Diatomaceous earth is intriguing due to it’s two-fold and almost contradictory benefits: it has been shown to be safe for human consumption and effective in promoting health in the human body (*food grade only), while on the other hand, it destroys and kills most bugs and insects that come into contact with it.

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock formed from the fossilized remains of diatoms (hard-shelled one atom types of algae). It can be sourced from salt water or fresh water, the latter being regarded as the highest quality—that of “food grade”.

It’s ironic that this substance swiftly kills insects due it’s sharp and abrasive structure, which pierces and destroys these small beings; yet have the opposite affect— one of healing—on the human body.

5 Common Uses of Diatomaceous Earth

Ingested, this clay-like structure (Food Grade Only), can help the body rid itself of damaging toxins, heavy metals, and parasites while it’s nutritional content helps boosts the health of bodily tissues and organs. At the same time, it can also clean your home, destroy odors, and safeguard against pesty pest—bugs and insects alike.

1. Internal cleanser – Detoxification

A natural detoxifier, DE helps remove various toxins and parasites from the body. It acts as a chelator, binding to heavy metals, helping to eliminate them from the body, particularly effective with mercury and aluminum. It’s also effective in removing parasites (pinworms, tapeworms, etc) in the same way it destroys insects and bugs, and these invaders do not build a resistance to DE’s destructive effect on their existence. There is also evidence that it is helpful in removing harmful bacteria and viruses, E. Coli, and residues of organophosphate pesticide and drugs.

2. Nutritional support – Silica: Healthy tissues, organs, skin, & more

Tissue & organ support: Diatomaceous earth’s abundant levels of silica, touted at an amazing 80-90%, benefits multiple tissues and organs of the body. This essential trace mineral is needed by tendons, cartilage, blood vessels, and bones. Furthermore, it supports nearly every vital organ, including the heart, liver, and lungs, which a person cannot live without.

Generally speaking plant-based foods are our best source of silica. Considering the current mineral deficient state of our soils and therefore our food, diatomaceous earth may prove a wise supplemental source of silica. It possesses other crucial nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium, and further trace minerals, many of which support the body’s tissues such as in the building and repairing of muscles and bones. Silica also enhances our bodies ability to absorb calcium and phosphorus and may prove more important for our bones than calcium while possibly playing an important role in preventing and treating osteoporosis.

Healthy Skin:  DE’s concentrated levels of silica additionally support the health of the skin, teeth, hair, and nails and can be applied directly to these areas for increased effectiveness. Diatomaceous earth acts as a strong abrasive making it an powerful ingredient in toothpaste and skin exfoliators for both the face and body. Exfoliating dead skin cells from the body helps to reveal a more youthful vibrant skin appearance and also helps the body to detoxify more effectively through it’s largest detoxification organ—the skin.

3. Supports Cardiovascular Health

Studies have shown diatomaceous earth’s ability to lower cholesterol by removing plaque while nourishing arteries and veins. It also helps to regulate blood pressure.

4. Natural household cleanser and deodorizer

Diatomaceous Earth’s abrasive quality makes it a safe yet powerful scouring agent. It’s more affordable and truly ‘natural’ in comparison to the many expensive proclaimed “natural” scouring agents in the market. It can even been used to polish metals. A natural deodorizer as well, DE eliminates unwanted smells from your well-worn shoes or garbage cans. Added to your cat litter it absorbs odors and moisture. It’s capable of absorbing oil, whether it’s toxic garage spills or olive oil—diatomaceous earth can save the day.

5. Non-toxic pesticide and insecticide (garden, lawn, pets, and home)

An excellent pesticide and insecticide, DE is an effective way to eliminate unwanted pests without the dangers typical of chemical agents. It is effective with most any insect or bug with an external skeletal system. It can be used on gardens, sidewalks, or even within the home to defend against invaders such as ants, gnats, roaches, fleas, and bed bugs.

It can be safely applied to pets as well as kitchen counters and pantries taking care of unwanted guests without harming humans, animals, or any food products that may come into contact with it. Although food grade quality is not necessary for some pest control situations, it is highly recommended for a completely safe and worry-free application.

Since DE kills bugs physically (by dehydration; destroys their exoskeleton and digestive organs), unlike poison, its victims’ deaths are are not prolonged, so it’s not only safe—and odorless—it’s more compassionate. Additionally, an immunity to DE does not build up as it does with chemical applications, which only creates the need to create more potent chemicals applications over time. This is true for gardens, agriculture, and use within the home.

As you can see, Diatomaceous earth just makes sense. It’s safe and effective for healing your body, keeping your home clean and ridding it of unwanted guests. That’s quite a bang for your buck.