After becoming extremely ill at age 30, I was forced to find a better way than what was being presented to me from conventional medicine. After 5 years, 3500 hours of scientific research, over $35,000 experimenting with alternative medicine, and a total of 10 years of personal experimentation, I managed to heal myself of 13 chronic conditions that plagued me through a completely natural and holistic approach. These conditions included candidiasis, rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune issues (leaky gut and hypothyroid), swollen lymph nodes, prostatitis, liver problems, kidney (urinary) issues, allergies, heartburn (acid reflux), chronic fatigue, eczema, anxiety, and pancreas problems.

As a result of this one in a million self-directed health transformation, I deeply felt that this life saving information had to get into the hands of those who truly wanted to change their health for the better. I needed to help people understand that a healthy life is right under their nose, and that healing is not as complicated as it may appear.

I started by educating the world through over 500 natural health articles, that have been featured on Healing the Body and many other popular health websites such as Natural News, Healthy Holistic Living, Underground Health, Real Farmacy, Natural Cures Not Medicine, and more.

Following that, I created several holistic health programs including the THRIVE Lifestyle Academy. It was then that I truly discovered the mark I was going to leave on the world by helping people gain the knowledge and support to resolve their persistent health problems. After all, if I was able to completely orchestrate a rags to riches health story, then I certainly could guide others at virtually any stage of their health journey (see proof of that with these testimonials). To date, the THRIVE Lifestyle Academy has helped people cumulatively mitigate and reverse 20 different chronic health conditions, ALL rooted in digestive and autoimmune issues.

It’s time we took full responsibility for our health, and learn how to not just survive, but THRIVE. If you want to overcome your health issues, especially digestive and autoimmune disease, strongly consider working with me through the THRIVE Lifestyle Academy and my 1:1 mentorship services.

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