(Isabelle Z) Few things in life are more frightening than getting a cancer diagnosis. Even if the type of cancer you have can be treated with chemotherapy, there are lots of reasons you might be hesitant to subject your body to its effects. While each case is different, there are quite a few natural treatment modalities that have been shown to help those with cancer. You’ve probably already heard of the success some people have found using alternative methods like CBDs and vitamin C, so here is a look at a few of other cancer treatment options that tend to fly under the radar.

Essiac tea

A plant-based formula developed by a Canadian cancer nurse has been successfully used to treat terminally ill cancer patients. By removing toxic accumulation in bone marrow, the lymphatic system, the bladder, and the alimentary canal, this mix of burdock root and sheep sorrel can also purify the blood, relieve pain, boost energy, and protect the body against radiation.

While you’ll find several brands of this formula on the market, it’s important to look for those that use fresh herbs of the highest quality to keep their nutrients intact. The approach originated in the 1920s, or possibly earlier, and the ICRF has rated it as effective on cancer patients with a new diagnosis and cancer that doesn’t grow quickly.

Medicinal mushrooms

Many people are aware of the general healing power of mushrooms, but did you know they can be powerful tools in the fight against cancer? There are a few varieties that really stand out, such as shiitake mushrooms. These East Asian mushrooms are full of cancer-fighting antioxidants such as selenium, and the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center reports that their lentinan content is behind their utility as a cancer treatment. The giant maitake mushrooms, meanwhile, contain a compound that can suppress tumor growth. Patients suffering from lung, breast, liver, brain and stomach cancers have noted significant improvements after taking maitake extracts.

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What if curing cancer was simply a matter of eating the right fruit? Rare tropical fruits known as graviola and paw paw that are native to Central and South America have shown promise as cancer treatments by decreasing or stopping the production of ATP, which is the main energy fuel of cells. This allows cancer cells to effectively be destroyed.

In a study published in Cancer Letter, researchers found that graviola killed pancreatic cancer cells by inhibiting cell metabolism. A different study that was published in Nutrition and Cancer revealed that graviola juice could reduce cancer growth on the skin of breast cancer patients without disturbing healthy breast tissue.

It’s worth noting that the way these fruits work makes them unsuitable for being combined with other cancer protocols, and it’s believed to only be effective on patients who are recently diagnosed.

The Budwig Diet

Another cure that has worked for some cancer patients is the Budwig diet. When a German doctor, Johanna Budwig, noticed that the blood taken from cancer patients was deficient in certain essential substances, she turned to food sources to restore the balance. She found that flax oil and cottage cheese, when used together, can help beat cancer and diabetes in addition to reducing weakness and anemia in some people.

The concept is based on the idea that cancer cells only thrive in anaerobic environments. The linoleic fatty acids in flaxseed oil, for example, can allow the body to assimilate and transfer lots of oxygen into cells and detoxify cellular waste.

Some of the other approaches that have worked for some people include Gerson Therapy, baking soda, and IP6. You won’t hear much about some of these techniques because they can’t be patented by Big Pharma, whose monopoly is protected by their allies in the FDA and CDC. It’s important to explore all of your treatment options before deciding on the best approach for your individual case.

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