This Chaga Spiced Latte is dairy-free, caffeine free and has super powers! Flu season is upon us and that means we need to keep our immune systems balanced and in check! There is no better way to do this than with medicinal mushrooms; one of my favourites to be exact – CHAGA.

With the weather cooling in Canada I like to have a warm drink in the morning so I have drunk this latte everyday upon waking snuggled in bed while catching up on messages and emails.

Swap out your morning coffee for this nutritious, energizing spiced latte that will make you feel all warm and cozy inside. I used to be a coffee drinker a few years ago but sometimes miss that warm cup in the morning so this hits the spot!

Some fun facts about chaga:

Antioxidant – Chaga mushrooms have the highest ORAC score (Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity) for antioxidants ever recorded in any natural food – approximately 1,104 units per gram!

Cancer fighting – not only does the betulinic acid found in chaga help to eliminate cancer cells, but it can also help to overcome the unpleasant effects of chemotherapy.

Supports Healthy Digestion – With its anti-inflammatory effect, chaga may relieve digestive discomfort and promote better digestive function.

Promotes Healthy Skin – Chaga is a natural source of melanin, the pigment that darkens skin and provides protection against solar UV rays. With its anti-inflammatory effects, chaga can help to clear skin conditions like rashes, acne and eczema more quickly. It even protects the firmness and elasticity of skin, delaying the formation of wrinkles.

Increases Physical Endurance – Chaga creates higher energy stores in your muscles and liver. Chaga polysaccharides reduced blood lactate levels which may help to boost endurance.

  • 1.5 cups hot brewed chaga tea (follow brewing instructions on tea)
  • tbsp hemp seeds
  • 1 tbsp mesquite powder (optional)
  • tbsp coconut nectar or preferred liquid sweetener
  • tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp pumpkin spice
  • Brew chaga tea as per the brands’ instructions. (usually 1 to 2 tbsp. chaga to 1 gallon water, bring to a bowl and then simmer for 30 minutes to 5 hours.)
  • Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth and drink right away.
  • Garnish with coconut whip cream and cinnamon!
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