Sauerkraut…ironically this highly health promoting food has been mostly found mostly on one of the most health degenerating foods…hot dogs. But for health enthusiasts everywhere, sauerkraut doesn’t need to be placed on a piece of ‘meat’, as it can be enjoyed on the side of any meal for optimal digestion. Learn how to make this apple ginger sauerkraut recipe, and find out what a bounty of probiotics can do for your energy.


The purpose of any sauerkraut recipe is to introduce a food with a healthy strain of good bacteria, along with an array of vitamins and minerals in a ‘pre-digested’ format.

This results in a healthier inner ecology, that results in a healthier immune system, which results in a healthier YOU. It is easily the cheapest thing you can do for better health.

Equipment Required
  • Sharp knife
  • 1 medium sized cabbage, finely shredded or ground (leave some outer leaves for a cover)
  • 2 tart apples (green or granny smith), cored, and shredded
  • 1 tsp of grated ginger root
  • 1 tsp of sea salt
  • Optional: Veggie Culture Starter for more vigorous fermentation (add with raw ingredients in mixture stage)
  • Put shredded cabbage in bowl and sprinkle with salt.
  • Massage cabbage until juicy.
  • Add  remaining ingredients and mix.
  • Pack mixture tightly into a deep glass container.
  • Put the saved outer leaves on top, to allow for expansion while eliminating oxygen.
  • Place container in a dark, warm spot (71 to 78F) for 3-4 days (colder temps will result in longer fermentation times, hotter temps will result in shorter fermentation times).
  • Store your sauerkraut in fridge.  Will keep for several weeks.
  • Enjoy at any meal, or as a snack, to add flavour and aid favourable digestion.
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Derek Henry, Founder of Healing the Body and the THRIVE Academy, used nutrition, supplementation, and a holistic lifestyle to naturally unravel 13 chronic disease conditions that conventional or alternative medical professionals couldn't help him resolve. As a result of this one-in-a-million health transformation and the knowledge acquired in the process, he now educates, coaches, and inspires others to transform their health through a natural and holistic approach. Since 2014, he has helped his THRIVE Academy participants heal over 20 different chronic disease conditions, primarily related to digestive and autoimmune concerns.

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