and if you’re willing to learn and stick to his plan, it will change your lifestyle for good.  Once you know what it feels like to be in great health, you’ll be so appreciative of the THRIVE Academy and will love your new lifestyle. I know my cravings for crap and junk food have been reduced to a level I never thought possible!  

A great program for those who truly want to recover from chronic health issues, and THRIVE!

AnonymousSK., Canada

Sjogren’s, AMPS, Allergies, Asthma, Weight

We are finishing our 5th week of THRIVE, and every goal for healing has been achieved!

My wife’s fatigue, Sjogren’s, and AMPS (amplified musculoskeletal pain syndrome) symptoms are gone. My daughter’s allergies, rashes, and asthma are gone. My acid reflux and snoring are gone, and I lost 19 lbs! We all have so much energy, and are getting neglected farm projects done!

We’ve also completely come off all kinds of medications, including estradiol, progesterone, acetazolamid, amitriptyline, Zyrtec, Claritin, Benadryl, nasal sprays, decongestants, Pepcid, Zantac, and Ibuprofen.

Praise God and thank you Derek! We have learned a new way to live as a family! Testimonial Disclosure

Kirk L.Missouri

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lungs, Digestion

At 74, I started to develop strange symptoms like diarrhea and extreme joint pain. After a few months I began to have severe coughing and developed some sort of skin lump on my forehead. I went to the hopsital a few times, doctors prescribed antibiotics, and every time I told them that I was not getting better, they gave me stronger ones which eventually made me so weak I needed oxygen to move around the house.

After 3 months of struggling with extreme cough, non-stop runny nose, lack of appetite, and digestive issues, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis with rare impact on my lung. I started strong anti-inflammatory drugs and immunosuppressants.

Fortunately, my daughter was referred by a friend to check out Derek Henry and his THRIVE program. Within a couple months, my appetite, joint pain, lung capacity, and lump on my forehead improved significantly. My struggle with my sinuses and digestion are also improving. This program has totally changed my perspective and knowledge about food and nutrition. Thanks Derek! Testimonials Disclosure

Fatemeh M.Calgary, AB

Pancreas, Digestive System, Liver, Nausea

I had many health issues when I met Derek, the worst being my pancreas, liver, and digestion. I had difficulty digesting food, constant nausea, painful bloating, chronic constipation, and inflammation.

In the beginning of the THRIVE program, lots of cleansing was happening from decades of built up toxicity from prescriptions. After 3 weeks on the specialized nutritional and supplementation plan, I started to really notice my health was improving. My constant nausea went away, my sleep was much better (I got rid of my sleep tablets), and my weird digestive pains and movements started to disappear. Derek was very helpful and his coaching was an important part of me making it through this process, without having to resort to more doctors or prescriptions.

If you are considering whether to take the THRIVE plunge, I advise that you go for it. You will never find anyone who cares and supports you on an individual basis, giving you as much time as you need, as Derek will. Thank you! Testimonials Disclosure

Patricia A.West Yorkshire, England


After years of struggling with debilitating GI issues, I was finally diagnosed with collagenous colitis 2 years ago.  Giving my symptoms a name did not improve my life, nor did the prescription steroids and medications help the diarrhea, GI pain and constant exhaustion.  I travel a lot for my job and I was considering an early retirement because I was unable to function.

Thankfully, my daughter introduced me to Derek and his THRIVE program.  With his extensive and practical knowledge, he systematically dealt with each issue I was experiencing through education, diet, detoxification and supplementation.  Today I am much healthier and my life is not dictated by my illness.  I now have normal bowel movements, very little GI pain, increased energy, much clearer skin, increased ability to focus (constant brain fog is gone), decreased urgency to urinate (bladder infection gone), and no headaches!

Derek’s guidance and THRIVE plan was a game changer for me and will be knowledge I will have for the rest of my life.  If poor health is ruining your life, do not suffer another day!  Derek can help you. Testimonials Disclosure

Tanya J.Olympia, WA

Digestive Issues

I recently completed Derek’s Thrive Lifestyle Academy and had a great experience! I initially contacted Derek to help me with ongoing gut issues I’ve had for several years. He helped me not only with this but much more. We reviewed my diet and overall health and wellness objectives. Following his advice, I was able to fine tune my regimen, incorporate key nutrients and supplements that I had been missing, and eliminate certain foods I never realized were problematic. Since beginning this program, my overall gut health and vibrancy have increased dramatically. After working on my nutrition, Derek also helped me with my exercise routine and gave advice on my life and business goals. I appreciated Derek’s guidance and sincere efforts to help me on my journey of health and wellness. He had my best interests in mind and went above and beyond while working with me. I know I’ll be able to go to Derek for guidance for a long time to come! Testimonials Disclosure

Josh S.San Diego, CA