What do you get when you combine a naturopathic doctor with someone who has a degree in both Exercise Science and Live/Raw and Vegan Nutrition? One of the best choices in the health industry to help you achieve optimal wellness! Dr. LeAnn Fritz, ND, a nationally trusted authority, practitioner, entrepreneur, speaker and author who LOVES to empower others to achieve optimal wellness! LeAnn uses a truly holistic approach to optimal health by recognizing the role of not only food, sleep and exercise but also emotions, stress and environment on ones overall wellness. LeAnn is the author of the book, “Get Healthy Now”, a great resource to help you get started on your health journey. She is also working on a program to help people who are struggling with depression by using one of her specific nutritional protocols that emerged from a 4 month research project that she conducted. LeAnn currently lives in Michigan. She loves to exercise, make raw food and spend time with her husband Mike, the love of her life.